Seahawks player Michael Bennett working on a book titled, “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable”

michael bennett

Bennett and his buddy Kaepernick

Imagine the outrage if a white man penned, “Things That Make Black People Uncomfortable.”

From YahooMichael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks is working on a book about “the NFL, racism, sexism, intersectionality and athletes being no longer silenced,” co-author Dave Zirin of The Nation said Monday.

The book will be titled Things That Make White People Uncomfortable and is scheduled to come out in April 2018, according to Publishers Weekly.

According to Publishers Weekly, Anthony Arnove of Haymarket Books bought the book, and described it as, “a sports memoir and manifesto as hilarious as it is revealing.”

The two-time Pro Bowler has been outspoken on social issues in the past, such as calling the 2016 presidential election “a disgrace” and asking a white player to join Colin Kaepernick in his national anthem protest. The defensive end has supported Kaepernick’s protest and has said he believes NFL executives are blackballing the free–agent quarterback.

Bennett, who is entering his ninth season in the league, has also pledged to donate all of his endorsement money made during 2017 and is hosting an event Saturday for Charleena Lyles, a black mother who was shot and killed by Seattle police in June (Lyles was mentally unstable and pulled out a knife in front of the cops).


28 responses to “Seahawks player Michael Bennett working on a book titled, “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable”

  1. Professional black athletes make me uncomfortable, so I don’t watch them or participate in the distorted value system that makes them role models for thugs and thuglets.

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  2. paid for and published by Soros?

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  3. Will it be a coloring book?
    Anyone stupid enough to be interested in what he thinks won’t know how to read.

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  4. I will never yell God He made any mistakes on me, ever!!!!

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  5. These two boys are stirring the pot again, tsk, tsk, tsk. Mr. Bennett, you and that ungrateful misfit Kaepernick are the ones that are the THINGS that make ME uncomfortable, yeah I had to change the title to fit ME because I am a white woman, get it? “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable”

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  6. HEY-That book is RAAAAAAAAaaaaaacist-We could SUE for that!!! And SHOULD-What’s the number for the ACLU?

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  7. People without values, people with double standards; people who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing; people who have no manners; people who know little and depend on their feelings; blacks in general because they are so superior to everyone and I feel so unworthy. Trannies, faggots, bum bandits and lessies because I lack their fashion sense.

    Liars, hypocrites, social justice warriors and badgers, because badgers are so much taller than the others and in all ways more attractive that badgers make me feel so intimidated.

    So in short I stand so in awe of someone who could

    Let’s face it people who write books like this can usually be found in the employment of the Atlantic or CNN. But buy the book, the author is saving up for his sex change operation.

    Which by the way makes me feel uncomfortable as does sitting next to females with bigger shoulders than me, a heavier beard, and hairy chests. But I do adore their red high heels and precious handbags.

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  8. Yep, I’m just SO ashamed to be white. I can’t wait for the whole world to resemble Nairobi.

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  9. This shyte is truly becoming a bore.

    Here’s the ‘racism’ Bennett is experiencing:

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    • ” In 2017, Bennett will earn a base salary of $6,500,000, a signing bonus of $8,000,000 and a roster bonus of $1,031,250, while carrying a cap hit of $11,268,750 and a dead cap value of $15,450,000.”

      Ain’t America grand! argh…

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      • Yeah. What does that say about US? Instead of learning to work hard I should have chased balls.

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      • DCG . . . The “Average Joe” should become acquainted with the payouts these jokers are receiving, perhaps they might not be so quick to endorse their favorite ball player. How sad that many of these geniuses are bankrupt within a few years of leaving their chosen sports.

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    • stlonginus . . . . . anyone making that kind of money should not be complaining about anything. Sometimes ya just gotta wonder about people’s brainpower!

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  10. traildustfotm

    They would be wise to avoid making white people (broadly defined in the Black Lives Matter mind as anyone who is not of sub-Saharan origin, including Asians, Mesoamericans, and even conservative Blacks) much more uncomfortable. Violence will force a violent response, and when that gets happening all kinds of innocent people get hurt, and not just the combatants.

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  11. Well, this should be a real barn burning, flying off the shelves book, sarc.

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  12. I should write a book called things that make black people uncomfortable, because there is a long list of them. Who ever buys this book should get hit in the face with it.

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  13. As soon as a suitable ghostwriter can be found.

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  14. Anyone who watches one minute of NFL football or NBA bakkaball is a race traitor. Don’t do it!

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  15. Football: There’s nothing like watching a bunch of grown men on a field, fighting over a ball, when they can all afford to go buy their own.

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    • It’s hard for me to endorse people who took a game I and all my friends USED to play just for fun and exercise and corrupt it enough to “earn” themselves multiple MILLIONS of dollars per year.

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  16. He’s a dirtbag…

    Seahawks player
    [Michael Bennett] pays up $10,000 for abandoning his dog in Florida

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