San Francisco transit officials withhold video of teen crimes to avoid racial stereotyping

From Fox News: Transit authorities in the San Francisco area are withholding video of crimes by black teens, claiming that it would promote unfair racial stereotypes.

The videos show the youths stealing purses, wallets, and phones. Between 40 and 60 teens boarded a train on April 22 and robbed seven passengers.

“The individuals they saw on video were repeat offenders. They knew who these people were,” said witness Rusty Stapp, who is suing to get the video released.

“When it is involving juveniles as these last two incidents have occurred, the police department make the determination that there is not a public interest in sending all that information out,” said a Bay Area Rapid Transit spokesperson.

However, BART Director Debora Allen discovered an internal memo cautioning against releasing the footage for fear of racial stereotyping. “People need to be aware of what’s happening on the trains,” said Allen, one of at least two BART officials who are calling out the transit system.

Releasing the footage would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports and a high level of racially insensitive commentary,” the memo read.

Assault, robbery, and rape have risen 41 percent on BART, William La Jeunesse reported on “Happening Now.”


22 responses to “San Francisco transit officials withhold video of teen crimes to avoid racial stereotyping

  1. If it’s white teen hoodlums in the video, BART officials would have no qualms making it public ’cause it’s never racist or “racial stereotyping” when it comes to whites. /sarc

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  2. This doesn’t happen where concealed carry is the law of the land.

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  3. 0.27 “It won’t surprise you to learn that suppressing information about crime, not an effective way to fight it”. Could this tactic be the reason Germany and other European countries criminalize research into WW2? Could the perps behind those laws be hiding big lies and crimes? Ongoing big crimes?

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  4. This is Orwell’s Newspeak in action: We have gone from conveying no information to conveying false information. This is not about “not wishing to reinforce stereotypes”; Rather, it is predicated upon commanding the public what to think.
    In other words, as we’re the “racists” here, any prosecution that would come of this is not based on any notion of Justice; Rather, it is because the ideology of the State has been offended. Because, according to what BART said, by implication, it is we who are the racists; Therefor, we are not entitled to the truth, and the punks go on to offend again, until a new Bernhard Goetz comes along. (As I am confident will happen, eventually).

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  6. Imagined headline: “Lake Mead, which supplies water for the lower states, was recently contaminated, yet water officials refused to alert customers as it may lead to stereotyping of fecal matter.”
    Anytime there is a public safety issue, warnings are splashed out on all media platfoms: flash floods, air quality, tornadoes, water advisories. But when there’s a crime problem, the public is kept ignorant. BART needs it’s own Guardian Angels. Sadly, it seems, no one will man up.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    It has long been obvious that the government and all the media are focused on an agenda of one sided race baiting, and who the singular target are.

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  8. The only question is “do you want to join them in their insanity?”. If you do, here’s your role model:

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  9. Online hall of fame brings all the shame to BART’s worst manspreaders, fingernail-clippers, and feet-on-the-seat offenders…

    The Genius of the ‘BART Idiot Hall of Fame’

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  10. It’s ALL so simple-what they refuse to show,and their reasons why,tell us ALL WE NEED TO KNOW! (Who do they think they’re fooling here?)

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  11. Well we all know tat BART is doing this to protect the sensibilities of all those lawless Mormons out there. Shame on you folks for attacking BART.

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  12. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess. Does anybody else think it was “Dindu Nuffins”? Every time I hear somebody shout “hands up, don’ shoot” or “I can’t breathe”, I think “dindus”. I must need counseling.

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  13. This has been going on in the local press for decades, refusing to release simple info on suspects of crimes — often violent — such as (especially) their race. “If we ignore it, maybe it will go away.” They’ve always refused to release such info on minors, but the cancer spread to include those 18 and older about 20y ago here… about the time blacks started exerting more influence in city politics, as the great white flight grew to the suburbs (but has recently reversed as Millennials moved back into town for the “excitement”).

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  14. Well,..showing the videos of the criminal activity, on BART would not be ‘racial profiling’

    Racial profiling is when one treats a member of a ,..’particular’,.. race, a certain way,..BECAUSE,.. if their race.

    And so ,..’IF’,.. BART were to release the video, of criminal activity, it would not be because the perps were Black, but rather it would be because these, particular Blacks were [are] involved in criminal activity.

    And, if it just so happens that it turns out the criminal activity on Bart [as elsewhere] is pretty much a Black thing, then, that fact is, perhaps, something that BART riders, might be needing to know.

    It is not BARTs duty to protect the public from, ,..”FACTS’,.. re the dangers associated with riding on BART.

    Ans young Black males, do tend to present a danger, to decent people,..where ever they are found,..

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  15. traildustfotm

    San Francisco’s leaders must be reprobate. There is no explaining such decisions except that they have been handed over to a mind devoid of wisdom.

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  16. Way to go BART, nothing like taking responsibility for the safety of the ridership you are suppose to keep safe. Race makes no difference, a thug is a thug, expose them or open yourself up for some serious lawsuits.

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    • Glenn47 . . . you have hit o the “magic bullet” . . . . . let the law suits begin! If BART deliberately secrets the dangers of riding their system, they deserve to end up in court . . . particularly when they deliberately choose to not disclose what was happening. Is it any wonder why people want permits to carry? When listing reason permit is wanted: I ride BART. That should be the only reason a person should have to give in order for the permit to be issued.

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    • While I agree that nothing is served by hiding the perp’s identities, I’m pretty sure that any Bay Area resident is quite aware of the dangers of riding into Deepest Darkest Oakland. When I lived there the standing joke was, “what’s the longest bridge in the world? Answer: The Oakland-Bay Bridge. It goes from the US to Africa”.

      Even the department store dummies are “colored”. It is so culturally enriched that it isn’t safe to walk through there.

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