Illegal alien living in New York arrested for raping 12-year-old girl multiple times

illegal alvarado perez

I wonder if Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s The Liberty Defense Project will offer pro-bono legal services to this scumbag?

From Daily Mail: An illegal immigrant living in New York allegedly raped a young girl multiple times when she was 12 and 13 years old, including once in front of a baby.

Fernando Alvarado-Perez, 37, was arrested and is facing several rape and child endangerment charges after he allegedly attacked the girl in Geneseo in upstate New York.

It is not clear when the alleged rapes took place.  Alvarado-Perez is accused of having sex with the girl at least once in front of a baby.  He is being held at the Livingston County Jail without bail.

Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian told the Livingston County News that Alvarado-Perez told officers after his arrest that he had come to the US illegally 10 years ago.

The police department initiated a new policy in May that dictates how officers are supposed to deal with illegal immigrants. They did not abide by the policy when arresting Alvarado-Perez, the chief said.

‘Our officers were concerned about investigating this incident and assisting the family the best we could with referral services to other agencies,’ he said. ‘His immigration status wasn’t a priority to us.’

Alvarado-Perez was charged with first-degree rape, rape in the second degree, criminal sex act in the second degree and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.


14 responses to “Illegal alien living in New York arrested for raping 12-year-old girl multiple times

  1. David Cameron

    Back in the days when justice meant something that scumbag would have been hung from the closest lamp post.

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  2. I think the fear and immediate action of castration for ALL rapists might slow down the crime being committed. This is a crime we have to start getting very tough in stopping.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I think you are 100% correct in assuming that “Castration of all rapists” should slow down the number of rapes being committed. Particularly, after a few castrations actually take place! If, castration is just talked about, I don’t think it will have the effect that actually doing the deed would have on the this segment of the population.

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  3. I hope this turd likes his new boyfriend.

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  4. “The case highlights a disturbing trend in Latin-American culture involving the sexual abuse of children. …Also worth nothing is the fact that there are significant cultural differences in approaches to sexuality in the United States vs. Mexico.”

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  5. It is directly proportional to the numbers you have:


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