High Court denies parents of Charlie Gard the right to determine treatment for the last days of his life

charlie gard and family

Statism alive and well in the UK.

From Daily Mail: A High Court judge has given Charlie Gard’s parents until midday tomorrow to reach an agreement with Great Ormond Street Hospital on arrangements for the end of his life.

Mr. Justice Francis said the 11-month-old will be transferred to a hospice where his ventilation tube will be removed if doctors and his parents fail to reach a compromise about how he should be cared for in his final moments.

Charlie’s parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard had said it was their final wish to take him home to ‘slip away’ in his cot before his first birthday.

Both his parents and doctors have now conceded that he should move to a hospice – but continue to disagree over the detail of care plans. Miss Yates and Mr. Gard wanted to spend a week at a hospice with Charlie before he died.

But Great Ormond Street bosses said they were not satisfied that a properly-qualified specialist would be in control under the parents’ plan, and said life-support treatment should end shortly after Charlie arrived at a hospice.

A family friend said the pair, ‘will be devastated they have not been granted their final wishes as parents.’  

Charlie is only expected to spend a few hours in a hospice because they are not licensed to be able to look after him for more than a few hours once the ventilator is taken off.

Miss Yates was in court today wearing a heart-shaped pendant engraved with ‘Charlie’ while Mr. Gard continued the vigil at their son’s bedside.   Before the judge returned to court, Miss Yates sobbed and said: ‘I don’t want to be in the same room as him.’ 

Apparently referring to the lawyers for the hospital, she added: ‘I hope you are happy with yourself. How can you do that? What if it was your child?’ before running out of court crying. 

On Monday, Miss Yates, 31, and Mr. Gard, 33, reduced the High Court to tears by making the agonising decision to let Charlie die after an eight-month legal battle. 

They accepted their 11-month-old, who has mitochondrial disease, was now beyond hope of any cure – which they blamed on ‘a lot of wasted time’ by medics – and would not live to see his first birthday on Friday next week.

But their plan to take Charlie home, give him baths and let him sleep in his cot before saying their final goodbyes on Monday next week were dashed by the hospital.

Great Ormond Street said he should go to a hospice – or stay with them – because his ventilator won’t fit through the front door and doctors fear he could suffer pain or a ‘distressing or disordered death’.

A family friend said: ‘The hospital have set the bar so high that in terms of clinical team for Charlie’s end of life nothing seemed good enough for gosh. The reality is Charlie is very stable, not in pain and rarely needs a doctor. It is therefore difficult to understand why Charlie could not die at home.

‘All he needs is a ventilator which pumps room air into his lungs. It is extraordinarily sad that there’s been so much fuss about him dying at home.  Connie and Chris have conceded a hospice but it was not their first choice. They will be devastated they have not been granted their final wishes as parents.’ 

Read the rest of this distressing story here.


22 responses to “High Court denies parents of Charlie Gard the right to determine treatment for the last days of his life

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  2. Godspeed CHARLIE!

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  3. Is there any popular outrage and outcry against this in Britain? Or are the Brits all cucked.

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  4. I did a search for “Britain outrage and Charlie gard” and found nothing of any substance from any UK web page. It’s all American sites reporting how bad this situation is.

    They are cucked.


  5. Maybe I’m thick, but I don’t understand why they can’t just take him since others have agreed to pay for it. Will they not let him leave? If so, why?

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  6. traildustfotm

    The UK government is horribly wrong here on the subject of individual liberties, a failure that cost them two wars in 1776 and 1812.

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  7. I am thinking, that, if, Charlie & his parents were granted American citizenship, through an act of congress, then, the Brits would have to let Charlie go,..

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  8. It is sad to think this world has been so hardened that a little babies battle for life means nothing.
    But, if this had been a person in prison about to be put to death, there would be protests all over the city. The world has gone nuts.
    It is my understanding that the parents have asked for specialist for Charlie since last Nov. and this is the kind of medical care some of the people here want. They should be very careful for what they wish. They hear nothing past free medical.
    Go in peace little guy.

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    • Amen! It’s been happening for a long time in America already. One must be very careful of what one says in any clinic or hospital. Children, as well as elderly relatives, etc., can be taken away, pretty much like Charlie, and the parents, family, caretakers will have no say in what comes next. The deep state, big brother, the hospitals, courts, etc., own whoever they decide needs their intervention and protection, even if all we are talking about is abuse, entrapment and slavery.

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    • Glenn47 . . . You have “nailed” it in the above response! We do indeed have people in this country who express time and time again for “free medical.” For Heaven’s sake . . . . . this is what “free medical” looks like. The individual does not decide . . . “what or when” . . . the medical boards, or courts make that decision. When you wrote . . . . “Go in peace little guy” . . . I was brought to tears. That is the sweetest and most poetic thing that could possibly have been said. This little guy will be welcomed in Heaven, and his body and mind will be free of the chains that this disease currently has on him. God Bless his parents that they be able to understand that what they will shortly be experiencing in the loss of their little guy is but a brief moment in the eternal scheme of things, they will once again in a future time be reunited with this beautiful spirit.

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      • Thank you Auntie. Many stories hit me, but non harder than this. To beg for help for so long and be ignored. What I caught from the Dr. was the possibility of an improvement it gotten to quicker. We will never know, but does that make it automatic that a priceless child would be denied the chance?
        And free medical is never free, those that have paid into the system for decades end up paying for it, even when it hits us hard. But those wanting this free care do not care about the burden put upon others.
        I was in tears myself when writing.

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  9. DCG . . . . . Bless you for continuing to keep us abreast on the latest news of this tragic event!

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  10. If a gov’t or a gov’t backed agency will not care for one life then it cares for no life. That’s evident in their love affair with abortion and the flirtation with euthanasia.

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  11. Big gov’t statism, all about control… people are incidental.

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  12. Daniel Hannan of the European Parliment warned us, this was the future.


  13. charlie gard had a “rare” mitochondrial disease.
    what a coincidence that the cdc lists mitochondrial disease under their autism page…yet they deny vaccines cause both mitochondrial disease and autism.
    If you ask parents of a vaccine-damaged child, they would emphatically disagree

    also, from “The other DNA: research on mitochondrial diseases” http://www.columbia.edu/cu/21stC/issue-1.3/dna-mitoch.html
    “The history of mitochondrial disease goes back to the early 1960s, ”

    mitochondrial disease has been repeatedly referred to as “rare”, but it’s history goes back to the 60’s?…how many “rare” diseases appear within a few decades out of nowhere in the timeline of thousands of years in humanity that are “genetic” in origin?
    Something(s) must have precipitated the change in the mitochondrial DNA that predisposed certain people to this disease. The only things that stand out as a correlation with the sudden “appearance” of mitochondrial disease in man are vaccines. It was in the early 60s that the upsurge of vaccinations began; especially with polio licensed in 1955 and measles licensed in 1963.
    I won’t get into polio provocation, tonsillectomies, and the re-naming of polio into other diseases (like Guillain Barre Syndrome with the same symptoms as polio…oddly enough, many people have been diagnosed with GBS after getting the flu shot…seems to me that big pharma is putting polio in the flu shot and diagnosing the symptoms as Guillan Barre) to make the appearance that polio had decreased, thus “proving” the polio vaccine “works”…
    we are treated as guinea pigs and called “consumers” for a reason….

    IMHO, little baby Charlie, may he rest in peace, was denied the right to life and corporate fascists in the guise of “healthcare” decided whatever treatment he could have received wasn’t worth the possibility of the child recovering because they weren’t able to facilitate it….they played God and little Charlie lost.

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