Drunk/naked British gals in Spanish party-town outed on Facebook

From whatever available evidence there is, it appears British young women are prone to public displays of drunkenness and sluttiness.

Three months ago, I did a post, “You’ve come a long way, baby: British women at Grand National horse race,” from which FOTM harvested this pic (see below) which became the subject of one of our most popular caption contests:

Now, a Facebook page, “Maga Walk of Shame,” is chronicling the behavior and lack-of-clothing of British gals (and men too) as they walk back to their hotels and holiday apartments after a wild night out in Magaluf, a tourist resort on the Spanish island of Majorca with a sex- and alcohol -fueled “party” reputation.

Urban Dictionary defines “walk of shame” as “walking back home the day after an unplanned casual sexual encounter, typically dressed in the same clothes as the previous evening”.

Below are some pics and a video from Maga Walk of Shame“:

Jon Lockett reports for The Sun, July 26, 2017, that while the Facebook page is criticized by some for invading peoples’ privacy (one person commented: “The whole point of going to Magaluf is to have a proper wild time. You don’t need some idiot filming your every move”), those that work in the island resort defended the popular page. A 20-year-old Magaluf worker, who asked to remain anonymous, told Daily Star Online: “If you’re going to go to Magaluf, expect to be on it. It is just a bit of banter and a bit of a joke. None of the girls seem to mind and mostly just have a laugh along with it.”

Drunken tourists tearing up the Magaluf strip this summer have sparked crisis talks as local officials try to crack down on the violence and disorder. British and German diplomats were summoned for a meeting with Spanish officials to discuss how to clamp down on the excesses of young visitors. The local council issued a list of 64 banned activities, including public boozing and climbing trees and buildings, with fines of up to £2,600 ($3,392) for violations.

More disturbing than the public drunkenness and nudity/semi-nudity is a video on “Maga Walk of Shame” of a satanic parade down Magaluf’s main street in May 2017. Coral Liggins, who was at the parade, wrote this comment:

demon day 😫 still get nightmares now

Here are some screenshots from the video, showing men carrying flaming torches and wearing animals heads, demon masks and devil horns, and a giant effigy of a winged demon:

The demon parade is Magaluf’s version of correfoc, a traditional Catalan “fire and devil” street festival because, you know, paying homage to the Devil is just so much fun. /sarc


16 responses to “Drunk/naked British gals in Spanish party-town outed on Facebook

  1. It seems to me that underneath the Oh-So-Veddy-Proper British exterior, they are, at heart, at the root, SELF-HATERS.
    As for the Devil worship, well, no one has mastered that Dark Art better than Her Majesty the Queen!

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  2. Check out this latest lesbian/witch goddess perversion Be forewarned, disgusting display of female flashing…http://www.raisingtheskirt.com/

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  3. While in-the-main I buried most of my conservative self during the Sixties when I lived in California [Feb. 1963-August 1969], the better to get to know the natives, never did I see a tenth of these stupid vulgarities. By invitation, I spent a weekend w/my first wife on the Grateful Dead’s ranch, and when I lived for 2.5 yrs in Gopherville, near Whitethorn, CA there was some nude sunbathing at the ‘swimming hole’, but never this excessive stupidity. I don’t know how else to ID these lost souls. They’re trying to cover an immense void in their lives, but it’s futile.

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    • “They’re trying to cover an immense void in their lives, but it’s futile.”
      so true, Joseph, and it only gets worse…these people are hemorrhaging from their spirits and they have inebriated themselves to hide the pain and shame…they are lost, as so many are today.
      how many times can one hit rock bottom?
      every time one parties for satan he/she hits rock bottom…..but the only one partying is satan because he knows he will not be alone in hell.
      I pray they seek the Lord before it’s too late.

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  4. Research shows that the only thing that causes leftists (who don’t abide by principle) to fall into line is being ostracized for their choices. Thus, Slut-shaming is a valid form of rehabilitation. We must be merciless, for their own good.

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  5. slags like these endanger all women these days, because of these rotten apples the whole barrel gets dumped, they should be deported & severely censured!

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  6. “No one will be watching us, why don’t we do it in the road?” (J. Lennon). Because we’re not dogs!

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  7. Some people really think outside the square when it comes to bringing pride to the family. Lost souls.

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  8. Hi I’m one of the girls in these pics. These nights were a laugh 😀 We are not ‘lost souls’ we are FREE SOULS. Who cares what we look like, me and all the other girls here were enjoying our vacation and HAVING FUN for a change. I guess these pics are the price we have to pay for being public with our freedom and stuff, but most of us don’t really care anyway. Go maga ❤


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