President Trump ends Obama’s transgenders-in-military policy

The military of any country, including that of the United States, is about national defense. The military is not a place for social engineering experiments.

But that’s precisely what Obama did to the U.S. military.

Under the Obama administration, so-called “transgenders” — a biological impossibility — were catered to:

  • In 2012, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued new guidelines that illegal aliens awaiting deportation must be provided taxpayer-funded abortion services, transportation to the abortion clinic, and transgender hormone therapy.
  • Beginning in June 2014, so-called “sex reassignment” transgender surgery is covered by the near-bankrupt Medicare. People with an ounce of sense know that the surgery actually is body mutilation — chopping off the penis and testicles; making a gouging wound and pretend it’s a vagina. Gender is determined by one’s DNA, specifically sex chromosomes — females have XX chromosomes; males have XY chromosomes — which no amount of surgery can change.
  • In 2015, male Army ROTC cadets were made to wear red high heels to “raise awareness” about rape.
  • On May 13, 2016, Obama issued a directive (via the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights) ordering all schools, colleges and universities that receive federal financial assistance to allow “transgenders” to use the rest- or locker-room of their predilection, instead of in accordance to their biological plumbing. “Transgenderism” is defined and determined subjectively by the “transgender”.
  • Beginning in June 2014, the Pentagon used she-males to recruit transgenders.
  • On June 30, 2016, effective immediately, Obama lifted a longstanding ban on transgenders in the military.

Finally, sanity will now return to the U.S. military.

Three hours ago, President Trump sent out a series of three tweets announcing an end to the Obama administration’s policy of transgenders in the U.S. military. He wrote:

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow . . . Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming . . . victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”

President Trump is right about the “tremendous medical costs” of “transgenders”. Whereas “transgenders” comprise less than one percent of the military (0.7%), their medical costs to taxpayers are staggering:

  • Data supplied by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R., Mo.) show that even by using a conservative estimate, the cost of Pentagon’s “sex-change surgeries” is $1.3 billion over 10 years.
  • “Transgenders” are prone to suicide, in a military that is already burdened by a too-high suicide rate of 265 suicides per 100,000 soldiers in 2015. According to a study by the UCLA’s Williams Institute, whereas the percentage of suicide attempts in the overall U.S. population is 4.6%, among transgenders the percentage is a whopping 41% — that’s more than 4 of every 10 “transgenders”.

Thank you, President Trump!

Please continue to pray for President Trump.

H/t Will Shanley

Update (July 28, 2017):

Predictably, the liberal MSM and Hollywood are incandescent with outrage over President Trump’s tweets. As an example, that font of wisdom and reason called Lady Gaga accused President Trump of “endangering” military lives and painting a target on the backs of all “transgenders”.


45 responses to “President Trump ends Obama’s transgenders-in-military policy

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Thank God for small favors.

    One more Obama trick to mess up the country. When a man or woman is in a state of flux and they do no know what gender they are – they sure don’t need to be in the military of all places – they need outside help to guide them.

    Obama’s decision in this matter only tells you what a screwball he was. When will the AG get his screw driver and go to work on Obama/Hillary and their minions instead of screwing around with the Russians, et al?

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    • kmmonsensejane . . . . . I certainly do agree with the sentiment that this was but just another trick that Obummer played on us . . . We the People, to cause our military to be in a state of disarray, and furthermore to bilk millions out of the US taxpayer to pay for sex reassignment surgeries.

      You brought up our current “Attorney General” Jeff Sessions . . . “get his screw driver and go to work on Obama/Hillary and their minions instead of screwing around with the Russians, et al?” Once Sessions was in office, he “recused” himself because he had evidently had some interaction with the “Russians.” This very act has left him powerless to be in a position that he can look into any of the “doings” perpetrated by Obummer, the Clinton cabal, Loretta Lynch, Podesta, Soros, you name ’em. Although, my understanding is that Sessions is personally a very good and honorable man . . . he is NOT the person we need as AG, he cannot do us, We the People, or our President any good. It would be far better that Sessions resign, and go back into the private sector, even though he has stanchly supported President Trump. He just is not able to be of much help by virtue of having “recused” himself into delving into “the Russian affair,” and any of the periphery actions of top Demorat people. If he had the best interest of our country in mind, he would go ahead and R-E-S-I-G-N, and allow the POTUS to nominate an AG who would go for the jugular vein of each and every one of those who have committed such egregious acts against our country. I say it would be for the better good of our nation that we get someone in as AG who is a “Type A” personality, and the instinct of a killer shark. If I have offended any one in the FOTM family, I do ask for your forgiveness, I am just speaking from the heart in this matter. At the time Trump nominated Sessions, he had no idea that Sessions would enter a “recusal” of himself . . . I guess this just shows that when the game changes, you may well need to change players in the game.

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  2. Why do I love thee, PRESIDENT TRUMP? Let me count the ways, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, END OF OBAMACARE, END OF ILLEGALS, CARE FOR VETERANS, END TRANSGENDERS ACCEPTANCE IN THE MILITARY -real men and women only, and the list continues…….

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    • Alma . . . . . by golly, I would love to have you as my next door neighbor. You are just the “cat’s meow!” Bless you for your sentiments on our dear President!

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  3. Well the military does have a policy of rejecting those with mental illness..

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  4. Good. Military not a place for special snowflakes.

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  5. I saw that earlier in Trump’s twitter & couldn’t believe my eyes! Way to go POTUS! I hope every tranny that entered the military over the past 12 months is booted out forthwith! 😀 And take your wigs, your heels, your makeup with you!

    Thanks for the half-dozen list of grievous tranny-loving enactments. One down, Five to go!

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  6. Thank You Jesus!

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  7. Having served in the USMC infantry for five years & growing up in a military family for 17 years I can tell you that the US military as a whole, is a very debauched subset of American society. Everything from murder to all kinds of sexual perversion is very common. This happens with the generals down to the privates.

    Allowing open sexual perversion in the military is throwing fuel on the fire. If you have young friends or family considering joining the military, discouraging them from doing so is a good idea. Our military’s only purpose is to serve banks & corporations and kill brown people.

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    • kanani . . . very perceptive observation! Thank you.


    • Kananai the military must be debauched to allow you in. And just to prove that you are a liar as well as a fraud I bet you can’t tell me what unit you served with, when you served with each unit, your commanding officer at battalion level nor the location of your unit each time. Oh as a grunt what was your MOS.

      But we do know that people with delusions will claim anything.

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      • @ Waco bob. What up faggot. First of all fuck the marine corps. 0331 was my military occupational speciality, aka machinegunner. I was born on a marine base, Quantico Va.

        Served with company G 2nd bn 3rd Mar Div, 99-03, that’s in Kane’ohe Bay Oahu bitch. Let’s not forget my combat tour I did with Baker company 1/7 out of 29 stumps 04-05. 29 stumps & Baker Co, you probably don’t know what I am referring to. The combat tour was in Husaybah Iraq. By the way I volunteered (the Corps called me on the phone & asked, alot of guys were getting hurt along the Euphrates river) to go over after being discharged. So that’s two honorable discharges you fucking clown.

        Who gives a fuck what my commanding officers names were. Thankfully I can’t remember. I did not hang with anyone outside of my platoon. I don’t spend time in the CO’s office sucking dick like you Waco bob.

        I can tell you once again the military is shit. I used to take part in some of the debauchery.
        Hey married military spouses that read this blog. If your man deploys overseas most likely your man cheats. Those married guys sure do love the hostess bars & banging prostitutes(most of which are white slaves; that means sex slaves).
        I can tell you while in Iraq those Commanding Officers & career Staff NCO’s sure do cover up a bunch of murder. They can’t be exposed, gotta have those good marks in their Service Record Books. Gotta get promoted, that is way more important than the the life of some worthless Hajji walking down the road who gets shot in the face by an undisciplined marine wanting the taste in his mouth.

        You prove nothing Waco bob. Go kill yourself faggot….have a nice day!

        PS: my name is Michael Kanani Davidson. Look it up.


    • “Everything from murder to all kinds of sexual perversion is very common.” That could describe many subsets of American society. Hollyweird comes to mind.

      “Our military’s only purpose is to serve banks & corporations and kill brown people.” Yep, kill brown people. Guess that’s why our military never assists in relief efforts where brown people live.

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  8. Celebrities Melt Down over Trump’s Transgender Military Policy: ‘You Just Pissed Off the Wrong Community’

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    • Oh noes! I’m scared now!!! LOL

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      • Me too-Maybe they’ll get pissed enough to LEAVE THE US,naaaaahhhhh-they’re too cowardly to actually DO anything. But they’ll say BAD things,and stay angry for a good long time. (THAT’LL teach us! LOL)

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    • Boohoo, the celebs are upset, the sky is falling, run for cover!


      A good comeback I read to those having fits is to ask them:

      “Was Obama considered a ‘hateful bigot’ for the 7.5-out-of-8 years that HE was President & did NOT allow trannies in the military?”

      Be sure & duck before they throw their girly/man-purse at your head, lol.

      Another good point I read is that now the Dem politicians will have to focus on trannies from now until mid-terms, which will barf out even more conservatives; hence propelling even more of them to turn out to vote against the Dems!

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      • TPR . . . let’s just hope . . . “hence propelling even more of them to turn out to vote against the Dems!” That sounds pretty darn good to me!

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    • CP . . . . . I noticed that “James Cordon” was among those who took to twitter to disparage our President. Last I knew he was a British citizen, he needs to stay the Hell out of matters that concern the American people, and the U S A. Great Britain has more than enough problems at this point in time, let him turn his “twittering” to rectifying their problems, not worrying about what is going on in this country! Although, I rather liked him, up until today when I saw he was running his mouth about something that is none of his business.

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  9. Good for Trump!

    The mentally ill have no place in the US military.

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  10. Vet JR Salzman sets liberals straight on how things work in the military. And that doesn’t include special treatment for special snowflakes:

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  11. Transgenders suffer from a mental illness not a physical birth defect and just like any mental illness it has no place in the military.

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  12. Neither Barry Soetero/B. H. Obama [etc.] nor Michelle/Michael Obama served in the U.S. military, right?

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    • As far as I know,BHO would have had to prove he was a Citizen of the US or a US held territory to get in,but we know he wouldn’t have complied even if he COULD. As for Michelle/Michael-he/she/it wouldn’t have qualified for the aforementioned reason of Mental Illness.


  13. Pingback: President Trump ends Obama’s transgenders-in-military policy — Fellowship of the Minds – NZ Conservative Coalition

  14. Hear hear!

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  15. When I was in the Army (drafted!), they booted you out if you were queer. Even so, I still worried about some of my fellow sufferers. I can’t imagine being in the Army KNOWING that queers and trannies were allowed. The thought creeps me out.

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  16. Walt Heyer wrote an article for the Daily Signal. He is a former trans who has a website. He is applauding the decision. He gave his website in that Daily Signal article.

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  18. President Trump has proved that, as a military school graduate and as a human being possessed of solid common sense, that he can step up to the plate and deliver a common-sense decision based upon the lessons of History.
    I am aware that gay men and women are just as capable of being patriotic as regular folk, and they are quite capable of delivering defense to the Nation as regular folk.
    Here is the HISTORICAL PROBLEM: A large number of gay men and women have been observed to be of higher I.Q. Yes, they may have a higher intellectual status, in and of itself, but that fact alone, in and of itself, does not in any way whatsoever, indicate that they will respect or even acknowledge the plain facts of history when it comes to warfare.
    And let’s face it squarely: War, organized mass murder that it is (on the part of the politicians) does not allow of subtlety. War is that Artist of Death that paints in the broadest of brushstrokes.
    In Plain English: The endurance of Civilization to the rightful suppression of the sexual urge common to man bears a DIRECT CORRELATION, even when CAUSALITY cannot be proved. Therefore, homosexual behavior, even from the most intelligent men (and women) has, over the centuries and throughout civilizations and societies, has ALWAYS PROVED that it is destructive of the ESSENTIAL espirit de corps essential to victory in battle.

    This all began with President Clinton’s decision to “don’t ask, don’t tell” ideology, which Janet “Sterno” implemented, viz., social engineering where social engineering has no business: War and defense.

    Point in fact: Since Clinton and Obama took the military forces of the United States OFF THE RAILS, sexual crimes and offenses in the military have gone OFF THE CHARTS. That’s not my opinion: It’s not my opinion, it’s fact, and, furthermore, HISTORICAL FACT does not give a good god-damn about what any of us think when it comes to war.

    Bravo and Kudos to President Trump, and I beg of the President to ROLL BACK the acceptance of homosexual men and women into the armed forces along the same common-sense logical and historical grounds.

    (Question to Mrssrs. Clinton & Obama: All right, you’re both sexual perverts. I get it. Go to hell, if you insist, but: Does that give either of you the right to drag us all down into the pit with you? You’re not even honest according to your own narcissism!)

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  19. Thank you President Trump,for doing what’s RIGHT instead of going along with what’s being considered Politically Correct. By nature,when you do the right thing,things are always likely to go better than when you do something you know is WRONG,even if it’s for good reason.

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  20. I Was Once Transgender. Why I Think Trump Made the Right Decision for the Military.

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  21. America’s military has been a social experiment for over 7 decades. Glad to know our enlisted personnel have one less hassle to deal with. Hope the morale and quality of weaponry continue to improve with President Trump’s actions.

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  22. An excellent decision on many levels. This is neither the time or place for experimenting. Civilians have no idea how much damage BO did do to our military and the media hid most of it. Being deeply involved in the military areas for several years, I can state the moral under BO was getting lower with each losing year.
    It is not up to the military/ public to pay for people’s psychotic whims or whatever they are this week. Every dollar wasted takes equipment and maintenance from those keeping our rears safe.
    BO has downsized our military to dangerous levels with all that is going on around the world. He denied the Bible in many military hotels, he took GOD out of some of the mottos of some of the branches. He put pressure on many clerics to NOT pray of offer prayers. Our equipment needs repair and many foot soldiers are sharing safety equipment.
    He encouraged this idiotic idea of allowing trans in the military for the sole reason of the people paying for it. A man that told the world he is Christian encouraging damage be done to our military, what reason would he want to do that? Some close experience perhaps…..
    And with all the needs of the military, he wanted to spend millions on an elective surgery. A transformation/his favorite word/ that will prove to be such a distraction, it would put our military in danger. It would continue into the years for the complete process and there on.
    On this the President made the right choice.

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  23. traildustfotm

    dancingbanana Carrot Chilli Muffin PurpleBanana Pineapple Strawberry

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  24. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Common sense goes a long way in an already stressful environment where you don’t have time to deal with mentally unstable individuals


  25. The establishment’s biggest problem with this announcement was how President Trump made it using Twitter so his thoughts and words would go directry to the People.
    They want him to make the announcement to Congress and his staff privately in confidence, so they can accuse him of conspiracy, then spin it and twist it, and leak it.
    I still do not believe that the country and Congress stood idly by as BHO put out all these damaging executive orders, and Congress supported him by passing so many screwed up laws.

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  26. If it is based on issues of deploytability, i.e. abilty to serve, any discrimination argument is going to have a hard time. […]

    Average Transgender Soldier Unable to Deploy for 238 Days

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