Man who underwent “gender reassignment” surgery to foil detectives sentenced to life for three Spokane-area slayings

donna perry

Chopping off body parts doesn’t change your DNA, only your feeeeeelings.

From Seattle Times: A 65-year-old transgender woman has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for the 1990 slayings of three women who worked as prostitutes.

Donna Perry was sentenced in Spokane County Superior Court. Perry was known as Douglas Perry before undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2000, which prosecutors contended was done to avoid suspicion in the deaths.

She was convicted in the killings of Yolanda Sapp, 26, Nickie Lowe, 34, and Kathy Brisbois, 38. They were all shot during a four-month span in 1990.

The cases were unsolved until 2012, when Perry was convicted in federal court for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Her DNA was entered into a national database and linked to the victims.

More details from the Spokesman Review:

During trial, prosecutors argued there was a common link between Perry and the three women, whose bodies were found naked or exposed near the banks of the Spokane River.

Perry frequented the same area of Spokane’s skid row – East Sprague Avenue – and dated a prostitute who worked the same streets as the three women.

Perry’s DNA also was found underneath one of the victim’s fingernails, on a blanket near where another victim’s body was discovered and on a bottle of lubricant known to be used by the third victim, which was located in a trash bin along with some of her other items. She also admitted to killing people in the past, according to witness testimony from a jailhouse informant.

Defense attorneys, however, argued the state’s evidence was coincidental, and did not prove that Perry had anything to do with the women’s deaths. Attorney Brian Whitaker said in closing arguments that the threshold of reasonable doubt was not met during trial, and pointed to what he deemed poor police work and a constantly changing motive offered by prosecutors.


15 responses to “Man who underwent “gender reassignment” surgery to foil detectives sentenced to life for three Spokane-area slayings

  1. Hope “IT” serves ITS sentence among the hard core criminals. Everybody is going to have a field day when he arrives!

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  2. his DNA gave him away!….as it should.

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  3. This is why they invented wood chippers.

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  4. Didn’t this guy KNOW that disfiguring himself wouldn’t change his DNA? Agree,he’s in for a VERY interesting Prison term. He’ll probably be forced to explore the farthest reaches of depravity there-stuff there’s not even a NAME for yet.

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  7. Like I said transgender is a mental illness not a birth defect.

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    • brakenkaren . . . Well said! Thank God Trump listened to his military advisers and decided that “trans” people should not be accepted into the military! Think of the millions this ban will save our military budgets. Most of us could have told the POTUS as much.

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      • Hopefully this is slow down the current craze of being gay or trans. BO promoted it for 8 years, along with crime and corruption. This will take forever to clean up.

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  8. Reading your post, DCG, reminds me of the one Beatles’ song they would not play on the air (in NYC, anyway): “I Am The Walrus”: “Expert, textpert choking smoker don’t you think the Joker laughs at you.”
    “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Looks like Mr. Ladyman overlooked something!

    And the Lesson still maintains: Even prostitutes are entitled to the protection to the Rule of Law.

    For the LIFE OF ME, I CANNOT understand why a man—or a woman—would want a sex-change. All Right, it’s the “Tulip Mania” of our day. My Question is this: As we are all of us sinners, Just how much self-hatred would redeem a MORON like this? Answer: NONE: Only God’s Pardon can relieve us of CONCUPISCENCE.

    But this is what we get when we seek Redemption without God: MADNESS.
    “It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    The Show is just getting started…

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  9. Not even a sex-change can challenge the Rule of Law! Wow is this man an idiot!

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  10. Watch out, they might give him compensation instead of jail cause I’m sure it was the fault of not being able to transgender sooner that made him kill women. Seriously, this argument is used for pedophiles who happen to be gay men, the excuse that if only their homosexuality had been able to be embraced at a young age (so to speak) they wouldn’t be attracted to children, cause you know it must be big mean society that made you did what you did, no consequences for these folks, which is weird cause they jabber on about ‘ownership’ and ‘agency’ non-stop, but apparently that’s only for when quenching ones’ desires (however depraved they may be) not responsibility for ones actions.

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