Satanist Katy Perry is obsessed with cannibalism

The devil likes nothing more than to strip us, whom God made in His own image, of our humanity. And there’s nothing more dehumanizing of oneself and the other than to commit cannibalism — the ingestion of humans by humans.

And yet, cannibalism has become a meme — an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture — in contemporary America’s sick culture.

More than 4 months ago in my post, “What’s behind pop culture’s enthrallment with cannibalism?,” I listed some of the signs:

Add to the above list pop singer and Hillary Clinton acolyte Katy Perry (real name: Katheryn Hudson), 32 — she who openly testified that she had sold her soul to the Devil. (Note in the video below the interviewer’s upside-down cross earrings.)

The music video of Perry’s latest single, “Bon Appétit,” released in April 2017, is a macabre step-by-step cooking recipe featuring the singer as the main course. The video ends with Perry about to dine from a plate full of human body parts.

Blogger Truthearth draws our attention to Katy Perry’s live performance of “Bon Appétit” on Saturday Night Live, when she assumed the “Arch of Hysteria” — the pose that cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had put one of his victims.

Dahmer’s sick pose was reproduced by the late French-American “artist” Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) as “The Arch of Hysteria” — a sculpture owned by Tony and Heather Podesta, which they displayed in their Falls Church home.

Before it burned down in a hellish inferno last December, the “Ghost Ship” warehouse in Oakland, California, had held an evening performance “art” event in which the “artist” assumed the Arch of Hysteria pose (see “Oakland warehouse fire: Satan’s Hell House“).

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32 responses to “Satanist Katy Perry is obsessed with cannibalism

  1. This whole string of scenarios gradually coming to light looks to be our recapitulation of the collapsing Roman Empire, but they never sank to cannibalism — hinted or real.

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  2. When they tire of eating their enemies they will eat their own.

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  3. The DEVIL, eventually, will have all of her in the end.

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  4. They are in competition with each other to show who is the most outrageous in their devotion to Satan.

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  5. Also, pizza gate, no big deal …

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  6. We live in the Age of Satanism Rising. I think THIS is what the “Age of Aquarius” is really about. It is utterly repugnant.

    Aleister Crowley said something of interest toward the end of his wretched life. He said, “When I was about 12, I wanted to go over to the Devil’s side. Not only go over to his side; I wanted to be his chief of staff. And I don’t know why.” Doesn’t an impulse like that demand a thorough investigation before one grants his assent? Crowley didn’t think so. And, apparently, neither does Hudson/Perry. Someone should tell her that every deal from the Devil ALWAYS comes with—AN EXPIRATION DATE.

    God Almighty Help her.

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    • Anyone that pays any amount of attention should be able to EASILY see the dramatic increase of open/public satan/demon worship going on in this country and the world. We regularly read about statues and monuments being erected in the name of satan or Baal, and there doesn’t even seem to be any shock or pushback. It has not been that long ago, where people in this country were violently and immediately put to death at the mere whisper of accusation of being a witch. Now… Not only does it NOT phase people, in some ways it is considered cool.
      Every day, as you go about your life, there are so many symbols of satanism we see, that most are not even aware of…
      Steven, your last statement reminds me of the portion in Old Testament where the Baal worshippers were so convinced their “god” would validate them, that they were slashing themselves severely, shedding their own blood upon the altar in self sacrifice… This is how these people are today. They are so convinced their beliefs will be validated, because they have been given fame, money, power, sex, and anything else imaginable. Only The Lord God could ever change their hearts… But I can promise you, there is absolutely nothing you or I could say that would even cause them to think twice about turning to Jesus. In fact, they would flat out mock us in our attempt. Sad as it is to say, that is what would happen. People like that can only be prayed for

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      • Well, women who were burned for being witches was not “so long ago”: the 1600’s were more than 300 years ago now. Not to nitpick: This is where “everyone” goes wrong: We are all NAIVE: We think that people x-hundred years ago were just as morally and/or intellectually sophisticated as today. NOT SO: Although rationality and, hence, human nature, never change, the people who lived even 100 years ago are not as sophisticated as people are today.
        This is what I’m trying to say: Human nature and rationality never change. BUT: As people of yester-century did not have instant communications or immediate access to information and knowledge that we possess, we MAY NOT assume they were on the same plane of “consciousness” we are on. To judge people of 100, 200, or even 2,500 years ago is an error: They were in worse circumstances than we are, and hence, they were not as developed as we are. In other words, we in our judgment refuse to take into account their whole milieu. Not that that makes them “right,” but they may be excused. (I am assuming God Almighty has the Last Word.)
        So witches were burned at Salem 300 years ago: Human nature has always known satanism and witchcraft were always wrong; But the judges of 300 years ago may have acted based upon their milieu at that time. That does not make them “right”; But it does not grant us the right to judge them, AS IF WE ARE MORALLY SUPERIOR, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT.

        The British Empire makes the same mistake: They patronized the SYMPTOMS of what they call “racialism,” (what we call “racism”) and throw us a bone, yet they still secretly insist they are still humanity’s Masters, when, MORALLY, they are nothing of the sort.


        • Steven, I could challenge and refute a number of things you just said, but I won’t. That isn’t the purpose of my post. I will say that you are in error as to people of history, especially “ancient” history, as they were very sophisticated in many ways. The things they were able to do with the tools of their time totally baffle engineers of our current time.
          That said, I think you missed my point in previous post…. No, I wasn’t meaning that just in the last few years, people were put to death for being accused of witchcraft. I was meaning that in fairly recent history, that took place. My main point was that it has pretty much always been that people engaging in those things would not do it openly, because it was not tolerated, and in general, people had more of an awareness and fear of God, as we should have. But nowadays, people that do those things don’t even have to hide it. We are in such a politically correct oriented society, that all things are accepted, under the guise of tolerance and letting people be whatever they want to be. “Oh… You are a satanist, and you go to the church of Satan? Sure, not a problem… It isn’t what I personally what I would do, but you are welcome to do whatever makes you feel good and comfortable in your life. We can still be friends and good neighbors… ”
          That is my point. Satanism and demonism is very openly advertised, celebrated, and embraced in our world today. But it was totally opposite in our not too distant past

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          • I would say that for most of human history, the society or culture of a group set the standards that all members were expected to respect. Religion provided the basis for an informed conscience from which the standards were crafted.

            When a member strayed one of the most powerful tools for preservation of the society was to ostracize the offender. What we have now are alleged governments that neither work for their cultures or seek to preserve them. They represent cultural engineers.

            So, through a full on assault utilizing schools, TV, memes in film, music, etc., the message is that total change is good and required. Those traditions and morals that kept the Devil at bay are to be eliminated.

            Katy Perry is a rather special case. She seems to be overtly selling the idea that submission to an evil force is good and desirable. While she has an adult audience, her primary focus seems to be on children. She is indoctrinating them.

            Remember, ALL of them are just employees. She does as she is told.

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  7. Don’t forget CNN shining star Reza Aslan eating real human brains on air.

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  8. Isn’t Katy another daughter of a preacher man from Texas? Like Jessica what’s her name? Slouching toward Gomorrah…
    I think the parents have some culpability.
    Wait, newsflash: I just Googled Simpson’s dad: Joe was a minister, but is now an admitted gay. C’est la Vie. Newsier flash: Joe got divorced after coming out. Then he got prostate cancer. Hmmm. I guess I haven’t been watching enough TMZ lately (like, forever).
    Even more I learned just now: Katy grew up not in TX, but Santa Barbara, CA. (Cali, not Canada). And she wasn’t “famous” until her song/video, “I kissed a girl”. Yeah.
    Hindsight. THAT may have been when her parents should have been asking for prayer. Or looking for a shrink for their demented daughter.

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    • That’s IF you believe that Ms. “Perry” hasn’t turned out the way she has because her parents DIDN’T have a hand in what she has become.
      I, for one, think this is generational. And some who’ve been involved in demonology, etc., confirm that much of this (not all) is within families, generational and protected from the view of outsiders.
      The fact that it is coming out in the open is INTENTIONAL. We must ask ourselves “why?”

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      • Is it not possible, St Longinus, that Katy Perry’s Bon Appétit video is her symbolic way of telling the world that her sexual desires ‘consume’ her utterly? Simple nymphomania on display; by the way, if it is such, it has been conclusively shown that this is genetic.

        I met a tall, handsome UofWa professor in 1989 who told me that in one 24 hour period he had enjoyed the favours of the daughter, her mother, and their grandmother, so that’s definitely intergenerational! []


  9. Ugly womyn, inside and out.

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  11. I’ve been noticing, and being upset at, commercials in which they portray potatoes eating potato chips, and it’s even alluded to that it IS cannibalism. I think there is at least one other commercial in which cannibalism is ‘winked’ at, but I can’t remember what it was advertising. Those behind this are as low as can be, and need to be dealt with by us before our heavenly Father needs to step in and doing something about it, Himself. If He does need to act out of His love for us, we’d better ready those pillow cushions for us to sit on, since our backsides will end up being ‘warmed’ by Him, too, for our own inaction.

    “Pray! Pray! Pray!” I think is what the Lord’s Mother is reported to have said, when it comes to the sinful behavior of others and ourselves, and I think we need to heed her admonition–I know I’ll do my best to heed it[!], since it’s so important for us to do for others, and for ourselves, in this ongoing war between us and the enemies of God.

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  12. traildustfotm

    I’ve been on the fence about Katy Perry, mostly because I have never paid her any attention. But this article is so revealing that I must conclude that she really is worshiping the devil. How awful. And if her parents are actually Christians, they must be devastated.

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  19. It is with great sadness I have to say do not want to listen to her music anymore and she has no right to be influence innocent children and hope she gets what she deserves for claiming this and it makes me sick to my stomach. Never want to see humanity come to the horror of what she promotes on here and can only hope it is pack of lies. But more important is how the Pope was insulted on here and hope the Catholic church sues her for everything she has because of this and there is no way as a writer I would ever promote this on the internet.


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