Know the rules: A white professor can’t be Chinese because of “privilege”

daniel bell

Professor Daniel Bell: Ain’t no Rachel Dolezal…

A man can be a woman and a white woman can be black. Yet a white man can’t be Chinese. I can’t keep up with all the science-defying liberal rules anymore.

From Yahoo: A white scholar’s recent op-ed suggests he might need some lessons on his own privilege. 

Daniel Bell, a white dean at China’s Shandong University, recently penned a piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Why Anyone Can Be Chinese.” In it, he laments how he’s not considered Chinese despite his self-proclaimed dedication to the culture.

China, he argues, should look at identity as cultural rather than racial, concluding the piece with his ultimate hope:

“President Xi Jinping describes his broad agenda for the country as the ‘China dream,’” Bell writes. “My own China dream is more modest: to be viewed as a Chinese not just in my own mind but in the minds of my fellow Chinese.”

Bell claims to have respect for the Chinese. But his piece shows that he’s not looking at identity through the lens of the Chinese. John Kuo Wei Tchen, associate professor and director of Asian/Pacific/American Institute, NYU notes: Bell begins his piece, making comparisons between himself and a Chinese-American who “doesn’t speak Chinese or identify in any way with Chinese culture,” and “forcefully rejects” the label “Chinese.”

But the connections Bell makes are apples to oranges. Bell, a white man from Canada, ignores the real, human experiences that Chinese people live through, Tchen noted.

Bell isn’t someone whose family has been brought up in China through generations, communicating through insider references. His ancestors haven’t lived through events like the Opium Wars or the Cultural Revolution that have shaped the population’s outlook. Bell is a white man whose roots and values come from elsewhere. 

There’s another issue at hand with Bell’s comparison. Ideas of belonging and identity are tied to political environment, Tchen says. These concepts are forged out of history and traditions, constructed over time by cultural and political forces. A western view of these ideas will be different from, say, a Chinese one. Bell doesn’t seem to acknowledge that, though.

“Notions of citizenship and belonging come out of particular political cultures. Just because that’s what he believes in, he wants to apply that to China which doesn’t really make any sense,” Tchen said. “It can’t just be willy-nilly applied to any other place.”

Bell continues his argument, listing several traits of his that he believes somehow underscore his “Chineseness.” Though he brings up possible barriers to acceptance like citizenship, commitment to culture, and lack of language skills, he insists those aren’t problems for him. He points out how he’s often “the only person wearing Chinese-style clothing” at conferences. And earlier in the piece he mentions his marriage to a Chinese woman as if those details help assert Chineseness.

In another line, he even puts down native Chinese people and pretentiously writes, “millions of poorly educated Chinese citizens speak hardly any Mandarin, and yet nobody questions their Chineseness.”

However, identity isn’t so simple as checking traits off a list, Tchen said. Bell’s possession of such qualities does not make him more “eligible” to be Chinese.

To be Chinese is not a mere checklist, just like being black or from any other culture isn’t about hitting a set number of achievements.

“If he were to become an expert on Toni Morrison, if he were to then master African-American cuisine, if he had married an African-American woman, would he feel he can claim being African-American or black?” Tchen questioned.

At one point, Bell attempts to point out the flaws in seeing Chineseness as racial and describes the country’s tumultuous relationship with foreigners.

“When China is powerful and secure, foreigners are welcome and considered employable, including at the highest levels of government,” he wrote in the op-ed. “When China is weak, foreigners are often viewed with suspicion and even hatred.”

Tchen told HuffPost that he agrees that ideally, we “need to reject the very notion of ‘race’ and hence racial belonging.” These ideas don’t translate across historical and cultural differences, he says. But again, being part of a culture is dependent on historical context. Identity goes further than today’s politics and culture.

At the end of the day, Bell’s piece begs the question posed by Tchen. “Are there not deeper shared values that are more important to explore than a European Canadian wanting to be accepted as ‘Chinese?’”


22 responses to “Know the rules: A white professor can’t be Chinese because of “privilege”

  1. Here’s an accurate, clinically-diagnosed identity for Daniel Bell: INSANE.

    It’s encouraging that there are still sane academics like Prof. John Tchen.

    By the way, from his looks, Bell should claim another identity: Tranny. Put a wig and earrings on him, and he’s Danielle Bell.

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  2. Maybe the University needs a NEW dean! One that believes in TRUTH starting with himself. I agree with the writer that said this guy doesn’t see through the eyes of a real Chinese person. Just like a wanna be girl, that was born a man, can’t really see through the eyes of a woman! People like this spend so much time whining about wanting to be something that thy are not they wastes their lives by not spending that time doing something good for humanity!

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  3. Chinese people are some of the most racist, xenophobic people I know! I know a foreigner who was born and raised in China, is now over 50, and who lived through the cultural revolution, and whose first language is Mandarin Chinese, and he is not and will never be considered Chinese by the Chinese people, or the Chinese government. He is a foreign devil and will always be. On the other hand, I also know some 2nd and 3rd generation Americans, of Chinese descent, who are 100% Americans, speak no Chinese at all, have no interest in anything Chinese (one of them even hates China) but when they visited the country a couple of years ago, they were considered 100% Chinese because of their Chinese blood. Funny thing is, proud as the Chinese are, and arrogant as only they can be, when they have the money, and buy a car, do you think they want a Chinese car? Yeah, right! They want a Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Audi… If the buy a camera, do you thin they want a Chinese one? Nope, they want a Japanese Nikon, or a Hasselblad. Fashion? They will pay thousands of dollars for a Gucci, for example. And on and on it goes. A fine example if hypocrisy. Bit then again, who on earth in their perfect mind would want to be Chinese, when the Chinese themselves want to get out of China if possible, chose to study in the USA, Australia, Europe, etc. when they can, try to travel to and give birth in the USA s their kids can get American citizenship and a US passport. Who, on their perfect mind would want to live in a communist hellhole, ruled by a president that looks and acts like a criminal, and a system that incarcerates and tries to silence anyone who dares to stand up to and question the communist BS and abuse the Chinese have to put up with. Only someone who is crazy IMHO.

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  4. How about I “identify” as a freaking super hero and kick all of these idiots asses?

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  5. Hey, Ding Dong Bell! Your “modest dream” of having Chinese people think you’re Chinese is beyond stupid. You may be able to gain Chinese citizenship, but you’ll never be Chinese. Have you looked in a mirror lately?

    This piece of tripe from the Wall Street Journal is simply in keeping with the push for a miscege-nation of all white people into the “melting pot” that those who own the money system have been insisting whites are part of for the last 250 years. Take a long walk off a short pier.

    These links may interest FOTM readers:
    Bell was a Davos in 2012:
    This interview (below) is telling since the global agenda is to push people into cities, to remove people from rural areas and to return to feudal city-states. Bell is from Montreal (a Jewish, mercantile city) and he has written a book titled, “The Spirit of Cities: Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age” cowritten by a co-religionist, Avner de-Shalit.
    It’s okay to adhere to a city but not to a nation. The plan at present is to have 10 regions within the U.S. run by 10 governors. THAT’s WHY the American city mayors are going ahead with Paris Accord projects despite what Trump is trying to do. This is Agenda 21, social engineering at its best. This book, “Spirit of Cities” looks at the physical lay-out of 9 cities in particular: Jerusalem, Montreal, Singapore, Bejing, Hong Kong, Oxford, Berlin, Paris and NYC. I’m sure those cities were not picked randomly. Since Bell has written for the WSJ, and is working in China, he is “on board” with pushing the agenda. After all, Kissinger told us, “China is the model” for the 21st century. I suggest trying to sit through the interview (if you can stomach the pretentious bull shyte).
    Jews have been flooding into China since the 1970s when Kissinger “opened” China. They’d always been there of course (read Masonry), but now was to begin the Chinese era. Kissinger should be registered as a foreign agent. Better still, Kissinger should be behind prison bars.

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  6. Why are people so intent in being what they are not? To want to be does not help the cause you want to call attention to. It is better to be who you are and fight for a cause you feel is right and have people with similar ideas connect to make it better. I hope my words make sense.

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  7. These clowns are all part of the effort to destroy our culture. The more insane, the better. Whether they are paid, knowing shills, or idiots, the result is the same. The mass of idiots then “debate” and “compete” with each other to show their “support”.

    Let’s face it. If you can actually convince people that gender doesn’t have anything to do with genitals, you can convince them that they’re all actually purple kangaroos.

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  8. A white man can’t be Chinese but any yellow, brown or black can move here, keeping their old culture, and suddenly they’re “American”.

    A painless death is too kind a punishment for the traitors who try to tell us this?

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  9. Frankly, I find that I have grown extremely weary of all these various idiots flaunting the fact that they are, as Dr Eowyn has stated . . . . certifiably INSANE! Why are we seeing person after person step up to bat . . . only to spout one absurdity after another. My head aches from the craziness of it all. Please keep this crap to yourself, stop beating the rest of us about the head trying to get us to believe that you are a normal person, saying things that normal people say! What I see is someone who needs to be lassoed by a very large butterfly net, sent to the looney bin and forced to do finger painting all day long . . . while the rest of us sane people try to set the world straight.

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    • I think the counter-culture perpetrated by the Left attracts the freaks & geeks like moths to a light, or like flies to… you know. So they come out looking to be accepted and be given special rights & recognitions that society at large has so far refused. They find others with similar loony tendencies and then bond together and demand we acknowledge them as “normal” deviants.

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    • It’s just more “gender nonsense”, only this time its “race”. “We are who we THINK we are” (or something like that). I think I’m a Pygmy, therefore……………………….I am!” It’s the new “cogito ergo sum”.

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  11. ” What I see is someone who needs to be lassoed by a very large butterfly net, sent to the looney bin …”
    The problem IS we don’t HAVE loony bins anymore. TPTB decreed we don’t NEED them-we now have prescription drugs that make the loonies SANE. What could possibly go wrong???

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  12. Right about now, I’d like to CLAIM that I am Rip VanWinkle and pass out under a tree in the woods for about 100 years……maybe, IF and when I awake, all this identity BS will be over and done and the subject of untold historical studies, many -a- psychology PhD thesis, Dr. Phil TV shows, reality series, pop culture movies and a bunch of thrilling novels. Maybe there will even be exhibits at the Smithsonian—-unisex bathrooms with transgender wax figurines behind glass, or some such…..or OTOH…maybe just the plain old “Ladies/Men” bathrooms…….


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  13. Why is nobody even mentioning the one determining factor in the matter — DNA? His won’t show his family is from any Asian or Oriental lineage. That is the only way a person could possibly call themselves truly Chinese. Even with possible variations in phenotype — how genetic information gets translated into an actual person — he doesn’t look Chinese to me.
    Here’s my guess why DNA isn’t brought up: It verifies that there ARE definite races among mankind, as any geneticist will confirm. We are NOT one race, “one unified civilization that should be living in harmony…” with none better than the other, the way the Left (and UN) would prefer we all think. And wishing it were so, or becoming an expert in, and living among those of another race doesn’t make us one of them. It merely makes us fit in better.
    Maybe we should ask WHY this fellow wants to be Chinese? Or thought of a Chinese? I’d guess it has to do with his political, socio-economic ideology.

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    • No no, in this meme, if you THINK you are, yoA

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      • Ah… so “cogito, ergo sum”. Or, “If you can see it, you can be it” — according to new-age speak. I think you’re exactly right. And if we don’t agree to see them for what they believe themselves to be, they’ll sue… Or blast us on social media, or get the gov’t to attack us (at least before Trump got in).


  14. Too bad that common sense isn’t a criteria of getting a PhD. The Professor is talking nonsense. He does not have a claim to be called Chinese not because of race but his culture, language and values and non Chinese. Just because he suddenly found Chinese culture because he was pussy whipped by a Chinese woman doesn’t cut it….
    Historical people used to be identified because of the language and culture during the last 400 years emphasis was placed on race when the European expansion emerged……


  15. This is how stupid this has become. We are supposed to accept that people can “choose” their gender. Nobody said that you have to LIKE your gender. But, whatever one it is, it’s yours. Whether you choose to deal with it or not, it isn’t anybody’s responsibility by yours.

    The concept of “race” has changed from groups of people with similar cultures, languages and interests, to genetics. However responsible this is for formulating who we are, we are grouped and belong to that grouping whether we like it or not.

    This clown can no more be Chinese than he can be a kangaroo. He is notable only because he is an idiot. We are surrounded by hordes of butt-hurt, whiny little brats who demand to get whatever they think they want. If we still had mental institutions he’d be a likely candidate.

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