British government wants to outlaw knives

Britain already has gun control.

Now, the government wants knife control as well.

Tom Newton Dunn reports for The Sun that on July 17, 2017, UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd proposed a complete ban on “street weapons” that “glamorize violence,” making possession of them illegal everywhere, whether in public or at home, and putting them on the same legal footing as unlicensed firearms.

The street weapons to be banned include:

  • zombie knives
  • butterfly knives
  • knuckledusters
  • sword sticks
  • blowpipes
  • a range of martial arts weapons such as deathstars and handclaws

Only people having the weapons for bonafied ceremonial or religious reasons — whatever that means — will be exempt from the ban.

Amber Rudd, 53, a member of UK’s Conservative Party, also wants to:

  • Make it compulsory to buy all knives in person rather than via mail or online order, so as to keep them out of children’s hands.
  • Make it an offense to deliver knives to private property.

In a statement for The Sun, Rudd writes:

“Violence such as knife crime has a devastating effect on families, communities and society.

Yet we are seeing knife attacks and the harm and suffering they cause all too often.

Things need to change and today I am setting out further action to help make sure they do.

Those who carry out such horrific attacks must know they face the full weight of the law.

Since I joined the Home Office I have banned zombie knives. I have also worked with major retailers to stop un­derage knife sales.

And last October police forces took part in a week of action to tackle knife crime under Operation Sceptre. This week hundreds of officers will be involved in the operation’s latest wave.

I am launching proposals to make it illegal for knives sold online to be delivered to a private address. Retailers would deliver to a shop or lo­cation where the customer’s age can be checked.

We are also looking to make it illegal to possess a dangerous weapon in the home. Together we can stop a crime that has become a scourge on society and break the vicious cycle of violence.”

The proposals come after police had called for more powers to tackle spiralling incidences on knife crime, despite earlier crackdowns such as longer jail terms. More than 32,000 knife offenses took place last year in Britain – a 14% increase from 2015.

Will Secretary Rudd propose a ban on pencils if criminals commit violence with pencils?

H/t GiGi


33 responses to “British government wants to outlaw knives

  1. Again, blaming an implement instead of the cause.

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  2. When will they outlaw hammers, screw drivers, baseball bats, large sticks, scissors and various pointy things?

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  3. How about outlawing tall buildings and bridges lest some muslim throw homosexuals off to their death?

    Or ban healthcare and put an end to medical errors?

    How about cars? How many needlessly die in crashes? From their Pollution?

    Need to get rid of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms. And the Bureau too.

    And then there’s slippery slopes. Shouldn’t we do something about slippery slopes?

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  4. Love all the comments so far. Especially the ones from YouKnowWho. You gave me my laugh for the day. If it was not so serious it would be so very very funny.

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    I think meat in Britain should be only sold in bite-size pieces so there is no need for a knife in the home. In fact certain vegetables should also be cutting pieces before sale. I am also concerned about scissors but that discussion will have to wait until some idiot in Parliament chooses to address that issue

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  6. I think we need to outlaw the Judaic World Imperium (a.k.a. Judea, Inc.) and “Amber” Rudd, who is one of its many sayanim focused upon the rebuilding of the temple and the ‘Greater Israel” project. Read Josephus.
    It’s all connected.

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  7. Pick up a rock, go to gaol. I think the government should just zip everyone into a plastic bubble and lock them away. It will make it easier to control everything you think and say.

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  8. they want to ban street weapons to decrease crime but allow provisions for those to carry weapons for “religious reasons”…funny how most of those who carry are probably muslim and those who commit the crimes…muslim.
    I imagine women probably carry pocket knives to protect themselves, since they aren’t allowed to own guns and the police don’t protect them.
    but they want to ban brits from protecting themselves in any way…
    these people are insane…
    I wonder how amber rudd defines herself as “conservative”?

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  9. In keeping with their “tradition,” the British are never short on their trademark intellectual faggotry: Rather than conform to reality, they demand that reality conform to their imperial whims, Don’t you know? Hey, Queenie—how’s that law against GRAVITY working out?
    Instead, they have legislated against GRAVITAS—which this crazy lady is against, also.
    I resent England, or, more specifically, the Government of England. E. Michael Jones has maintained (in a different context) that usury and sodomy are the defining characteristic sins of Western Civilization today. And he maintains that a sociological relationship exists between the two.
    Lyndon Larouche maintains that the British Empire model, which grew out of the pre-Renaissance Venitian model, still rules the world, and he’s correct. But what is going on here is that the British Government (and its Crown) is celebrating its essential weakness, pretending it is strength. It is a grotesque form of narcissism, and it’s been long-institutionalized now.
    It is spiritually decadent, emotionally corrupt, self-celebrating, affected, trite and pedantic, and, as a red-blooded American, I don’t appreciate it. I don’t appreciate the condescension, and I am not intimidated by it in the least.
    And I sure as hell CANNOT TOLERATE the classic “mid-Atlantic” British accent, either.

    The problem is, there is an Anglophilic cabal at work in America, and included within its ranks is the Committee of 300 (of which former NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is a member). And we must forever be on our guard, because what happens in England never stays in England: It has a nasty habit of travelling over here in about a ten-year timeline.
    If Amber Crudd hates zombie knives (and I detest them, also), no one but a Muslim will be holding one against her neck, forcing her conversion or genital mutilation. It’s not that a particular knife ban that gets me—after all, brass knuckles are illegal in New York State. (Possessing handcuffs is also illegal, except for officers of the peace, private investigators and security personnel). It’s her oh-so-imperious attitude that grates on my nerves.
    Hey, Crudd—go to Hell!!!

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    • Steven, you have a nose for history…when did the English become the “British”. I think these problems all go back to that time.

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      • You know, St. Longinus, it’s funny. I am a failed English teacher. Maybe in the next life I can be a failed History teacher! I think I missed my calling!
        Seriously: Getting a computer and tuning in to what’s available has been one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. Both English literature and history are stories, and all the world loves a good story. I’m not a great raconteur yet—I’m still studying. And the more I learn, the more I know I need to learn! Thanks again.


      • As for “when did the English become British,” I don’t know, precisely. There’s a lot I don’t know. But I would say the Reign of Elizabeth I, Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell seem to be iconic turning points—for the worse, regrettably.

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      • England became Great Britain when it melded with Wales and Scotland.
        When Great Britain colonized Northern Ireland, it became the United Kingdom.

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        • My hair hurts!

          Seriously: What the hell is wrong with their government? They’re weirdos!
          They’re not great, and they’re united under compulsion!!!

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          • They, like us, do not have a government. Theirs belongs to someone else, just like “ours”. I spent quite a bit of time in England (before the brown invasion), and the man on the street would not have willingly put up with this.

            So, just like we get outraged and feeling helpless, the same happens to them. They can no more do anything about it than we can. We are by no means superior.

            One difference here is that people thump their chests and pretend to be capable of changing it. They aren’t. There are just the people who know that and the ones that don’t.


  10. She should be sure to add base ball bats, plumping pipes, claw hammers, screw drivers, any kind of saw and a few other tools to that list. As ALL of these can be used to maim or kill someone!Why can’t these namby-pamby politicians just toughen punishments on criminals instead of handi-capping ALL the citizens on the country??????????????????

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  11. Kevin J Lankford

    Just another ignorant political fool pushing the long ago proven fallacy that crime can be eliminated by making sure the victims are helpless.

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  13. Any owner of a cutting instrument sharper or larger than a butter knife must be registered for the privilege of ownership of such an assault weapon. Registration requires two weeks of training in the use and safe storage of such instruments. Every owner of such weapon must be photographed with each weapon. No such weapons are allowed, concealed or open, beyond the owner’s kitchen or dining room. (Muslims declaring the supremacy of themselves or their faith are exempt from this order.) Long live the Queen! Everyone else, not so much.

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  14. So, it’ll be illegal in Britain for anyone except muslims to own beheading knives… gee, that’s really encouraging.

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  15. Well, that will certainly work. Disarming those that need the protection and giving full stream ahead to those that will never give up their knives. Brilliant, simply brilliant. Perhaps she should spend more time getting to the root of the danger and stop it.
    I think our ancestors had the right idea when they left.

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  16. OMG–did they FORGET outlawing strings/ropes/pantyhose/t-shirts/pillows, ad nauseum…all those things routinely used to STRANGLE victims to death???? Please Please….while at it…outlaw any water deeper than an INCH in any circumstance—the home, in commercial concerns, civic and governmental concerns…public access waters….and so on and so on…because people can be killed using water deeper than this….what about rat poison, prescription meds, anti-freeze, rocks in the back yard, razors, box-cutters (worked really well for the 9-11 hi-jackers), …..whew…..I’m really getting tired now thinking about all this. Please, Please….get busy and write up all these NEW laws and regulations so we can all “live easier.” (Sarc).

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  17. LOL, I get the point.


  18. Those in power will always use all means at their disposal to keep themselves in power, whether the government is supposedly democratic or not. Gun controls are certainly the oldest means of imposing control on the masses (can’t have those unruly heathens throwing us out!) and in the UK we can see that now being extended to knife control. I’m sure rock control is not far behind, all the while the politicians will be bleating that they are doing it for the purpose of saving the masses, when in reality it is themselves they are attempting to save. You’d think that those in the UK would be more familiar with the novel 1984 and what it means – evidently not.

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  19. The first rule of totalitarian governments is always to ban guns except in the hands of government forces (see Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc). Of course the excuse (if any) is to protect the public from nefarious criminal elements, when in fact it is the criminal element in the form of the government that is being enabled. The mental block that people have regarding the inanity of these actions never ceases to amaze me (as if criminals will now say – “oh look, guns are now banned! must rush over to the police and turn myself in. dang! they’ve banned murder and robbery as well!? there goes my livelihood!”)


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