Teenage cheerleader accused of killing newborn baby and burying it in garden

brooke skylar richardson

Brooke Skylar Richardson: Good girl who “helped” children

From her attorney: “She’s by all means a very good person.”

From Yahoo: An 18-year-old Ohio cheerleader was charged after the remains of her newborn baby were discovered buried in her backyard, according to reports.

Brooke Skylar Richardson was charged with reckless homicide on Friday after evidence showed the child “was not a stillborn baby,” according to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said.

The baby’s remains were found earlier this month and they appeared to be buried more than two months before their discovery, according Lieutenant John Faine of the Warren’s County Sheriff’s Office.

The baby’s remains were reportedly discovered because of a tip from a doctor’s office.

“Law enforcement is continuing to treat this as an ongoing investigation,” Fornshell told Dayton Daily News.

The prosecutor’s office is still waiting on the coroner to determine the baby’s official cause of death, NYDailyNews reported.

Richardson pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday. 

Her attorney, Charles Rittgers, told reporters on Friday that Richardson is a “good student” who graduated high school a few months ago.

“She didn’t drink. She wasn’t a partier or smoker,” Rittgers said. “By all measures, a very good girl who helped children… She’s by all means a very good person.”

Richardson was bonded out of the Warren County Jail. Her preliminary hearing date was set for Aug. 1.


24 responses to “Teenage cheerleader accused of killing newborn baby and burying it in garden

  1. Brooke Richardson is merely one of increasing numbers of American youth who favor “post-birth abortion,” i.e., infanticide:

    And they have “renowned” Princeton ethicist Peter Singer on their side! /Sarc

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  2. Oh dear God!, that poor infant was murdered.

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    Well, she didn’t smoke and smoking is the worst thing anyone can do

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  5. “She is a good person”……blah blah blah -SHE IS A MURDERER, and her attorney has the synicism to speak about her “helping children?” she didn’t help her own flesh! Had it not been reported life would have continued as if nothing had happen. Her attorney will make so many excuses so she doesn’t go to jail for long and with good behavior out on no time, and life will go on as usual, getting married raise a “family” and the matter forgotten. MURDER IS PUNISHABLE, and worse when a defenseless child could have been given up for adoption.

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  6. I am sure that we all feel better knowing that “she never smoked, never partied” said her attorney. . . . . . NO, she was just your garden variety murderer! I am dumbfounded when an attorney is so stupid that he would those things. Just think about how you feel when you hold a recently born kitten, or puppy. Do you not feel the most profound desire to protect those creatures . . . yet, this monster dug a hole, and buried a real living human baby! I find that I cannot quite get my mind around being able to perform that act! Oh! I suppose this murderer will get the same kind of judge that goofy Mooslime girl did, and she will be thought to have suffered enough already and jut get probation. When you murder the most defenseless among us . . . it is still murder! I think someone should rip out her womb, then send her to the Big House permanently!

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  7. “She is by all means a very good person.” That’s highly debatable. If she became pregnant then admit to making a mistake. Atone for it by accepting what she had done and raising the child. Hiding it’s corpse shows a double mindedness and can that be called good? We’ve lowered the standards and the definition of good until we wink at actions once considered horrific. We accept wanton murders and let them rage in our cities because we no longer call evil what it is: evil. The whole collapse begins with incidents such as this. Excusing it as a poor frightened, confused girl. Excuse upon excuse until the entire society is warped and we wonder why.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Her lawyer stated,, “she is a good girl.” If this is a good honest girl – now show me the bad ones. So many people would have loved to have that innocent baby to raise. This was a selfish act and why she thought she could get away with this is amazing. Now she is marked for life as a baby killer on her resume for the rest of her life. Where were her parents all this time?


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  9. Is there a single person, male or female, named Skylar who is not a criminal deviant?


  10. Does anyone know what color the baby was? I’m curious to know if the mother was a race mixer.


  11. I’m guessing she was “raised” by transplanted California Progressives-she’s shown that kind of Liberal madness.


  12. This is one of the most horrible things that can hit the news. As a teacher, I heard and knew that many students were sexually abused and/or raped by relatives; Incest was rampant. Then there were teenaged girls who got pregnant on purpose because they wanted a baby.
    This has happened and reported in the news before. As it is against the Catholic Faith to sterilize these young women, a lengthy jail sentence should follow. But although that may prevent another pregnancy and infanticide, can it be said that jail does anyone any good? This young woman has earned our ire, to be certain; She is going to have to live with this for the rest of her life, as some of my former students will have to live with what was done to them for the rest of their lives. (Although I never had a student who killed one of her infants).
    Had we been living in a society without sex education, had we been living in a society without abortion, a society with respect for marriage, life and family, maybe this would not have happened. I very much fear that more abominations are coming.

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  13. By all means she is a very good person, NO she is not a very good person. she killed her little innocent baby for a self serving reason and then lies about it by pleading not guilty. She will have a crappy life if she can’t even accept responsibility for her actions.

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  14. What sort of “moral compass” does one need to do this? What does “smoking” have to do with murder? I read these things and wonder, does anyone else find these as strange as I do?

    I’ve known my share of strange people. I can honestly say that I don’t know one who buried a live infant (or a dead one for that matter) in the back yard. Monkeys don’t even do that.

    But, if you’re a cheerleader and don’t smoke, well, hey. You get a pass on infanticide.

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  15. The selfish, murdering twit didn’t want anything to get in the way of her college plans.

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  16. CONVENIENCE.. CHOICE. Stoooopid girl: If she had done this clinically at 8 or 9 months’ gestation w/the services of a Planned Parenthood facililty, or under the auspices of (then) Senator Obama’s vote for late term abortion….she’d be free and clear of ANY and ALL prosecution.

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  17. I wonder what was on her mind for her to do what she did…


    • Maybe she didn’t have anyone to speak to. Maybe there were some things she didn’t want to say or could not say to her family members or friends.

      Most likely the poor girl had an altered state of reality. Her “real magic” probably started when her subconscious was provoked through suggestion or imprinted to wipe it out and replace it with something else.

      Try hypnotizing her for the truth.

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      • So much for school counselors; yeah she would have split her guts if someone where to put her in an altered state but her maturity to seek that type of help or help in general is not on that level……


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