Alyssa Milano is fighting to hold Trump accountable for Russia “Collusion”

alyssa milano

Alyssa Milano (r) campaigning for loser Jon Ossoff

Well, it’s not like she is an in-demand actress. Might as well have a graduate of the “independent co-educational institution” (Buckley High School) educate y’all on the concept of “collusion.”

From Daily Beast: If you happened to be strolling the streets of northern Atlanta on March 28, you could have scored a ride from Alyssa Milano.

The star of Who’s the Boss? and Charmed took a break from filming a new CW pilot to drive people to the polls in support of Jon Ossoff, a fresh-faced Democrat hoping to flip Georgia’s 6th congressional district (He LOST). Milano was arguably the most vocal celebrity supporter of the 30-year-old political neophyte, donating her time, money, and 3.1 million strong Twitter account to the cause.

When Ossoff not-so-narrowly lost the special election to Republican Karen Handel, the actress fired off an innocuous tweet—one that, two days later, drew a creepy reply from Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), winking face emoji and all.

“My initial reaction was that I had to check the account four times to make sure it wasn’t a parody account. I was like, ‘This is really coming from Ted Cruz?!’” recalls Milano. “I think what he was doing was actually giving me a dig, right? I think it was a dig…but it didn’t surprise anyone coming from Ted Cruz.”

The Bensonhurst native swiftly put the Campbell’s Chunky Soup-loving lawmaker in his place.

Yes, when it comes to ‘80s TV icons the right may have Chachi but the left has Milano, who’s been gracing our television screens since she was 11 (her new series, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, premieres on Netflix August 4). And in the wake of her Ossoff campaigning, she’s decided to launch a website—along with actor Misha Collins—that “allows you to contact your representative, via phone, email or video, and demand they take action now” and “hold the Trump administration accountable for collusion with Russia.” Its slogan—or hashtag—is #patriotnotpartisan.

“It’s very easy to sit behind our computers and bitch about the administration, but in everything I do I want to empower people to make a difference and know in themselves that they can make a difference,” Milano tells me.

“And this concept of ‘collusion’ and Russia is a very obscure concept for people to really grasp, so I hope this campaign puts into words what’s really going on in a simple way so that other people can grasp the concepts,” she continues. “In particular, this idea of ‘patriot not partisan’ is very near and dear to my heart because I feel like the far-right has hijacked the word ‘patriot,’ and it upsets me. I’m not any less of a patriot because my ideas are different.”

Milano, who is 44, created the website in response to all of the curious connections between the Trump camp and Russia—ones that are currently being investigated by the Department of Justice under special counsel Robert Mueller.

Read the rest of the story here and become educated!

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16 responses to “Alyssa Milano is fighting to hold Trump accountable for Russia “Collusion”

  1. She’s off her rocker! How about holding Hillary Clinton accountable for all her traitorous offenses, like her collusion with Russia. She and the like have absolutely no discernment, discrimination, morals or integrity or they would be demanding this of the Clintons and the entire Democratic/communist, Godless party. During last election, they took God out of their platform – what does that tell you Alyssa? You’re probably Godless like the rest of Hollywood. Not many will be listening to you.

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  2. You can’t fix stupid.

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  4. Well, the people of Georgia have spoken, and it seems to me they have laughed their collective Oss off!
    Mrs. Milano, you have every constitutional right to vent your spleen—just not on ME. You had a baby recently, right? Biology is destiny, right? Why don’t you tend to a new mother’s business and RESIST THE TEMPTATION to believe the Devil’s lie that you are irrelevant.
    Because as a new mother, you most certainly are relevant.
    And with this little episode, you more than prove yourself to be DOWNRIGHT SILLY. STOP IT. GROW UP!

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  5. Alyssa was somebody when she was 11, it’s been all downhill since then.

    I want all of you to think back several days ago when FOTM presented the article regarding the crazy Dembo ladies that decided to go sleeveless in defiance of Congressional dress code . . . now that you have that picture in mind, just look at the picture of this goodball–Jon Ossoff. Combining him with the gaggle of goofy ladies seems to be a perfect fit. But, for the Grace of God, we were spared having to have him and his “five o’clock” shadow grace the Halls of Congress! He looks more like some guy you would see wearing a trench coat, lurking around public bathroom’s in a park somewhere. He certainly does not seem like he was cut out to be serving in Washington, DC. Thank Heavens, the voters were able to see that very thing for themselves! Praise Our God for His Tender Mercies! Not having to suffer with him as a member of Congress certainly does qualify as a “Tender Mercy.”

    God Bless the U S A! God Bless President Trump!

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    • Auntie, again fine minds think alike. The first thing I thought when I saw him was good God dude, get a shave and a haircut. How can you take anyone serious when they look like they just stepped out of the Scooby Doo hippie van.
      I read where Milano says she has 100% proof of collusion, well goodness sake girl send it to the authorities, cause they can’t find it.

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      • Now,is that DEMOCRAT PROOF,or REAL PROOF? I suspect it’s DEMOCRAT PROOF. The kind that’s full of Liberal hopes-n-dreams,Unicorns,rainbow-clouds,etc. etc. etc.

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  6. ManCavePatriot

    Ms. Milano should definitely plan on visiting DC to testify for Mueller’s ‘Russian Conoodling’ investigation. Her thought-provoking comments are exactly what Congress needs to hear, now that McCain’s brain is unavailable.

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  7. Why is it all these old has beens always have to say the stupidest things? Oh that’s right, its the kind of thing that the ruling elites in Hollyweird believe. So its just a crass attempt to get a job when no one cares about them any more, or has noticd them for decades.

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  8. Yet more…

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  9. It’s really hard to imagine someone that dumb. She’s the sort you send out on a snipe hunt or to get you a bottle of prop wash. “Collusion” is it? I thought Hillary was worried about Macedonians. I hate it when they hide in my underwear drawer.

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  10. “And in the wake of her Ossoff campaigning, she’s decided to launch a website—along with actor Misha Collins—that “allows you to contact your representative, via phone, email or video, and demand they take action now” and “hold the Trump administration accountable for collusion with Russia.” Its slogan—or hashtag—is #patriotnotpartisan.

    YEAH, SURE. Milano and the other twit “decided” to launch a website. GIVE ME A FREAKIN’ break. The ONLY reason Milano has an upcoming show “new” show (more tripe from Holy Wood) is because she agreed to lend her name (such as it is) to this pecker head Ossoff and to this website.

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  11. Alyssa Milano Has “RUSSIA FEVER” Meltdown on Twitter then PAYS THE PRICE!

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