Food Network’s latest show features a lesbian who thinks Trump voters are racist and supports baby butchers Planned Parenthood

hannah hart and obama

Hannah Hart (far right) with Obama

I watch the Food Network. I enjoy Guy Fieri and Trisha Yearwood’s shows and, of course, Ree Drummond (a fellow Okie!).

They sometimes push the gay agenda by featuring a lot of homosexuals in their shows. It’s not blatant except on a couple shows such as Worst Cooks in America. Whatever, I just change the channel if it bothers me too much.

Now, the Food Network is certainly bound to alienate more Trump voters with their recently announced new show, I Hart Food, which premieres August 14.

The show features Hannah Hart, who supports Planned Parenthood. From her Wikipedia page:

“Hannah Maud Hart (born November 2, 1986), is an American internet personality, comedian, author and actress. She is best known for starring in My Drunk Kitchen, a weekly series on YouTube in which she cooks something while intoxicated. Apart from her main channel, she also runs a second channel where she talks about life in general and gives her opinions on various topics.

She attended college at UC Berkeley and graduated in May 2009 with two degrees; one in English literature and one in Japanese language. Upon her graduation, Hart moved to Brooklyn, New York, to pursue a writing career. She ended up proofreading Japanese and English for a Manhattan based translating firm instead of her initial dream of writing screenplays. Within two months of launching her YouTube channel, she had become a YouTube partner and ended up quitting her 9–5 job in order to focus on My Drunk Kitchen. Hart is openly lesbian and dated fellow Youtuber Ingrid Nilsen from September 2015 to January 2016.”

About her new show, from the Food Network blog:

“Hannah’s young, fresh voice and unique sense of humor make her food adventures a perfect fit for our viewers,” said Kathleen Finch, Chief Programming, Content and Brand Officer, Scripps Network Interactive. “Her enthusiasm is sure to inspire others to hit the road for their own culinary journeys.”

Hannah Hart is best known as the creator and star of the award-winning, weekly web series My Drunk Kitchen, which has amassed millions of views since its first episode premiered in 2011.  In 2012, Hannah launched her first scripted format Hello, Harto, a project that helped distribute food to local communities across America. These efforts in turn created Hannah’s philanthropic community Have a Hart Day, an international, year-round initiative which encourages young leaders to volunteer their time in their own communities. Hannah was recognized by The White House for her ability to mobilize youth through this initiative and she was invited to lead a discussion about millennial engagement with President Obama. She was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30, an annual list which highlights talented individuals under 30 years old across a variety of fields in 2015.  Hannah is also a New York Times best-selling author of two books: “My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking and Going with Your Gut” and “Buffered: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded.”

Here’s what Hannah thinks of Trump and those of us who voted for him (from her Twitter timeline):

Let Food Network know what you think about their decision to hire this “unique sense of humor” who calls Trump voters racists. Go here.

Another Food Network show I won’t be watching.


16 responses to “Food Network’s latest show features a lesbian who thinks Trump voters are racist and supports baby butchers Planned Parenthood

  1. The obvious question to ask is:

    What does being a lesbian, what does President Trump, what do politics have to do with food and cooking?

    The Left are truly insane. They are so overcome with hatred for Trump that it seeps into everything they do, like an acid that corrodes their entire being — body and soul.

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    • So true, again, is there no limit to their lack of self dignity about airing their sexual life? No one cares, keep it private.

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      • Glenn47 . . . Amen and amen! I have no doubt that if heterosexuals started going on and on and on about their private sex lives . . . we would all be grossly nauseated! We just don’t want to hear about it, it’s your private business. So keep it private!

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    • this is how they brainwash the masses by flooding them with everything satanic.
      the masses can’t buy something unless they “support” deviancy (cell phones, computers, coffee, etc)….they’ve made people believe these items are “necessary” but in order to have them comes acceptance (blatant or implied) to pro-deviancy choices of “living”; they can’t watch or read something unless what they watch or read has some form of “support” for deviancy; they can’t wear something unless what they wear “supports” deviancy; they can’t receive an education without schools affirming pro-deviancy; having youtube channels is another form because the masses put out their thoughts in video and if their thoughts don’t “support” deviancy, then at some point in time, their channels are closed. I have even seen pro-deviancy bumper stickers on cars and a young man driving a “smart” car (they look more like overpriced golf carts) with an obvious oversized, flesh-colored phallic symbol hanging from his rear-view mirror…
      even the POTUS we elect must be pro-deviancy (that wasn’t the case 2 POTUS’s ago)…
      and we have now come to the point where those who openly don’t “support” deviancy are attacked physically, verbally, and with loss of income (essentially retaliation)….this is brainwashing…the masses are held captive by the govt/society/media and corporate america AND their supporters’ satanic PC policies…
      this is y2k stockholm syndrome…”diversity” style.
      “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”
      – Colossians 2:8

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    • Absolutely true. No exaggeration. They think everybody is, or should be, as insane as they are.

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  2. Who cares what a drunk thinks about anything?!

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  3. Hi,
    Contacting any network won’t be necessary as I cancelled my Directv account. Why, give my $$$ to support this behavior.

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  4. There’s a Food Channel? Who knew? What time is the Bacon Show?

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  5. Did you hear about the lesbian restaurant? All the food tastes like chicken!
    These people are nuts!

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  6. I’ve never watched a “Food” program-no engines or wheels-doesn’t interest me. I eat just fine without their input.

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  8. Never heard of this person or the show. When will these people learn to just keep their mouths shut?

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