Actor Chris Hemsworth is an environmental warrior hypocrite

chris hemsworth

Chris (center) and his buddies flying a private jet…

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who is probably best known for his role in Thor. He also claims to be an environmental warrior, especially for the oceans. From One Green Planet:

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth recently posted a photo on Instagram while collecting plastic waste from a beach. The image was also captioned with an important message about the problem. Hemsworth is now the Ambassador of the #100Islandsprotected project by Corona X Parlay and is “thrilled to be a part of this program.”

The actor stressed that he’s spent a great part of his life around the ocean. In the presence of this enormous natural body, he always felt calm, happy, and present. This proximity to the ocean and the big part it has played in Hemsworth’s life made him realize all the more our need to protect it. “My experience in the Maldives made it obvious how our short-term use of plastic has a long-term damaging effect on our oceans,” he wrote.

As the Ambassador of the project, he will focus on educating people about the negative effects plastic waste has on the oceans.

This is not, however, the first time the actor spoke up about the environmental issues. Earlier this year, he posted a picture with a member of the Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii who runs large-scale beach clean-ups. Before that, Hemsworth posted about vaquitas, a marine species that is now severely endangered due to illegal fishing and on the verge of total extinction. He also spoke against whaling back in 2015.

Guess what the ambassador of the oceans did on Saturday to get to the Comic Con festival in San Diego? He flew via private jet to the event. The picture above is from his Instagram account.

From the web site of the private jet company Chris was on, Zetta Jet:

We at Zetta Jet are dedicated to putting the luxury back into private travel, to personalizing private flight again.

I know that plastic in the oceans is a big problem and commend him for supporting that issue.

Chris wants us to believe he understands the solution to protect the world’s oceans yet he flies a private gas-guzzling and –emitter jet which contributes to climate change (and he frequently flies via this mode). If you’re going to talk the talk, walk the walk (or fly commercial).

Course I’m sure Leo is proud of him.


15 responses to “Actor Chris Hemsworth is an environmental warrior hypocrite

  1. I suppose he feels that for what he lacks in one place he tries to make up for it in another.
    Too bad he probably used the ‘New’ Math

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  2. Well Said on both – the cleanup & the polutions sides of the Issue.. Falling one-notch short of “Perfection” will always happen. I too have Sinned and fallen Short of Perfection in both the “Word” and the “Deed.”

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  3. Climate change is NOT man-made! End of conversation. Let’s stop this insanity and hold back the globalist green useful idiots’ agenda.

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  4. BTW = Could I have a more pleasant looking emoticon.?? I go thru life with a Big Smile 99.4% of the time, – and I try to help Others 62.8% of the Time.. Or is it that old addage of: “It takes only one “dumb-sheit” to wipe out 100 atta-boys..!!”-?? = concerned Plaintiff..

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  5. These elite hipocrites believe what is good enough for thee is not good enough for me.

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  6. I remember when the term “green” referred to someone that wasn’t exactly smart. Hey, I guess it still does! 😊

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  7. I don’t know who this person is. I don’t care who this person is…other than, for some reason…..he has more “say” (evidently) in life at this point than I DO…..and so….if he says the moon is made of cheese….then, that’s what “goes” these days….instead of my knowledge of the moon’s make-up…….b/c I am just a middle class PEON worker paying taxes in MEXIFONRIA for HIS political opinion, which–influences/supports the leftist Mexifornia legistlature here in Claifornia on all things …….

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  8. Rules for thee, but not me.
    His brother is an off and on victim of Miley Cyrus, explains the family mental capacity.

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