GMA spins a story on an illegal alien: “Ohio father of 4 bids farewell before deportation to Mexico”

illegalThe father is more than welcome to take his family with him to his native home.

The father had notice six years ago that because he is an illegal alien, he’d be getting the boot.

The father had been in the US for 16 years – plenty of time to acquire US citizenship.

Yet the media does their best everyday to prove why most see them as an arm of the demorats.

From Yahoo (originally on Good Morning America): An Ohio father of four had an emotional farewell with his family this morning before returning to Mexico.

Jesus Lara Lopez, who worked at a packaging facility in Willard, Ohio, was seen off by family and about a dozen supporters at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport this morning, according to The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Photographs taken at the airport before his flight show him embracing his children in a series of tearful goodbyes.

When Lopez checked in with immigration officials in March, he was told he was being deported under “an illegal immigration crackdown,” his lawyer David Leopold told the press this morning.

Lopez has been in the country for 16 years, and his children were born in the U.S., the Plain Dealer reported.

A federal immigration judge first ordered Lopez removed in 2011, Khaalid Walls, the Northeast communications director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told ABC News. In 2014 the agency granted Lopez a stay of removal, Walls said, adding that “in a further exercise of discretion, the agency has allowed him to remain free from custody to finalize his departure plans.”

“The agency will continue to closely monitor his case to ensure compliance,” Walls said.

He said that ICE could not confirm for ABC News whether Lopez complied with its request until after he is “successfully repatriated,” for operational and security reasons, but would try to provide an update on his status later today.

ABC affiliate WEWS-TV in Cleveland reported that Lopez had never been charged with a crime during his 16 years in the U.S., has paid taxes and did not receive food stamps. Walls noted in response that the lack of a criminal record does not necessarily exempt an unauthorized immigrant illegal alien from deportation.

“As Secretary [John] Kelly and Acting Director [Thomas D.] Homan have stated repeatedly, ICE prioritizes the arrest and removal of national security and public safety threats; however, no class or category of alien in the United States is exempt from arrest or removal,” Walls told ABC News.

Leopold told WEWS-TV that his client had a valid work permit. The New York Times reported in June that Lopez worked “the graveyard shift packing Milano cookies and Goldfish crackers” at Pepperidge Farm.

ABC News reached out to Pepperidge Farm for a comment about Lopez’s work permit, and the company said he was hired by a third-party company, Spherion, which manages packaging workers at the facility. Spherion confirmed for ABC News that Lopez had a valid work permit and it hired him in October 2016.

“These are the darkest times I’ve ever seen as an attorney. When the best and the brightest that we have to offer are taken from their homes and sent away,” Leopold told reporters. “The law is so broken.”

America’s Voice, an immigration rights advocacy group, posted a statement on its website criticizing the deportation of Lopez from John Sandweg, a former acting director of ICE and a former acting general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security.

“Cases like this are an incredible waste of ICE resources that only make it harder for the agency to identify and remove dangerous criminals,” he wrote. He added that he believes enforcement resources should be focused on finding criminals and public safety threats instead.

Sandweg has been a vocal critic of President Trump‘s broad promise of reducing illegal immigration to the U.S. a central part of his 2016 campaign.

The U.S. was already focused on enforcing immigration rules during the presidency of Barack Obama, who oversaw the removal of more than 2.5 million people through immigration orders, earning him the nickname deporter in chief.

“The [Trump] administration’s focus on the low-hanging fruit of the enforcement system only allows the bad guys to remain at large, weakening our public safety,” Sandweg added.


41 responses to “GMA spins a story on an illegal alien: “Ohio father of 4 bids farewell before deportation to Mexico”

  1. Of course he was deported,,, he worked for a living instead of mooching off the rest of us,, he took care of his family and loved his children,, the US government does not want this type of people here in America, illegal or natural citizen. Sad!


    • If he loved his American born children, why didn’t he spend any of his 16 years in the US trying to obtain legal citizenship? Taking care of your family includes planning for your future, before kids are born, if possible.

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      • Yeah, Lindsey the Swisher was out the other day whining about the same thing. He acts like there isn’t a normal path to citizenship. You can’t tell the RINO’s from the Communists.

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      • DCG . . . Bravo! I saw a news clip regarding this very family. Guess what? The oldest of his son’s had to interpret his speaking “Spanish” into “English!” What in the hell has he been doing for 16 years that he cannot even speak English, which is the language of this country. In and of itself, that one fact tells me he really doesn’t want to be an American, but he does want to be able to work here, raise his children here, have the benefits of being an American . . . but he is too lazy to invest the time in learning English. I do not feel any sorrow for him getting the boot. First, he should have been very busy in learning English, and he should have spent monies on an attorney getting himself in a position that he could present himself before the courts as someone who has a real vested interest in becoming a naturalized citizen. Give his place in line to someone who is willing to learn English and actually become an American. He is better suited to going back to Mexico, so he can speak their language. If his children wants to follow him, that’s just fine.

        When my Grandfather immigrated (from Norway) to the United States in 1903, he later told my Father, that within 30 days, a person should be able to learn enough English to get by on. When looking for a job, Granddad would ride the street car to the end of the line, get off, and start walking back along the route, stopping at any business in tern asking if they would have work for him.

        This business that foreigner’s think we should accommodate them by speaking their language, rather than that they should learn English if ridiculous, and it will prove to create failure. In a recent article regarding newly sworn in naturalized citizen’s, an overwhelming majority of these people COULD NOT SPEAK ENGLISH! Speaking the language of this country should be mandatory for anyone seeking citizenship. If you really want to be a citizen of this country . . . . . then learn our language. Don’t go on welfare, take care of you and yours, and don’t indulge yourself in brushes with the law!

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        • This whole argument reminds me of something someone said during the O.J. Simpson trial. “But, he never did that before”. So here we have, “what I did was illegal, but I’m a nice guy….”.

          DCG has it right. What was he doing for eighteen years? Why am I supposed to want to give him a pass. I worked hard all my life.

          If I wanted to move to Germany it would be my responsibility to find out what I needed to do in order to legally do that. Once there, it would be incumbent on me to learn the language and culture. What’s wrong with that?

          What these social engineers are really saying is; “you have it too good. You should feel ashamed and give what you worked for to others”. Why? Because they vote for whoever provides the free stuff.

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          • Not so many years ago, if you wanted to move to Germany, you had to prove yourself serious and be able to financially support yourself. Look how far that one country has fallen trying to accommodate their invaders, and they want it to happen here.

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  2. I have to agree that there are other guys who probably should be deported first, but illegal still means illegal and liberal brain dead people don’t seem to get that! Not sure if this can be called “tough love” but sure we can say “tough sh|t!” What I don’t get is this: how on earth (in the US of A) does a illegal alien get a work permit? How do they get SS numbers, driver’s licenses, etc.? Some serious unexplained stuff going on here that the USA needs to put an end to! Also have to put an end to the “you are an American if you are born in America” cr@p! NOT! If your parents are aliens, visitors, are here illegally, etc., you should not, NOT EVER!, be entitled to get American citizenship. How many freaking Chinese (and people from a laundry list of other countries) opportunistically travel to the USA just to give birth so their kids can get and American passport? Something is very, very wrong! Kids born to aliens have the parents, mother and father nationality, no matter where they are born. The USA is working towards the cliff, and every liberal, socialist-commie lemming is pushing every other lemming towards the edge; collective suicide, aided by illegals, unwilling to integrate refugees, etc. We need to wake up and save this country from ruin or we will lose eveything.

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    • Pat Riot . . . Thank Heavens’ you have stated the obvious . . .” . . . put an end to the ‘you are an American if you are born in America’ cr@p! NOT! If your parents are aliens, visitors, are here illegally, etc., you should not, NOT EVER!, be entitled to get American citizenship.” As you stated we have far too many foreigners who land here just so that their child may be born with American citizenship. Citizenship should be a privilege that is reserved for those who are law abiding people, not just those who can circumvent our laws, and sneak into our country to steal citizenship for their offspring. We need to work on getting our leader’s in DC to understand the preeminent danger this poses to us and our country.

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  3. I feel bad that this man had to leave, he was put on notice and remained in the country -looks like a good family man, worker and paid his dues but was an illegal immigrant thus disqualified himself from a law abiding citizen. Based on all the good on his side and his children been born in the US , a immigration attorney ($$$$$) could help him, meanwhile, take a number, wait and GOOD BYE, tell others to do it the right way, sooner or later the law will find them.

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  4. This would not have happened to any illegal if USA would have obeyed the laws on immigrants in the first place. Other countries are very tight on their immigration laws while we were ignoring ours. He had ample warning and plenty time to make his stay legal. He assumed America will turn the other way as usual. Oulaw anchor babies!

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  5. The normal reaction to being told your going to be deported and your actually a valid human adult would be to immediately begin naturalization procedures. If this man wants back in would he not begin this process now? I find this whole episode smells like stinking gefilte fish!

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    • flyingputer . . . Yes, any normal person would be seeking to begin the naturalization procedures as though he had a fire in his britches! But, I think he just thought that it would be business as usual, and that the government would cave, and he could just ride out the rest of his life, without having to put much effort into seeking legal citizenship. Send him home! Get someone in his place who really wants to become an American. Obviously, he’s really not that interested, if he had been he had 16 years to work it out, and he could have learned English in that amount of time.

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    • Because there are many like him, waiting, he needs to start from scratch and wait his turn!

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  6. I pay taxes too and have since the first day I started working, I am a NATURAL born legal US citizen. I have NEVER been arrested nor had I ever committed a crime. So does that mean I can break the law and be forgiven because I paid taxes and never got arrested??? Think about how ridiculous this argument in support of illegals sounds. If they can break the law then we can too. Just try it and see what happens to you. YOU will be put in prison. We need to not only send illegals packing we need to reduce legal immigration and stop all immigration from the Middle East not just 6 countries. We have far surpassed the number of people from other countries needed in the US. We did it prior to 1965 and for all the reasons we see today…..the vast majority of people from 3rd world countries cannot and will not assimilate. We need to repeal the Immigration Act of 1965.

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    • brackenkaren . . . God Bless you for stating the obvious! We bring in the poor, disheveled from third world countries . . . many of which are not necessarily of sound mind, or normal average intelligence (look at the recent article here on FOTM that stated the IQ’s for some of the African countries, which indicate dismally lower, much lower IQ’s than of the average American citizen; then look at so many of the Muslimes, who have for centuries, indulged in inter-breeding, which has caused brain abnormalities, and lower IQ’s. Many of these individuals cannot and do not possess the ability to learn to a level that will make them a fully functioning member of our society.) We as a nation bring these third world people here, when there is not a snow ball’s chance in hell that they will be able to productively work and provide for not only themselves, but their offspring. How would you like to receive a “bill” from the United States government, stating you (as an American citizen) now owe “X” number of dollars from your earnings, these funds to be transferred to the care keeping of these indigent, abnormally low IQ immigrants. It would be a better plan to keep these individuals in their homelands, and offer foreign aid, rather than to bring them here. It has now been proven that far and away too many of these immigrants have no intention of EVER ASSIMILATING into American society.

      I wholly agree . . . The Immigration Act of 1965 needs to be repealed immediately. This was the handy work of Teddy Kennedy, and others of like mindedness . . . who thought it would be great to open the floodgates, and let the prospective “Democratic voters” in, regardless of what harm it does this nation.

      In my mind the only really good Kennedy, was John Kennedy, and there is little doubt that some of his conservative ideas hastened his death.

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  7. I thought companies were suppose to face a fine if they hired an illegal. What jumps out at me in this article is the fact that Pepperidge Farm’s as outsourced their hiring to another company. “ABC News reached out to Pepperidge Farm for a comment about Lopez’s work permit, and the company said he was hired by a third-party company, Spherion, which manages packaging workers at the facility. Spherion confirmed for ABC News that Lopez had a valid work permit and it hired him in October 2016.” What needs to be looked at is why Pepperidge Farms outsource their hiring and management of their packaging process. Wonder how many more production areas Pepperidge Farm’s as outsourced to avoid government regulations?

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    • MA in MO . . . I would say you have hit on a splendid idea. Who cares that Pepperidge Farms outsourced their hiring . . . if they signed his pay checks, they should legally be on the hook for hiring an illegal citizen. ICE should get busy and conduct a raid on Pepperidge Farms, ferret out any and all other illegal workers . . . and FINE PEPERAGE FARMS FOR HAVING ILLEGALS ON THEIR PAYROLL. We, the American people, don’t care what reasons, or excuses Pepperage Farms may have for not following our laws!!!! Let them pay a hefty fine, to help reduce our national debt.

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  8. ABC is all lies, all the time. Since their stories are designed to make liberals look good, I would say this story is either highly embellished for an emotional response, or a complete fabrication. When I find out that someone is a liar, like the MSM have proven to be, I don’t take a word they say as truth.

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    • Maryaha . . .I agree, ABC, along with all the other Alphabet news outlets are liars. They craft their stories in whatever manner will make the Leftists/Progressives look like the party of the People. When in fact the party they represent is the party to crush and destroy “We the People.”

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  9. Jackie Puppet

    This just goes to show that those who really need to be prosecuted, are the businesses that hire the illegal aliens, whether they hire them, or contract a third party to do so in the form of temp agencies or day labor pools – in addition to the illegals themselves. CEOs/Presidents of these companies need to start doing hard time.

    Guess I can add Pepperidge Farm to the list of companies I boycott. A lot of their stuff is overpriced anyway, so you know they’re making a killing.

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  10. I feel bad that this man had to leave, he was put on notice and remained in the country -looks like a good family man, and paid his dues but was an illegal immigrant thus disqualified himself from being a law abiding citizen. Base on the children’s citizenship and his good behavior, a immigration attorney ($$$$$) could help him, meanwhile, GOOD BYE, take a number, wait; if the law is not followed, the law will catch up with illegals sooner than later.

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    • Try to do what he did in Mexico and see what happens. Their immigration laws are kept to the tee and they are very stiff laws on immigration. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. He had plenty of warnings and plenty of time!!!!!

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  11. Want to stop the hiring of illegal aliens in the U.S.? Then impose a minimum five (5) years mandatory jail time per incident for employers who hire them. No blaming it on third parties, no “I didn’t know,” or “he was a good family man,” no excuses.

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  12. I don’t understand it, why don’t they just apply for citizenship? Is the wait too long (20 years or something?)? Does it cost too much money? What’s the real reason? Seems that if he really cared about his family he’d have applied for citizenship by now.

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    • NO, they want them to vote illegally too. They can’t wait for them to go through the process. They want to short-circuit the election cycle by getting them driver’s licenses and claiming that they’re citizens when they are not.

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    • The cost for the process of becoming a citizen is approx. $7,000.


  13. The circumstances of the Cuban “refugees” in the 60s were different and we entered the United States paroled indefinitely, we were opponents of the communist regime and later became American citizens. Citizenship was not given to us, we had to work for it, Learn English, pass a not so easy test and finally earning our diploma. I am very proud of all that WE have accomplished.

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  14. I must say I have voted in every local, state and Presidential elections, never missed one!!!

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  15. I feel somewhat badly for the family but he shouldn’t have been here illegally to begin with. There are families, who are native born, that get broken up after a parent is sent to jail/prison in the US. For theft, assault, etc. Some liberals may even object to that, but seems most only cry about illegals’ families being split up.

    Pep Farm and others who hire illegals need to be held accountable also. Btw, last month I was at a Kroger and saw a Goldfish crackers display celebrating “gay pride”, the display & packaging had rainbow stuff. Sad especially being a snack aimed at small kids. Goldfish is a PepFarm product. More reason to avoid/ limit buying from them.
    Many years ago PF had a delicious dessert called Mississippi Mud, then discontinued it. My family already hasn’t supported them as much since they did that.

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  16. While we’re at it can we deport all the lawyers as well?


  17. I am not taking the side of this man at all, but I am curious as to why he was singled out for deportation over those that are committing serious crimes and drawing from our social services.
    He had plenty of time to become a citizen, did he ever vote or try to?
    For eight years we watched as thousands of invaders we given a fast track into citizenship over others that waited their turn and did it the correct way.
    I pray this admin will bring our country back.

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  18. The janitor in my middle school has been here illegally since she was 14–FIFTY YEARS..nearly ready to “retire” fr our school district..& she asked me to write a “recommendation ” for her b/c she was FINALLY ( w/Trump …THE WALL HIMSELF) serious abt pursuing American Citizenship. (!!!!!). WTF?????????

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    • I need a moment to process that. I don’t bear anyone any ill will. That goes for family people who have earned their livliehoods the entire time they’ve been here. Still, there are ways that a person can legally become a citizen.

      On top of that, ever since Ronnie Ray-Gun it has been illegal for employers to hire illegal aliens. Still, look around. Everywhere one looks, there they are. I suspect if the jobs dried up the US might not look quite as desirable as it does today.

      In terms of “retirement”. How does a publicly-funded school district pay an illegal alien retirement benefits?


  19. When Rudy Giuliani started out as mayor of NYC, he had cops enforce jaywalking and panhandling laws. Once the ‘windshield washers’, who spat on car glass, wiped it, then tried to force people to pay for the ‘service’ were arrested, the bigger fish saw the writing on the wall…and crime dropped quickly. When the ‘low-hanging fruit’ can’t weasel their way out of consequences, everyone else knows the cops mean business.

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    • He’s an interesting study. His own mother wouldn’t talk to him for years. He was the ultimate climber. At the time of his “get tough on crime” period, he wasn’t thought too highly of either. Nonetheless, he DID clean up the streets of NYC.

      Now, and I suspect its because the others have gotten so awful, he looks pretty good. Really, not to put too fine a point on it, isn’t that what we actually pay government to do? Dispose of the trash and preserve order?

      In order to preserve a culture one has to start with one. When forces are actively attempting to destroy any semblance of an established culture the obvious answer is to rein that in. But what do we see? They ENCOURAGE it.


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