Big government butting in: British man ordered to remove butt-baring gnome ornaments

gnome ornament

Mr. Perry with the offensive gnome butt/Telegraph photo

From NY Post: A British gardener is butting heads with his local council over its crackdown against his bottom-baring gnomes, according to a report.

Lauren Perry, 77, was ordered to remove two cheeky ornaments from outside his Wistaston home because they were deemed a possible distraction to motorists, the Telegraph reported.

“It has been brought to our attention that several displays and items have been placed on the highway verge in Wistaston,” read a letter from the village’s senior highways officer.

“I am sure that your intentions are meant to be humorous and light hearted. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same sentiment,” wrote Andrea Bickerton, who gave Perry a week to take down the characters. “If you fail to remove them, the Council will remove them and recover from you the expense of doing so,” she warned.

But Perry took the letter as a real kick in the pants. “I feel very disappointed. My daughter bought them for Father’s Day as a bit of fun as she knows I like a laugh. These things are in discount stores in their hundreds on shelves,” he said.

“How can they be classed as offensive? I put them up two weeks ago — no one ever approached me to complain or ask for them to be removed. The next thing I know, this heavy-handed letter arrives,” he added.

Perry told the Telegraph that he had worked hard to turn a rough patch of trash-filled land into a more attractive area.

“It’s all been self-funded as we were turned down for funding by the parish council,” he said. “We even bought the sign that says ‘Wonderful Wistaston.’ Now I feel like replacing it with one that says ‘Miserable Wistaston.’”

Realizing there will be no fairy-tale ending, Perry said he would move one of the gnomes onto a wall and replace the other elf with one with its pants on

Hopefully, no one will find that offensive. You’d think Cheshire East highways had more important things to worry about — like clearing out all the gulleys full of weeds,” he railed.

A council spokesman said village leaders “do not wish to spoil people’s fun,” but that “there is a safety issue here as such objects could easily cause a distraction to motorists and other road users, leading to an accident.”


14 responses to “Big government butting in: British man ordered to remove butt-baring gnome ornaments

  1. Britain is cucked:

    Yesterday, a judge actually barred the parents of 11-months-old Charlie Gard to take their sick infant to the U.S. for treatment without a court order. Earlier this week, Congress approved a measure to grant Charlie and his parents permanent residency status in an effort to make it easier for him to receive an experimental treatment.

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    • Make No Mistake: Charlie Gard is a Christian Martyr: He is an infant who has been baptized. If he dies, his blood shall be on the Government’s and its bureaucrats’ hands.
      And THIS is PRECISELY what we are going to get in America once Single-Payer health “insurance” happens. This is exactly what is going to happen, not only to infants like Charlie Gard, but to old-timers like us: Economies of Scale will demand that elderly, who need help the most (as a corporate group) be denied the treatment they need, due to costs.
      Yet CRETINS like Elizabeth “Fauxcahantas” Warren, Paul Ryan and all the rest will CHEER once they impose this tyranny upon us all.
      President Trump, I am watching to see what you will do.

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      • steven . . . Bravo! Well said. Only the truly ignorant, such as the young people just getting out of school (read that indocrtination camp) or those who have never put in a long day’s work for pay (such as serial welfare baby producers) are not aware that the government CANNOT keep, or continue to administer first rate medical care if we move to a single payer system! Perhaps I will offend some by saying, mt heart does not bleed for those who are a part of multi-generational welfare benefit recipient families. Why should those who have done little or nothing to help our struggling society receive the SAME degree of attention medically speaking, that people who have worked 40-50 plus years as a member of the working class. (I exclude babies, and children up to age 18 from this.) Those who have never worked should not “eat the bread of the laborer,” even Our Lord deemed that this was a correct principal. Yet, we have those among the bleeding heart liberals, who feel anyone, as long as they are breathing, should step up and claim their R-I-G-H-T to be taken care of by the sweat of someone else’s brow.

        I can understand why Great Britain does not want this particular baby to receive ANY SPECIAL MEDICAL TREATMENT, because it show’s just how flawed their system of medical treatment allocation they truly have. It is going to be VERY INTERESTING, since this couple and their infant son have been allotted permanent residency status . . . is England really going to poke us in the eye over this matter?

        Sorry, I am wondering all over this garden patch, forgive me! Personally, I would not want to see my neighbor put out a bunch of trouserless, butt baring gnomes. I say he should take them to the back yard, where he can enjoy his Father’s Day gifts in private, rather that sticking them in his neighbor’s faces. I tend to not like rather crass ornaments . . . jut like I don’t like people who put old toilets in their yard–planted with flowers, nor do I like it when a dim witted neighbor puts up an anti-Trump sign that calls him a “douche bag.” There are some things that we might display that actually say more about ourselves, and our lack of real class than anything else. It seems like an odd gift to give one’s father for Father’s Day . . . at least if my father were still alive. I would never have given him something like that, but then, I guess people differ in what they feel is an appropriate gift.

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    • We all need to pray to God that the little one Charlie makes a full recovery! With God all is possible.


  2. I’d love to put a couple in my yard. 😀

    One would think given the problems in that unfortunate country that its government at all levels would have more important things to do – such as protecting the goat population from the mooooooooooooooooslim invaders.

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  3. I have a perrrrrfect place for just one.

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    • Alma . . . your reply was most perfect! I can also think of an orifice that might do very well with this kind of decoration, but golly that dude is far too busy traveling the world getting in Trump’s way to stand still for the implantation of such.

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  4. You can replace your gnome with this:

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  5. This is to be expected. After all, many property owners were shamed, over 30 years ago, to get rid of their lawn jockeys because they were “racist.” (Apparently, even the WHITE lawn jockeys were somehow “racist.”

    From what I’ve heard, these garden gnomes, made from crushed walnut or pecan shells, are collectors items and worth quite a bit of money. Look it up online and start trading, if you can. You could make a lot of money, and enjoy annoying people as you go!

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  6. Tell this guy to get an artist and paint a picture of the QUEEN on the garden gnome’s beeeehind.
    The Queen of Hell…er I mean England should start cleaning her own wicked castle before butting into other peoples’ garden gnomes.

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  8. Some busy body with nothing to do but whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine and whine some more. If the gnome was showing an erect penis there may have been a reason to complain!!!!!!!!!! Makes me wonder if the little bare bottomed gnome was making somebody horney!

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  9. The UK is Airstrip One now.

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  10. Good grief, first it was complaints about pink flamingos and now this. Alas,where will it end?

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