When it comes to political correctness, Millennials have the solution…

safe spaces

Like I’m going to take advice from those who love socialism yet can’t define it. Riiiiight.

From Yahoo (via Business Insider): The heated debate about political correctness is often misunderstood.

While many individuals across generations dislike the pejorative use of political correctness to represent censorship, a closer investigation reveals generational differences in the desire to use inclusive language.

Millennials know that using appropriate language invites rather than restricts productive conversation. Creating a supportive environment makes space for all individuals to feel welcome in sharing their opinions, rather than fearing that people will demonize their personhood and attack their character based on their identities. Thanks to the internet, Millennials are citizens of the globe and ambassadors of social justice. Unfortunately, not all generations understand how using certain words or phrases prohibits dialogue and hurts other people.

To discover five things that all millennials want older generations to know about political correctness that they don’t understand, read the list below.

  1. There is a major difference between ‘being honest’ and spewing prejudice.

You have the right to share your opinion, but you don’t have the right to make people feel threatened. Using emotionally charged words that make others feel frightened for their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing — even if it does not impact you in the same way — is morally wrong.

Prejudice means possessing strong unfavorable opinions about a person based on their demographics and cultural affiliations. While we all have varying degrees of prejudice, using yours to purposefully harm others, or refusing to stop saying words that others find hurtful, is bullying. Just as you want a teacher to intervene and protect your child from a bully, it’s okay for others to give you the opportunity to correct your behavior when your words are offensive.

  1. Political correctness is not about censorship, it’s about showing respect.

Censorship is a coercive attempt to hide something from people. Asking people to use more inclusive language is not silencing their voice, it’s inviting them to use language in a way that promotes productive conversation.

The purpose of political correctness is to treat all people with the love and respect they deserve. This means calling people by the pronouns they use, and avoiding words and phrases that stereotype and demonize entire groups of people. You can still possess whatever ideology you follow and you can still share your opinion, you’re just being asked to do so in a way that is not hurtful to others.

  1. Millennials feel more connected to global citizenship and human rights than nationalism.

Not only do Millennials have conversations with people around the world, they are also seeing inhumane acts of violence against marginalized people live streamed on social media. This increased visibility and exposure leads to a desire to ensure equality for all individuals, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, or religion.

Nationalism, or the belief that your country and its laws, culture, and government is superior and beyond critique, is not appealing to Millennials. Seeing firsthand pictures and videos on their smartphones of discrimination and unequal rights for people of color, Muslims, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ individuals has increased Millennials desire for social justice.

  1. Inclusive language creates space for meaningful conversations to take place, offensive language makes people feel unsafe.

If you were trying to have a difficult conversation with someone and they opened the discussion using words that were aimed at hurting your feelings, making you feel unsafe, or undermining your personhood, would you want to keep talking?

No, and that’s why everyone should use more inclusive language. When you create space for other people instead of shutting them out, it creates opportunities for honest dialogue to emerge. You’re not being ask [sic] to silence yourself, you’re being asked to use different words and phrases to express your thoughts. That subtle difference is not a big deal — you do it all the time. You don’t speak the same way to your partner as you do your grandmother or your newborn infant. Adjusting your dialogue isn’t a momentous task, and doing so might allow you to have more meaningful conversations with people from all walks of life.

  1. Millennials are not being sensitive, they’re being morally minded and ethically informed global citizens.

Many individuals in older generations think that Millennials are overly sensitive, but it may be the other way around. If Millennials are simply asking older generations to be respectful of others by using more inclusive language, and older generations respond with hostility — a common response to feeling threatened — perhaps older generations are dealing with an underlying fear of being unable to adapt to a changing world.

Making mistakes is part of learning. Most people occasionally say things that hurt other people’s feelings. But the mature individuals are the ones that apologize and then adjust. Continuing to use hurtful language only prevents meaningful and necessary conversations.


30 responses to “When it comes to political correctness, Millennials have the solution…

  1. The day I see and hear a millennial make sense in a conversation in

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The millennials get the controls when their brain grows up which is 21. Until then, I wouldn’t/don’t take them too seriously. When you are wet behind the ears – the waves drowns out the truth. When they speak, I just smile and think to my self – if you only knew!

    It takes about ten years after college and they are partaking of a real job does reality slap them in the face – that life is nothing like the college professors preached.


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  3. -pardon me, pressed th wrong button.
    I am going to take a step back and say, the country is in your hands, take over now! However, in an open society as ours is, the country will be moving towards socialism as the world is controlled by the millenials, I don’t think it will be the iron-fist communism, but an integrated society where all be equal, conformists, and subordinates. Thank God I will be dust particles.

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  4. Unfortunately my two daughters (oldest of the millennials) have not been
    enlightened by work/travel/life experience in adulthood. They remain
    to devoted to the brainwashing they received at the Cultural Marxist
    propaganda input centers known as UCLA and Cal state San Francisco.
    I feel I have lost them to zombie control. Muslim Africans invading
    are heroic pioneers. Homosexuals are better than breeders. etc.
    Their deceased mother and grandparents would be shocked at
    their values.

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    • Gary Jones, sad to say it but “they are the political correct” and we are not!

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    • Sometimes the only way to teach is through experience. Maybe they could volunteer and visit a communist country like China and see how great “Socialism'” is.
      Maybe try to get them to read the Bible, for what it’s worth. Though if they think that homosexuality is OK, then are they going to think that God has somehow ‘erred’? One book (if they read) that may help them is “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. He was a former atheist philosopher that finally broke down and actually read the bible, unlike many atheists and philosophers.

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  5. Let’s take a look at just one of these statements.
    “You have the right to share your opinion, but you don’t have the right to make people feel threatened.”
    The problem comes with WHO DEFINES what makes people feel threatened?
    What I find as standard talk and humor may cause someone else to wet their little panties. Am I the guilty party of should they grow up and put on their big boy undies?
    P/C speech is nothing more than censorship in sheep’s clothing.

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  6. Well, this is convenient for those pushing a “hate speech is criminal” agenda. What makes them (or their controllers) think they can dictate to others? Respect is earned, not demanded. What if I don’t want to be a “citizen of the world”, (read, manipulated donkey).

    None of these losers has earned the right to tell any of us what to do. A whole generation of spineless pansies.

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  7. Stephen T. McCarthy

    [TAKE TWO]

    >>… Political correctness is not about censorship, it’s about showing respect.

    Respect is earned.
    “Earned”?… Wait a second! WTH am I doing using a word that Millennials can’t define? Instant Fail on my part. Bad old man! I’m just an unthinking, bad old man.

    >>… Millennials feel more connected to global citizenship and human rights than nationalism.

    I mean, like, there’s that word “feel” again. Of course they FEEL more connected to global citizenship… just like they were trained to “feel” about it.

    I must confess, at the age of Heinz-57, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around political correctness. I try very hard to get in line with what is hip, what is now, what is happening, what is today, but I always seem to fail despite my best attempts at political correctness.

    Perhaps someone here can help me? For instance, earlier this morning I posted the following in the comment section of a Breitbart article:

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing something negative happen to a San FagCrisco sports team.

    Was this acceptable? Was it adequately PC? If not, could someone please explain to my grey pea-brain what was wrong with it? Honestly, I try so hard.

    Confused In Nevada

    ~ D-FensDogG
    (link:] Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  8. Seems to me that all PC does is throw open the door for these “One Worlders” to trample your individuality and Freedom into the dust in support of an ideal that has never,and WILL never work.

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  9. Be polite and complementary when addressing one clutching crayons and a coloring book in one hand and hot chocolate (may I have an extra marshmallow with that, please) in the other lest offensive speech forces them to color outside the lines and spill cocoa on themselves.

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  11. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Anyone hurt by unAmerican Globalists attempting to shred our Constitution and throw it in your face? Speak out and see who cares. Put the Statue of Liberty in a pantsuit and replace the head with one looking like Frau Diktator Merkel. As for the First Amendment and freedom of speech for religion is concerned, you have every right to scream “Allahu Akbar”.


  12. I was noticing how the Me generation is so sure that their ‘progressive’ opinions are the way of the world. Not many people seem to speak against them and the ones that do are labeled haters or some such thing.
    Maybe it’s not like that at all. But instead the real majority of people that disagree with their progressive ideas may well just be keeping their mouths shut and maybe that’s a good thing. These MeGens don’t have a clue as to how many people agree with the current administration because to avoid conflict people, particularly those that support the current administration, most likely “VET” anyone they talk to before divulging their own proclivities.

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    • Yes, that’s it. They DON’T care. They want to BELONG. They don’t even think it’s their place to question. As long as somebody gives them something soft and takes care of them, they’re fine with it.

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  13. That’s gonna be funnier than a man slippin on a banana peel when that rug gets pulled out from under them.

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  14. Jackie Puppet

    The SJWs want respect, but how many of them respected their elders?

    They have no idea what is “threatening” when they say we can have our opinions; to them, a threatening remark is one counter to their beliefs.

    Maybe they should read a few of Colin Flaherty’s books.

    Any time they talk about morals, you have to understand it’s moral relativism. Most of them don’t believe in God, the ultimate Moral Authority. They wouldn’t be able to define a conscience, because that’s God’s way of reminding us that what we’re about to do, or just did, was wrong.

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  15. I wonder if these ‘socialist’ types realize that Marx found them contemptible, he called them “useful idiots’.
    They seem to be idealists (most young ones are), but the (ha ha) school system never talks about reality and real history, so they don’t really know the true definition of ‘socialism’ and all it entails.
    If they see the reality of socialism (communism) in other countries (since they love to see videos from around the world) and are able to actually learn from the mistake called socialism, then maybe they can read about the Rockefellers, Warburg’s, Clintons, etc etc who are also for socialism and for the destruction of real freedoms and the enslavement of the world.
    I just wish more of them would stop being brainwashed by these other religions that deny the Deity of Christ. They are being taught (and many churches that profess to be Christian are backsliding) that as long as you’re ‘good’ then you’ll go to heaven, even if you don’t believe in Christ.

    So, how does one convince the Millennials they are being suckered into a bad deal? And, how can you show them that true Christianity is the only way to Heaven?

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  16. Any action that limits my speech is censorship. It’s that fucking simple. No one has the right to not be offended. We all have the right to speak freely. How fucking hard is this to understand???

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  17. I think for most of them its as simple as this:https://matrixbob.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/6cd8e-dem_540.jpg

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