NYC to link funding for arts and museums to diversity, de Blasio says


From Fox News: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday the city will begin linking funding for arts groups and museums to how quickly they increase diversity at their organizations, posing a challenge for the city’s major institutions.

New York City is renowned for its diversity – 67 percent of residents identify as people of color – but only 38 percent of employees at cultural organizations are employees of color, according to a recent study from the city’s Cultural Affairs Department.

However, the 175-page report comes amid the mayor’s re-election campaign, as de Blasio works to strengthen his standing as someone who fights inequality.

The plan to tie funding to diversity was unveiled as part of CreateNYC, the city’s first comprehensive cultural plan that received feedback from 200,000 New Yorkers and took 10 months to complete.

In a press conference, de Blasio said the city would collect data on the diversity of staffs and boards at places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall and dozens of other organizations, according to the New York Times. “This will be a factor in the city’s funding decisions going forward,” Mr. de Blasio said at the announcement in Queens, reports the Times. “We do this because we believe in fairness.”

“The least-white jobs are maintenance and security,” Tom Finkelpearl, the commissioner of cultural affairs, told the Times. “And the whitest are curators. That points to some problems.”

Although it remains to be seen how much cultural organizations will now feel pressured to change their hiring tactics — and whether or not this move boosts the mayor’s campaign in any way — de Blasio’s announcement drew praise from some city officials.

Our city draws strength from its diversity. No matter who you are, what language you speak, or how much money you have, you have a right to take part in the city’s rich cultural resources,” said New York City Council Member Stephen Levin.


13 responses to “NYC to link funding for arts and museums to diversity, de Blasio says

  1. What a stupid policy! These museums and arts venues and groups can only be a success with the money from rich white donors and brilliant leaders who are half nerd-half businessman. The Diblasio policy will only lead to hiring of useless figure heads of color at inflated salaries, forcing the institution to pay for their dead weight AND paying someone capable to clean up the mess.

    The Minneapolis-St. Paul police department Somali hiring policy is where this foolishness leads.

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  2. Wow! Look at that. A whiskey bottle made out of welfare check stubs.

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  3. Has anyone stopped those of diversity from applying in the first place?

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  4. The “diversity and inclusion” crowd’s next popular concern:

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    I can think of only one other oxymoron as insulting to true intelligence than this mantra of contradiction, “strength in diversity”. That has to be “politically correct”. They both, I’m sure, originate from the same source. The true enemies of a free humanity and individuality.

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  6. And so,from the frying pan they jump into the Fires of Hell…

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  8. Affirmative Action warped into racial quota, which morphs into “diversity”. Just more of the same Leftist anti-merit crap.

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  9. “The least-white jobs are maintenance and security,” Tom Finkelpearl, the commissioner of cultural affairs, told the Times. “And the whitest are curators. That points to some problems.”

    Here’s Tom:

    Maybe he should lead by example and surrender his job to someone more diverse.

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    • Exactly. It’s amazing how large cities and liberal states seem to end up with the insane government they deserve. Right now a moslom brotherhood guy is running for governor of Michigan.

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  10. Ha! What fools these mortals be!

    First things First: Mayor Deblasio’s first action as Mayor, once police officer Miosotis Familia was assassinated in her cruiser, was to board a plane to Hamburg, Germany, and organize protests against the G-20 there. FOR THIS ACTION ALONE, Mayor Deblasio MUST, Justice demands, BE IMPEACHED AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE, PERIOD.

    But he will not be impeached, or even censured, at all: This is because a sufficient number of the City Council themselves are just as stupid and just as corrupt as Deblasio.

    This is the difference between Rudy Guiliani and Deblasio: Yes, the NYC powerbrokers told Guiliani what had to be done. But Rudy had his vision, and he commenced, at once, to treat the underlying symptoms of New York’s ills. He and Commish Bratton held a press conference, in which they announced they were going to take NYC back, “block by block.” At the time everyone (including myself) said, Yeah, Right. But within 90 days they delivered RESULTS, and everyone—especially the criminals—gasped “Holy Shit! He means it!” Deblasio, on the other hand, follows the historically proved Way of Failure: He is out to establish EQUALITIES OF OUTCOME, which have always proved to be as elusive as that butterfly of spring, impossible to achieve.
    Mayor Deblasio has never met a police officer he did not stab in the back. And he has never learned one single lesson about what works, or even humility, for that matter. I will tell you why: Warren Wilhelm, his original name, renounced his Catholicism early in life. And this is PROOF POSITIVE that Catholics, per se, are NOT the most dangerous people in the world; Rather, Catholics who renounce their Faith are the most dangerous people in the world. The ONLY REASON Deblasio is not as bad as Fidel Castro is that of OPPORTUNITY OF CIRCUMSTANCE. But he remains a dangerous man, professionally, politically and personally.

    Bill Deblasio must be removed from office, legally, according to what the Law and City Charter, provide.

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