WNBA team Seattle Storm raising money for baby butchers Planned Parenthood

dawn trudeau

WNBA owner Dawn Trudeau: Just trying to help people…

Fine by me. That will be less taxpayer dollars we need to give to Planned Parenthood.

From Seattle Times: Each of the Seattle Storm’s three owners has a specific spot where she prefers to sit for the team’s home games: Dawn Trudeau likes to be in her courtside seat, Lisa Brummel watches from about the fifth row, and Ginny Gilder sits halfway up in KeyArena.

They aren’t secluded in a suite. They’re among the fans and talking with them, too. So when the idea to host a game that supports Planned Parenthood emerged, Trudeau said the owners felt “fairly confident that our core supporters would continue to support us and would be actually pleased that we were doing this.”

For the three women who have owned the Storm since 2008, that assessment has appeared to be right. Some proceeds from Tuesday night’s game against the Chicago Sky will support the nonprofit that provides reproductive health care. The idea has sparked an “overwhelmingly positive” response, Trudeau said.

This is the first time a sports franchise has partnered with Planned Parenthood, according to a spokesperson from Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands (PPGNHI), the branch of the organization for which the Storm is raising money.

“It brings tears to my eyes,” said Christine Charbonneau, CEO of PPGNHI. “It’s the kind of thing I suppose we always dreamed of if there were ever women owning things, that women would treat other women differently than maybe (what) happens sometimes when men own things.”

Along with an online auction, the Storm has pledged to give $5 from each ticket sold to Planned Parenthood, meaning a sold-out KeyArena of 9,686 spectators would generate a donation close to $50,000.

“We own the team, but we have life experience as women,” Trudeau said of the all-female ownership group. “That’s something that we carry with us and that informs the decisions that we make and that is certainly a part of our DNA — literally and from an organizational standpoint.”

When Trudeau was a fourth-grader in the mid 1960s, she remembers how in gym class, the boys would get to run around and play basketball or kickball, while the girls were told to sit and watch. Trudeau wanted to play but couldn’t.

That’s when Trudeau said she became a feminist. She hadn’t learned that word yet, but as a fourth-grader she realized boys and girls were treated differently, an awareness she has carried into her professional career.

Planned Parenthood holds an annual check-up with its donors, and at that event in November, there was a meeting topic about what the presidential election meant for the organization. Gilder approached Charbonneau and said she wanted the Storm to do something to help, but she didn’t know what that would entail.

A few months later, Charbonneau found out the Storm owners were planning to dedicate a game to the nonprofit.

With the ongoing national health care debate, Trudeau said some Americans could soon lose their health care, and women and children often are among the first. That’s why Trudeau said now is the right time for the Storm’s initiative.

“We thought that this was something we could do for our community,” Trudeau said. “We can’t do anything about the national decisions that are being made, but we can do something to help the people around us.”

Trudeau got her first birth control from Planned Parenthood and said she considers it a place that gave her “the chance to really make the decisions in my life that allowed me get to where I am today.”

Even though Trudeau said a negative response from any group wouldn’t have stopped them from proceeding, the Storm’s owners met individually with the players to explain the partnership. “We wanted them to know what we were doing, why we were doing it, and if they did want to support it, give them an opportunity to do that as well,” Trudeau said.

Four players — Sue Bird, Breanna Stewart, Noelle Quinn and Sami Whitcomb — took part in a PSA video the team released last week. The Storm did not make players available to comment on this story.

Read the rest of the story here.

h/t Newsbusters


20 responses to “WNBA team Seattle Storm raising money for baby butchers Planned Parenthood

  1. Has it occurred to Dawn Trudeau that her mother could have aborted her?
    No, pro-aborts never do.

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  2. A few thoughts:
    Could she not wear a full-body & head bag when attending games, or even possibly every time going out in public? It’s frightful looking at her. Who was that mythological beast who, when men looked at her, they turned to stone?

    $5 per ticket donation? How much are the tickets to start with? I’d assumed they were free… Why would anyone pay?

    Nobody watches the WNBA anyway. Why are they even talking about proceeds from a sold-out arena? Tune in and watch long enough for a cam-scan of the crowd and see… even during tournaments.

    “Trudeau said some Americans could soon lose their health care, and women and children often are among the first.”
    Yeah, especially the aborted children…

    The reason boys do more athletic things in gym is because of a little thing called testosterone coursing through their veins. Activity helps it create muscle rather than bouncing off the walls in class afterwards. I suspect her T levels were/are a wee bit high if she felt the urge to compete with the boys…

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    • ….or just wearing the body bag…
      At least she admits that being woman is in the DNA…
      when the article mentions PP ‘annual exam’ of donors, does that mean pelvic exam or just mamomgram…? ( hearty sarcasm..)

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  3. Maxine Waters and her ilk are completely insane. We need to boycott, AND never keep quiet about this issue. I will speak loud, long,and often.Never let the loons control or dictate the dialogue.

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  4. Don’t ya just love it when they spout . . . . . “will support the nonprofit that will provide reproductive health care.” To those who are educated those are just code words that mean . . . WE SUPPORT AN AGENCY THAT KILL UNBORN BABIES . . .” I would drop dead before I would give them even fifty-cents to see one of their games!

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    • Thank You Auntie—-this has ALL become so “normalized” that it’s gut-wrenching in its enormity. This is 2017—but, let me show that this has been “normalized” for so long that we have little chance of rolling it back now, esp. since the “slippery slope” has reached the point that “late term abortions, and partial birth abortions” are “normal” these days:

      I was a married college student in a last semester,in the 1970’s, and went excitedly to my OB-GYN b/c I thought I was expecting. The nurse in my OB-GYN office upon my first visit POST-confirmation of pregnancy, carefully questioned me about…”Did you have a recent procedure or operation????” I was so young/ so terrified by this line of questioning that I thought something was wrong with me or my baby & that I’d missed some really important instruction to report for some procedure. I Had NO IDEA about what “operation” she was talking about. I was so young, so stupid (because I never ever thought of abortion as “birth control” or thought that I’d ever think of it as an option—and I also NEVER EVER thought of a life I was carrying as a burden or imposition ….but rather, a miracle of new life, and I was blessed/honored to bring this child into the world…..and believe me….we had not 2 cents to rub together….and were living out our last semester of college in a travel trailer ….). It took me a long time of reflection to understand that this nurse thought that I—b/c of routine experience of her time…..had already had an abortion. This, in turn, was ANOTHER horror of realization that came over me. Years and years later, I still think of this….of all the young girls that came into that exam room at this particular OB-GYN in this college town…that allowed this Dr’s nurse to routinely ask me those questions. So….the stark finality of all this is….in approaching 50 years from my experience….abortion as birth control has crossed a line into the realm of the macabre….way beyond a “bundle of cells” into sellling body parts of full-term babies. The slippery slope is at the bottom at this point. Full-out, flat out at the terminus, the 9th-month….viable delivery. Sell the body parts. What else could be NEXT except legal infantide? I hope to be dead before we get there…….

      Post script: Our “college baby” earned a full-ride, early admit, scholarship to an Ivy-League University. He also earned scholarships to study abroad within that university study. He has a successful engineering geology consulting business, married a loving & wonderful corporate lawyer and gave us a sweet, smart, wonderful grandbaby (who looks just like me!). Meanwhile…we, his parents….successfully finished Ph.Ds and other higher ed. degrees. His younger brother was an international sports competitor. We’ve paid for all of this ourselves. We are still in debt, we’ve never walked away from a home (like our neighbors who could have paid in this last frenzy of Obama housing market depression) or declared bankruptcy…but paid for much of all of this out of our “check book,” including our OWN advanced degrees, as well as our kid’s needs. Our own parents paid for nearly zip for us. We live modestly, but happily…and still pay our bills, past and present…..with jobs in which we are happy/highly qualified…..lots of rescue Labs/Lab mixes, cats, chickens gardens, friends…..

      Sorry to go on so….but just wanted to show anyone interested that GIVING a life does NOT MEAN an end to your own life. Sometimes….giving life into this world is the inspiration to your own achievements…….

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  5. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? Therue is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I enjoyed reading your work. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email, which can be accessed via my profile link (otherwise spam protection would block this message).

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  6. Meanwhile, a judge just fined the guys who exposed premeditated in utero vivisection of America (aka planned parenthood) selling baby parts $130k.

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  7. Is it too late to abort the mayor?

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  9. ManCavePatriot

    They really should just call it “The Lezball League” because they are ALL broccoli munchers. The chance of any Player or owner getting pregnant, requiring PP ‘services’, is close to nil, unless they check for STD’s and lesions.

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    • Ha, ha, that’s funny (but true!). Most can be identified by the carpet burns on their chins. Perversity loves company.


    • ManCavePatriot . . . what you are saying I believe to be true. The majority of these women’s ball teams are lesbians, so that leaves many of us wondering . . . . why this big show of “generosity” or do these players along with many others become pregnant to increase their stamina, etc. before playing big games . . . only to have the poor baby aborted?

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  10. Hey Seattle Storm Players: Girls Can’t Play in the WNBA if Planned Parenthood Aborts Them


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