Reebok goes to the dark side

On July 14, 2017, during President Trump’s visit to France, he complimented 64-year-old Brigitte, the wife of newly-elected French president Emmanuel Macron, 39. Trump called her “beautiful” and “in such good shape”. (The Independent)

The MSM Left went berserk, calling Trump sexist.

Reebok, a sports footwear and clothing company, tweeted this patronizing poster to scold President Trump on when it’s “appropriate” and when it’s not “appropriate” to tell a woman she’s in good shape:

Just so you know, this is the same Reebok that actually advocates and approves of infidelity:

Founded in England in 1958 by brothers Joe and Jeff Foster, Reebok is now a subsidiary of Adidas, a German multinational corporation.

By the way, Brigitte Macron is a female pederast — a “Mary Kay Letourneau” schoolteacher who preyed on an adolescent Emmanuel Macron.

Brigitte met 15-year-old Emmanuel, 25 years younger, when she was his literature and theater teacher at a Jesuit high school. Brigitte was a married woman with three children. In 2006, she divorced her banker husband, André-Louis Auzière, then married Emmanuel a year later. (IBT)


20 responses to “Reebok goes to the dark side

  1. “ANYBODY” including Obama could have said this to any beautiful woman and “NOTHING” would have been said or even thought about it. It is ONLY because it was President Trump that said it that the sorry a$$ed left is wringing their hands and whining about it!!!! I, for one, am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of the liberal left jumping on anything that PRESIDENT Trump says, does or THINKS! They all need to get a life and find a real job!!!

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  2. Well there you go. A Mary Kay LeTourneau, and what I could tell you about her entire family! Her father, John Schmitz was a US Congressman, but his political life failed when it was found out that this strict Catholic husband had fathered two children by another woman. His wife wanted to be the 2nd Phyllis Schlafly and those hopes were dashed. Schmitz never supported the out of wedlock children either. One of Mary Kay’s brothers was a senior executive with Blackwater, founded by Erik Prince, brother of Ed Sec. Betsy DeVos. Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

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  3. The double standards of the Left don’t amaze me. Rather, they never cease to disgust. It’s not that I’m a supporter of President Trump: Although I voted for the candidate “Donald Trump,” I voted for more than just a man: I voted for a populist movement, out of disgust for the status quo.
    It is precisely this reflexive gag movement that my vote was intended to convey to the status quo. And for Reebok (or anyone else) to hector and lecture the President over a beau geste means that they are hectoring and chiding ME. They are insulting whatever morality, good will and intelligence I possess.
    THIS is the poisoned needle of political ideology that corporations have sought to jab us with: J.C. Penney, Target and others have all done the same—to great damage to their profit margins, their bottom line. But I get it: Reebok is the latest parasite to come along, forgetting the Golden Rule of parasites, which is, DO NOT KILL THE HOST.
    I also understand the Second Rule of parasites, which is to ADAPT and switch ownership of stocks and companies. Thus, we can boycott one brand, and the company will get other brands to do the same, or, they shall buy interest in the other company. Thus, there is no escape!

    You Know, the Malthuses of this world have done a pretty terrible job eliminating us “useless eaters.” They have a blind spot, bigger than the Pacific Ocean, and they never learn! But that’s all right: Pretty soon the Anti-Christ will be here to finish the job. Good Luck with that, Pal: I read the Good Book, and I know how it ends!!!

    (Oh yeah—almost forgot to insert the phrase “Extinction Protocols.”)

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  4. Going after the PC crowd, because demographically, that’s the pot from which the biggest mindless spending of money comes. The young and the dumb. You see it in the advertising and program content on TV & cable, in print, everywhere.
    I’ve noticed even Sunday morning talk shows now buttress their talking, photos, and video with background “beat” music — which drives me crazy. Can’t tune it out, so I turn it off. They’re trying to appeal to the demographic the advertisers are after. And it’s not me. They figure the geezers are already watching. But maybe not for long.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Considering the circumstance of mr. and mrs. macron’s blissful relationship, and, no doubt, her monumental efforts to maintain her image despite her excess year compared to mr. macron, I suspect mrs. macron took Trump’s comment as a compliment to her hard.

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  6. I would jump for joy if someone would compliment me! It is so beautiful to hear a person say nice words even if they are spoken as a curtesy. President Trump is a down-to-earth man!

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  7. If she was a tranny they’d be lauding him with praise. Who cares what these psycho destroyers say? Ignore them. It drives them nuts.

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  8. It would be nice to have a list of companies that your subscribers would like to avoid. Thanks for your service, Craig Adkins

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  9. So would Reebok tell these women they are in good shape?

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  10. ManCavePatriot

    I noticed in all the news videos of the two couples together, Ms. Macron made a special attempt at being as far away from President Trump as possible. She must have seen the Billy Bush video.

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  11. OMG! The HYPOCRISY Of Reebok Lecturing President Trump! So Who Really Objectifies Women? [GRAPHICS]

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  12. Truly, this type of bashing is vicious, and it is the trademark. of the Left and its affiliates.

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