Hollyweird actress wants “old white guys in suits” to talk about birth control

sophia bush

I would expect this narrative from an actress who supports baby butchers Planned Parenthood.

And where ‘ya been Sophia? Didn’t you know that men CAN get pregnant? What a transphobe.

From Cosmopolitan: When Sophia Bush, 35, isn’t fighting crime as Detective Erin Lindsay on Chicago P.D., or reminiscing about the good ol’ days playing Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill, the actor uses social media to tackle topics that matter to her, including women’s rights. She recently teamed up with Teva Women’s Health to launch the #NoHormonesPlz campaign, which reminds women to talk to each other and their doctors about birth-control options — there are many! She recently spoke to Cosmopolitan.com about why she cares:

Why are you speaking out about birth-control options now?

It’s [important to] talk about empowering women by giving them sovereignty over their own bodies, particularly in a climate where women’s rights are being attacked. I’m lucky that I went to a very progressive all-girls school growing up, and it felt like a safe space for these issues to be discussed. Not everyone has that luxury.

It’s hyper important to make sure people know that what their options are — especially in a time where people don’t know what kinds of care they’re going to have access to in the first place.

Some women need to use hormonal birth control because of endometriosis or because of their skin or because whatever’s going on in their particular body and their particular cocktail of DNA. Some women don’t want to add anything to the mix of their body or fare much better with birth control that is non-hormonal. You shouldn’t have to take a birth control that doesn’t agree with your body.

When did you first start talking about birth-control options?

I remember a conversation in high school with a friend who started taking birth control because of skin benefits. Later, I was like, “Wait a minute, was that a rouse? Was that a thing people said so they didn’t have to talk about whether or not they were having sex? Why are women encouraged to treat how they take care of their bodies as something that has to be excused by something else?”

How do you think we can get men more involved in the birth-control conversation?

We have to shift the conversation to include men, which means it shouldn’t be about girls wanting to be sexually active and not get pregnant or girls being promiscuous as certain arenas of old white guys in suits would like to tell us. Like, slow down, bro. The real point of having a birth-control conversation is talking about how a woman, whether she’s single or has a partner, gets to plan her life. For instance, if you’re in a master’s program, you might not want to have a kid until after that’s done. We should be looking at birth control as an education issue and a workforce issue. If men could get pregnant, the birth-control conversation would be incredibly different.

In what ways has access to birth control enabled your career?

I work in TV. I can’t just get pregnant — that’s not an option for me, and for many women who can’t just be like, “Oh, looks like I misread the calendar and I’m just going to be out of work for a while.” That’s not a thing, especially in a world in which we don’t have guaranteed paid family leave.


15 responses to “Hollyweird actress wants “old white guys in suits” to talk about birth control

  1. Me, me, me.
    Birth control, abortion, women’s “rights”.
    It’s all about me.
    Feminism, which began as the suffragettes’ noble cause of women’s right to vote, has degenerated into narcissism and the equation of “feminism” with anti-childbearing and killing of the unborn.
    This, in turn, has led to a new ugly strain within the Alt-Right, of some men saying that women’s suffrage was a mistake and women should be denied the right to vote.

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  2. There are TWO real good NON-Hormonal birth control options women can use. One is not having sex. Two is good prophylactics. If the man whines that just doesn’t feel as good, refer back to option number one!

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  3. Sophia, it turns out, is not so wise after all.
    First of all, none of us have sovereignty over our own bodies. St. Paul reminds us that we “are not our own,” and that we “have been bought for a price.” Practical common sense and experience also put the lie to “personal sovereignty”: As soon as we get in trouble, we surrender that “sovereignty” once we accept help from someone else.
    We are not free to fornicate, not only for religious or moral reasons, but for what is truly malformed about our human nature: Concupiscence, by its nature, cannot be satisfied. Otherwise, one sexual experience would suffice for the entirety of one’s life, just as one drink would satisfy an alcoholic for the rest of his life.
    Nor does it pay to get “old white men in suits to talk about” contraception, because that has already been done: The “old white [or any other color] men” Sophia Bush refers to have already discussed this, in the boardrooms of pharmaceutical companies. And they have already decided, long before either Sophia or even I was born, that it would be bad for their profit margin to create and market a 100% foolproof contraceptive: It would be a temporary market (and it would eliminate the demand for abortion).

    At this point in the discussion, it looks to me like the Sexual Revolution is running on fumes: The demographics of the entire world are changing, which proves that the contraceptive-abortion mentality of the Mad Murderer Margaret Sanger has triumphed. (I always refer to contraception assuming that abortion is as inseparable from it as one’s shadow is as inseparable from his person at high noon). So the Elites are running scared: They will seek to legalize, normalize and legitimize pedophilia and a host of other abominations. It will be of no use: The demographic edge belongs to Islam at this point in history: They do not contracept or abort, whatever else may be wrong with their ideology.
    So as demographics is destiny, the birth rates of “the House of War” outside of Islam will lose: When a nation’s birthrate falls below 1.3, it is not sociologically possible to regain a replacement rate (barring a miracle).
    Nietzsche, for all his faults, was right about one thing, namely, that the Europe of his time was decadent. The 20th Century was a series of trials and tribulations deigned to institutionalize that decadence. But now we have entered the tertiary stage of Nietzsche’s vicarious syphilis: Western Civilization WILL DIE. This is why E. Michael Jones and others have maintained that societies MUST suppress the sexual urge and sublimate it to its right end and place, namely, marriage—that institution which eugenics demands be abolished.
    We are about to witness how Civilization will become more decadent than Nietzsche—or British eugenics—ever could have conceived of. Sophia Bush, know your station in life.


  4. “For instance, if you’re in a master’s program, you might not want to have a kid until after that’s done.”
    “I work in TV. I can’t just get pregnant — that’s not an option for me…”

    So use your superior intellect and will power. Get an aspirin, place it between your knees, and squeeze to prevent it from falling. Or do what I did until after grad school and just abstain from situations in which you might get pregnant.

    Focus on the priorities of the present to achieve your desired future. And oh, BTW, many actresses DO get pregnant and work it into their series, or take time off. You have to weigh the benefits versus the risks. Then act accordingly, responsibly.

    We are NOT, contradictory to what an ex girlfriend once told me, mere animals. We can control our present, and through it, our future.

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    • While it might be fashionable to “plan one’s life” to a tee, it really is one’s responsibility to discern what God has in mind for them. I have four children and none of them were “planned”.

      Life presents us with challenges. We either embrace life as God’s will or we decide we’re in charge. We aren’t. No matter how many times you tell yourself otherwise, you’re not.

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      • lophatt . . . . What a wonderful reminder that God is really in charge of “our life’s plan” no matter what we may believe.

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      • Actually, planning ahead and being responsible and accountable aren’t fashionable; they’re taking the higher road and making the harder decisions. God gave us free will to make difficult choices. I choose not to get a woman pregnant by not engaging in activity that could very well lead to that. I don’t believe He expects us to merely act on desires and pleasures, although that’s a simplification of human behavior… especially within the confines of marriage. Marriage is not in the works for me, so I remain chaste, self-imposed. Denial isn’t the hardest choice/act in life.


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  6. She’s STILL miles ahead of the Liberals that,rather than use B.C.,get pregnant,get an abortion,get pregnant,get an abortion,get pregnant,get an abortion,until they just physically aren’t able to anymore. NEW law to propose-Abortions will be fully documented and submitted to the Health Dept. Before an Abortion can be done,the woman must be checked through the Health Dept. records for prior Abortions After the SECOND Abortion,MANDATED Sterilization. I guess now days we have to FORCE women to consider their options. Naturally,the BEST option is to be careful and don’t start creating Tricycle Motors until there’s a Marriage,but Humankind will NEVER wise up to THAT degree.

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    • I really came to appreciate this issue when I worked for the Navy. They had dozens of these young “WAVES” that had had four or five abortions. They made no distinction between abortions and birth control.

      When it first came to be legal, I suspected that this is where it would end up. At first it required careful thought, counseling, etc., and it was done at a hospital. Then Planned Parenthood came along promising services other than abortions.

      Anyone who doubts that the devil’s out there only has to look at this. You can’t deal with this “a little” just like you can’t be a “little pregnant”.

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  7. ManCavePatriot

    Who was the scriptwriter for that one-act play? She never addressed the fact that long-term use of hormones can trigger cancer, particularly breast cancer, in women. Having men talk about birth control may sound ‘progressive’, but taking chemicals that actually cause disease is a serious matter.

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    • Yep. That’s what its come down to…..convenience. Inconvenience is worse than death (the mother’s or the child’s). The true pro-life position is just that. The value of life is greater than the value of inconvenience.

      A recent corollary of this is the ” Snowflake” phenomena is this idea of “triggering”. Nobody should EVER be “triggered”. It is worse than death. If someone annoys you, go bash their head in. That’s how far we’ve come.

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  8. Never heard of her.

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