Michigan cop rescues baby skunk with head stuck in yogurt pot

Wandering around on the net, I found this video of a very kind police officer coming to the rescue of a hungry baby skunk who got its head stuck inside a yogurt container.

The AP reports (via Detroit Free Press) that on Sunday morning, August 2, 2015, Officer Merlin Taylor of Rochester Police in Michigan was called to the 400 block of W. Third St. because a baby skunk was running in circles in the street with its head stuck in an empty yogurt pot.

Watch how Officer Taylor gingerly approached the skunk and then, with swiftness and dexterity, pulled the container from the skunk’s head and quickly jumped away to avoid being sprayed.

Fortunately, baby skunks can’t spray like adults.

It is not the first time Officer Taylor has come to the rescue of animals in trouble.

A couple of years ago he saved some baby ducks that fell down a storm drain.

God bless this kind man!


8 responses to “Michigan cop rescues baby skunk with head stuck in yogurt pot

  1. traildustfotm

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  2. It is extremely wonderful to see that there are people in the world that have an affinity for God’s creatures, and stand ready to when in time of need. Truly, this man is a very good man. God Bless him.

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  3. I wonder if her still got sprayed by that scared skunk….

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  4. It is recommended that yogurt cups be cut in half before disposing of them. Yoplait is the worst, since it (for some unknown reason) is inverted in its shape.

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  5. That or stomp ’em flat before you throw ’em out.

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  6. Bravely done, Officer!


  7. Awe.. How awesome. I really wish Yoplait would redesign their yogurt cups.. It’s such a horrible design. I love skunks!


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