ManBearPig: Trump has “hurt our standing in the world”

Does anyone with a brain take this blowhard, energy-gobbling mansion owner and private carbon-emitting jet plane flyer hypocrite seriously?

And I thought proggies were all about “paying their fair share?” Heaven forbid we “undermine our alliances” with NATO by demanding they pay their fair share. Oh the horror!

From Hollywood Reporter: Al Gore spoke about Donald Trump and his withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement, as well as the controversy around Russia’s possible involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign, during an appearance on NBC’s Today on Monday.

“We’ve never had a president who’s deliberately made decisions, the effect of which is to tear down America’s standing in the world, starting with his withdrawal from the Paris agreement,” said the former vice president. “The climate crisis is by far the most serious challenge we face, but he’s also undermined our alliances such as NATO and hurt our standing in the world in many ways.”

Gore said that when he met with Trump after he was elected president, he found Trump “attentive” and had a “pleasant exchange” with him when they spoke about the environment.

“I had hoped he would come to his senses on the Paris agreement, but I was wrong,” said Gore, who has not spoken with Trump since the president’s decision on the climate-change agreement.

When asked about the Russia controversy, Gore said he thinks it is being buried that intelligence agencies have been unanimous in saying there has been “an unprecedented assault on our democracy” by Russia. “Everything that’s coming out now has to be seen in that context,” said Gore.

He declined to comment on Donald Trump Jr.’s recent scandal but said the country is going to “face some challenging months ahead.” He stressed that he has complete confidence in Robert Mueller, the independent counsel who is investigating the Trump campaign’s potential involvement with Russia.

Gore is promoting his Inconvenient Truth follow-up An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, which hits theaters on July 28.


13 responses to “ManBearPig: Trump has “hurt our standing in the world”

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    From gore the boar……..

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  2. Obama made America the laughingstock of the world. As for Russia being involved in Trump’s presidential campaign, what about Clinton and Russia? MSM needs to explain why they didn’t carry on about that.

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  3. Donald Trump has more than proved himself to be the Alpha Male, and South Park’s cartoon really describes the insanity that Al Gore deserves!

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    • Anonymous . . . that is the kind of info we really need to fight all the “Global Warming” BS.

      On thing that I see as devastating is that children are brought into this fight . . . they become scared to death that the world is going to imminently end, and thus they go along with “the program” at any cost. They don’t have have the knowledge, or sophistication to counter the “Inconvenient Truth” mantra.

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  4. “We’ve never had a president who’s deliberately made decisions, the effect of which is to tear down America’s standing in the world….”
    You mean like Bill Clinton,and BARACK Hussein Obama-Soetoro-______ (fill in most recent fake name) ?? Moreover-Obama’s INTENT was to tear down America’s standing in the World!

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  5. The only global warming I see is this fat ass’s head exploding and polluting the air with his stinking shit?

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  6. Let the plagiarism continue. Gore is an inflated bloviator. He stands for nothing except from what he can profit.
    If all these little liberal global warming do gooders would get their heads out of their rears for just a minute and concentrate on a real problem, they would find more serious problems out there that need immediate attention.
    I mean all the rain forests being decimated and thus the extinction of hundreds of species. I don’t they will find the dispute of what is really happening to the forests like the disputes with global warming/cooling.
    Take Madagascar for one example. Madagascar is the home where they are still finding new species and home of the only specimen of many species and yet they are allowing massive tree mining to the extent where it will soon be that serious erosion will destroy the country.
    It breaks my heart ot think one of my favorite animals, the lemur, with dozens of varieties, could soon be wiped out.
    This will be the real test of where their “concern” stands. Or their agendas.

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