Students love socialism…but can’t define what it is

Excellent video from Campus Reform.

This is gubermint edumacajion at work.


33 responses to “Students love socialism…but can’t define what it is

  1. I have done hundreds of videos and interviews like this over the years. To prove the pathetic state of education, I ask graduating high school seniors the following question, “What causes ocean tides?” 95% have no idea.

    We are doomed.

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  2. Oh so much to learn. They can’t define socialism -communism, Marxism, collectivism, because they associate the word with –community, civility, collective, group; it is like one way, keep moving!

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    • How God allowed this most despicable piece of rotten flesh be born? Why wasn’t he aborted at the time he was hashed. He followed no doctrine because he had no God, he murdered for pleasure, to satisfy his ego, the only way to feel dominance. HE WAS NOT A DOCTOR BUT A BUTCHER of young men and women. ” Don’t kill me, I am more valuable to you alive”. I wish I had been that bullet to slowly penetrate his head and ripped his brain inch by inch. I am glad he was done the same way he did it to the innocent that didn’t want to live under communism. I hate him till I no longer can breath. I celebrate his death.

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      • Alma . . . i could not agree with you more! Thank you for putting it in words that everyone can understand. I shudder when I see young people wearing tee shirts displaying his ugly mug.

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  3. How can you like something if you know nothing about it? To like a certain food you have to try it then you wan to learn the ingredients, same for all things.

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    • I suspect, for a joiner, acceptance is all that matters. They really aren’t about understanding anything, that might interfere with the acceptance urge.

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  4. It’d be interesting to take all these pro-Socialism kids and send ’em on a Month long field trip to a typical Socialist Country to live. I’d like to hear how they feel about Socialism once they’ve lived a Month up to their ears in it.

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  5. No wonder college students voted for Bernie “socialist millionaire” Sanders.

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  7. they can’t define much nowadays except anything related to cell phones or some new tech device…speaking of cell phones, did you know a florida attorney named jimmy gonzalez, died from multiple cancers from his cell phone a few years ago? including hand cancer in the hand where he held his phone:
    kids today are obsessed with their phones, not their education; but I believe what happened to jimmy is a precursor for what awaits these youth with all the time they spend on their phones and holding them in their hands, to their heads, and wearing them in their pockets.

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    • Yep, we’re gonna see some “bottom” cancers for sure since so many carry their phones in a back pocket of their pants!!

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        • it is really sad how these younger generations are becoming so contaminated emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and in health…
          this is corporate america’s (satanic/atheist/deviant/communists who own corporations and banks and are using their corporate status to influence impressionable youth) dream come true because the biggest enemy of corporations is the intelligent and wise (not “smart”) individual who exists without use of them and holds on to the Lord for his salvation.
          the younger generations have no understanding of life without corporate influence…independence…they are essentially living their lives at the behest of a series of continuous commercials…a “truman show” effect, if you will; all blessed and protected by the govt.
          in the name of equality, the youth have been programmed to lose their identities, even their gender, sexual “orientation”, marriage (false “homosexual” marriage), and patriotism; they have been made to believe the govt needs to care for them; they worship technology, not the Lord; and with all the vaccinations, birth control pills (population control pills), sex reassignment surgeries, cancers and chemo and surgeries (esp. plastic surgeries) they have been propagandized to believe the pharmaceutical/medical industry will give them the life they have been told to desire through a pill and a knife. individuality is becoming extinct, while groupthink or collectivism is becoming the norm.
          “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking” – Benjamin Franklin

          these youth are being taught to not think for themselves (“smart” cell phones and tablets, even “smart” refrigerators and cars do that for them), therefore they do not question, especially authority…
          this isn’t by happenstance, this is the goal of those who follow satan.
          the younger generations have been enslaved and their only freedom is through the Lord who will break every addiction and shed the light of Truth on their dismal world.

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  8. I get a kick out of how many young people begin sentences with “Like” or “I mean,”. HA! Any time a sentence begins with “Like” or “I mean” you can be sure there’s no good reason to pay attention to anything that follows those words. I mean, like, you know what I mean?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    [Link:) Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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    These young people need to experience socialism by going to Cuba and living to understand what socialism really is.


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  11. I teach about socialism in a day in my middle school classroom—whether it’s in my art or history classes. I don’t know if the lesson “sticks” in my students’ minds or not as they age, but at least I try: I wait for a particularly “high-interest” project or test…in which most of the class is enthusiastically swept up/looking forward to a pat on the back for their efforts. When I pass out results, I ask them who got A’s…& they proudly raise hands to be recognized publicly. Then, B’s, C’s, D’s F’s. At the end of this little grade review, I tell them that, in the interest of globalism, fairness, & sharing out wealth with our fellows, so everyone “feels good” & can “get along” equally toward graduation —I’m going to take points away from the A’s and B’s to give to the D’s & F’s so everyone is more near the “C” of average & equal to each other. Even in middle school—it’s the D/F students who cheer wildly.

    Of course, we talk about the results of this “experiment” in the classroom (and I DO NOT follow through with the point transfers) and even the D and F kids see right away that, if we did this routinely in school classrooms, the A and B kids would simply stop working innovatively, creatively, or even just for excellence. Why bother? They also understand that (similar to JFK’s allegory about this subject) if the “big boats” sink….they ALL are doomed. Or, as the Iron Lady once said, “Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money.”

    Question: If middle school kids can grasp this so quickly in ONE lesson, why is our government increasingly trifling with socialism over and over again as we put more and more years between we modern citizens and the Founder’s Constitution?

    And PS….I didn’t have any of the kids featured in the video in either of my classes, ever! 🙂

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    • If you’re really asking a question, I suppose its because, when one is a child, one is trying to grow up. When some reach adulthood, they panic and want to be taken care of. Obviously, socialism is an embrace of dependency.

      In addition, for Christians, we have an obligation to our fellow man. I certainly believe this and try to fulfill my obligation. Some have difficulty understanding that simply giving is not enough. It can be, if the recipient is helpless. A better help, for those who are capable, is to teach the person how to fend for their self.

      Socialism is great at appealing to higher standards in people as an excuse to make them dependent. Obviously somebody has to pay for this.

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  12. The terms “social” & “community” are used to slip all the lies past the morons.
    Couldn’t they interview people who knew, and if they were socialists, ask them to defend their position?
    If they claimed to be Capitalists confess how they were financing their educations.
    If you are a capitalist you are not empathetic; you are a fascist, right?
    If you are a socialist you are a altruistic giving person, only you use other people’s money.


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