Joan Walsh trashes Ivanka Trump: “I don’t mean to sound sexist but…”

This comes from the oh-so-progressive editor-at-large of Salon and an MSLSD political analysis. Beautiful Ivanka living rent-free in proggies’  heads.

Buckle up cupcakes, ‘ya got three and one half years left of the current administration.


16 responses to “Joan Walsh trashes Ivanka Trump: “I don’t mean to sound sexist but…”

  1. Not only are you a sexist, Joan Walsh, you’re a bitch.

    I’m no fan of Ivanka given such an important role in gov’t. by Trump, but this is the pink dress she wore at the G20 which Walsh says is so inappropriate:

    For inappropriate attire for a professional woman, look no further than Salon editor-in-chief Joan Walsh herself in this interview, showing her black bra-straps underneath an unflattering tank-top:

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  2. My daddy always said, “Everything in front of the word BUT is BS.”

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  3. Envy is EVIL. Traveling abroad well manner Ivanka Trump represents US. She is modern, young, educated and classy. Washout Joan Walsh looks “sweaty” (yuk) grrrrreasy hair and sloppy dressed. No matter the color of the outfit or the clothes you wear, it has to be within you to make you who you are.

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    • Alma . . . i could not agree more. Judging from the picture that Dr Eowyn has put up for us, Ms Walsh needs to either purchase a new bra, or be fitted for one that really is the size and cup she should be wearing. Also, I see she is a woman who is certainly approaching the age where she needs to either hit the gym and work on toning her upper arms, or start wearing tops with sleeves. She really does not present well in that picture.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    It seems to be getting lost some where, or may just the relevance, but men like girlies, though no real man likes girlie men.

    I don’t understand why some think a woman can’t be professional and be a woman at the same time, though it is true many men are suckers for the evocative.

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  5. Absolutely. She should have nose and pit hair showing like Lena Dunham or Hillary. All these “powerful women” should look like “Big Sis”.

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  6. Walsh is so petty as to think people gauge a Woman’s intelligence and capability by what she WEARS. Joan Walsh apparently doesn’t value herself highly at all,from her APPEARANCE. (sarc)
    I think Ivanka has proven herself to be strong,intelligent,confident and capable of handling pretty much anything that comes up,and her beauty is just icing on the cake. I’m quite sure those she was at the table with were LISTENING TO HER,not thinking of her choice in clothing. INTELLIGENT people do that,ya know,they’re interested in a person’s substance-not distracted by the person’s appearance,whether good or bad.

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    • truck . . . You re soooo right! If you had to listen to one or the other of these women, I rather think people would choose to interact with the one that looks put together (meaning Ivanka.) I do believe that so many of these lefties are just jealous, so their feline claws come out.

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    • Jealousy is an ugly vice. She’s “comfortable in her skin” and it shows and puts everyone around her at ease. Walsh is jealous. It shows.

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  7. Ivanka could wear a burlap sack and flipflops and still look a thousand times better than Joan Walsh.

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  8. How are they ever gonna top this?

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  9. Walsh is one of those gender neutral types. You know the kind that wear onesies and claim to be be on a sliding sexual index going from gerbil to pig.

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