A Twitter hashtag I wholeheartedly support!


Apparently this was happening on Twitter yesterday.

Wonder if all the celebrities who said they’d leave the USA if Trump was elected will follow this guy in the hashtag?


10 responses to “A Twitter hashtag I wholeheartedly support!

  1. Good, pajama boy, we’ll help you pack… enjoy the violent migrants!

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  2. Hey, its a great idea. They should each take two “migrants” with them. Of course I actually like Europe. They should go to Israel. That’s somewhere where they’ll be appreciated.

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  3. LOL!!! The guy in that photo is such an obvious Dooosh!!! Completely cucked libtard brought to you by decades of Communist Core/Objectves-Based Education and a Zio-Communist controlled media!
    He really should go to the land whose creators/financers are responsible for the TALMUDIC-inspired insanity that now threatens to enslave us all: http://vikingalthing.org/article/quotes-holy-talmud-hell-anyone-want-expel-people/
    BTW ISRAEL DID 911 to advance the Oded Yinon Greater Israel Project. As a bonus, they get to flush TENS OF MILLIONS of Muslims displaced by their US-led bogus ‘war on terror’ into Europe and NA thereby destroying what’s left of Western Christendom and secular culture: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it


  4. HAHA! love it!
    I’d love to see the looks on their faces when reality gives them a hard smack….they should video their experiences and post them to youtube…what a good laugh we will all have…

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  5. Seems to me a fairly large number of those who said they’d leave the US under a Trump-MAGA Administration are now working hard,privately AND publicly to subvert the US,and as such,would this not amount to Treason? Could they be officially declared “Persona Non Grata” inside the USA Borders?

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  6. Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!
    If the news out of Europe these days is any indication, Europe won’t be around for long. Zee Ya!

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  7. It’s a talent to look like a douchebag? Who knew???

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  8. Hope these goobers learn Arabic and Farsi.

    They are going to need them.

    • Sooner rather than later.

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  9. Bye, Bye, Bye!!!!

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  10. Don’t let the door knob hit you on your way out.

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