Report: Child-welfare investigator concluded that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused foster son

Ed Murray with husband Michael Shiosaki

In April, Dr. Eowyn reported that homosexual Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was accused of having sexually molested a 15-year-old boy in the 1980s. At the time, Murray would have been in his early 30s.

From her blog post:

“Lewis Kamb and Jim Brunner report for Seattle Times that on April 6, 2017, a 46-year-old man with the initials D.H., a resident of Kent, Washington, filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court, claiming that Ed Murray had “raped and molested him” over several years, beginning in 1986 when the man was a 15-year-old crack-cocaine addicted high-school dropout. Murray gave the teen payments of $10 to $20.

Murray vehemently denied the allegations and abruptly canceled a scheduled news conference about police reform.

Two other men, Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson, had accused Murray of abusing them in the 1980s when Simpson was 13 and Anderson was 16 years old. Both men had known Murray when they were growing up in a Portland center for troubled children.”

Now news comes out that the mayor, who is not seeking re-election this year, was investigated by Oregon Child Protective Services (CPS) in 1984. The CPS determined that Murray should never again be a foster parent.

From (via the Seattle Times) reports that a child welfare investigator in Oregon concluded in 1984 that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused his foster son, The Seattle Times reports.

The Oregon Child Protective Services investigation validated Jeff Simpson’s allegations of abuse, according to public records the Times obtained.

Mayor Murray has publicly denied the allegations and made it a point that prosecutors in Oregon decided not to charge him years ago.

Simpson is one of four men who have accused the mayor of abuse when they were teenagers. Most recently, Delvonn Heckard, dropped a lawsuit against Murray, but promised to refile when the mayor has completed his term. Lloyd Anderson and Lavon Jones also allege the mayor sexually abused them.

Mayor Murray dropped out of the race for re-election, claiming Heckard’s lawsuit would be too distracting for the city. But he believes the withdrawal of Heckard’s case vindicates him.

As for Simpson, the Times reports that the Multnomah County prosecutor withdrew a criminal case against Murray not because they thought Simspon was lying, but because of his “troubled personality.”

Both Murray and Simpson appeared to be surprised that the CPS records still exist.  The Times reports that upon hearing the news, Simpson responded: “Wow, wow. Thank you, Jesus.”

In an interview with the Times, Murray and his attorney questioned why Oregon officials would have held on to the CPS records without notifying the mayor. Murray pointed out that a criminal case was withdrawn before a jury could vote to indict him.

“Other than the salacious nature of it, I don’t see what the story is,” Murray told the Times. “The system vindicated me. They withdrew the case.”

The CPS records also show that child-welfare officials decided that Ed Murray should never again be a foster parent.

Read the Seattle Times report here. But you won’t be allowed to comment. The Seattle Times has closed this article to comments, which they frequently do on articles they must deem “controversial.”


19 responses to “Report: Child-welfare investigator concluded that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused foster son

  1. Ed Murray is the reason why homosexual men should not be allowed to adopt or be foster parents.

    Since an Oregon child welfare investigation concluded that Murray sexually abused his foster son, why was he not prosecuted? Furthermore, since the investigation took place 33 years ago in 1984, why was this man elected mayor of Seattle?

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  2. Castration in cold blood.

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  3. My teeth are not dripping with blood but, every time I see how these human wastes can bring pain to children I can only feel that they should be punished in the worse possible way,

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    • Bullet to the head. End of conversation. Pedophiles, rapists, why even waste tax payers money? If there is irrefutable evidence, just put an end to misery.

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  4. This is a travesty . . . but here in Oregon, you know the liberals run everything, so I have no doubt that they decided to overlook his indiscretions! I am thrilled to hear that the young man is going to pursue legal action against this cretin. Thank Heavens Seattle will be rid of him, once and for all.

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    • Is it possible to get a change in venue? I seriously doubt the boy would get Justice with the local “Good ol’ Boys Club” handling the proceedings.

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  5. E. Michael Jones and others have argued—successfully, I insist—that the survival of Civilization itself depends on the widespread and accepted suppression of the sexual urge. Let’s face it: Even if we leave Original Sin out of the equation, we must admit, in the words of Eric Hoffer, that “Life must have stunk throughout most of history.” Yes, it has. And no driving force has had the success of suppressing, and then sublimating, the sexual urge than Christendom.
    This is absolutely essential to our very survival. When one unleashes his sexual urge with wild abandon, doors are open to disease, abuse, revenge and street justice. As I write, Europe is being destroyed by invading hoardes who rape women (and even men and children) in public, with no consequences at all.
    Make no mistake: People die because of this. Murray has been credibly accused by a number of men of sexually depraved acts. It may be too late for criminal prosecution, but make no mistake: Someone out there like Murray will cross the line and effectively bring on his own doom. People cannot carry on like this without consequence: I knew a heterosexual lothario when I worked for Merrill Lynch 43 years ago. “The Magic Alex,” as we used to call him, died doing what he loved: Making love to another man’s wife, the husband came home and caught them in bed. The man shot Alex to death on the spot.
    But as I said, he died “doing what he loved.” (I would imagine Alex is really smoking now!)

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    • I must disagree that the “suppression of the sexual urge” is the answer to anything, let alone the survival of the species. Same way abolishing guns is not the answer to violence, or taking away people’s God given right to make choices is the answer to anything. That’s the liberal, oppressive way of the PTB: you need to be regulated, because you cannot do it yourself, you cannot make wise choices, etc. Without sexual the urge none of us would be here. It’s unregulated (like in lack of self-regulation, which is not resolved with suppression, but with ethics, obeying Natural – read God’s – Laws, etc.,) that is the problem. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Sex does not kill people, unbridled sex, perverted sex, deviations, etc., are the problem. This said, if by “suppression of the sexual urge” you mean self-control, I agree.

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  6. Father Ed?

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  7. I’m shocked, shocked I say, to read that a sodomite would sodomize young boys!

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  8. Popcorn time! “LGBTQ commission tells Seattle mayor to resign”


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