Monday Horror: No one will hire us because of Trump

One reason why President Trump continues to tweet is because Twitter affords him a direct way to communicate to the American people, without having to depend on the fake-news MSM as a medium.

A couple of days ago, President Trump sent out this tweet, showing the employment gains since he was inaugurated.

But there’ll be no employment for these two.

H/t maziel

Come to think of it, maybe those two mutilated their faces with plastic surgery into grotesque devil masks as a way to avoid working so as to stay on welfare. Can they claim this as a Social Security disability?

But I doubt it.

I think it’s a case of demonic possession.

What do you think?

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23 responses to “Monday Horror: No one will hire us because of Trump

  1. Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You.

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  2. David, A child of the TRUE GOD!

    This is a non disabling SELF inflicted deformity that should NOT qualify them for Social Security. I wonder if they have EVER had a job and paid into S.S?????? If you don’t pay into S.S. you should never qualify except if your husband/ wife was eligible and has passed away!

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    • Under Obama, obesity now qualifies as a Social Security disability.

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      • And yet my Bro Dutch,with 2 heart surgeries,one shoulder surgery,two neck surgeries (his ex had good Co. insurance,before she left him) and two bad knees still needing replacement had to fight tooth-n-nail to get a Provisional Disability,State-run,I think,through SIIS, He doesn’t qualify for SSD because he was a stay-at-home Dad and raised his kids while his wife worked for JOIN. As bad as it screwed him financially,I still think he did the right thing. They’re GREAT kids,now young Adults.
        (He gets $770.00/mo.,but if he does ANYTHING to augment that,they take him off the Disability. Example-his extended family in the Midwest has some oil property,and he gets a small occasional Royalty check. He submitted the check stubs for over 2 years,showing Royalty checks of $12.00-38.00-most were around$15.00 quarterly. They ignored the average,which they SHOULD use as a baseline,and docked him for the single $38.00 check,so they take the $38.00 out of every Disability check. Even if he was ABLE to work,they’d pull him off Disability as soon as he started,so he’d have to start at at least the same money he currently gets. How many of us can live on $732.00 per month,with no “earned income” permitted? Sounds to me like a FORCED Welfare System,designed to PREVENT people from bettering their lives and living conditions. BTW-Some of his injuries happened in a truck accident in Canada as a youth,the rest happened at a job he worked before he applied for Disability.
        Like he says,”Nobody ever said life would be fair.”
        Sorry for getting so “wordy”-it just really bugs me that people who really NEED assistance can’t get it because of all those defrauding the life out of the Disability Programs.

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      • Frankly, as it pertains to these two, a mental disorder might qualify them. I suppose they could get on with the circus or as tour guides for the Satanic memorials that are going up all over the place.

        But, in seriousness, yes, possession is certainly a possibility.

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  3. I think any surgeon that participates in such mutilation should lose their license.
    I agree with the writer, this was done to get out of working. They could still clean ditches, paint grafitti, clean state rest rooms. It is what they deserve.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Certainly do agree with you. There are jobs they could do, albeit menial, and perhaps not too interesting . . . but really I think the CEO of a Fortune 500 company is out of the question for either of these freaks.

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      • Unless they’re brilliant enough (trying not to laugh as I say this) to create something fantastic,like Bill Gates did-or SAYS he did.

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        • truck . . . I must concede, you do have a point thee. I guess I am not able to see the forest for the trees, since I cannot even contemplate that anyone who would deform themselves to this degree would have the intelligence to come up with or create some ultimate, spiffy, mind-blowing, fantastic marketable product that would allow their path to billionaire status (or even millionaire status . . . . or for that matter would allow them to even have two nickles to rub together!)

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        • It’s against my better judgement, but I have to ask. Where did they get the money to mutilate themselves with in the first place?

          Then, where do you find a doctor who is willing to do this to someone? There are people who, through no fault of their own, are horribly mutilated and would do anything for reconstructive surgery. These two mutts do THIS?


          • lophatt . . . You have just asked the $64,000 question. Where, indeed, did they get the money to pay for such grotesque mutilation of one’s face? Doctor’s skilled enough to create this kind of gruesome plastic surgery really do not come for cheap.


  4. Trump (or any president, for that matter) ain’t exactly their problem…

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  5. They can work at a circus, entertaining, no face painting required, at least make a decent(?) living and not bilking my money I am obligated to give Washington.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    How disgusting to think these idiots would destroy their body in such a manner when it is on loan to them from God.

    No sympathy from this corner of the world – only job they are eligible FOR are in a FREAK SHOW. Go for it, man, you are qualified.


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  8. Horrifying. And all the more so when you consider that “doctors” agreed to mutilate these people. Beyond evil.

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  9. Sorry, guys—the Coney Island freak show closed years ago.
    Plastic surgery like this does open a door or portal to the demonic. I wouldn’t be surprised.
    We need mental institutions again.

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    • Yeah-we’ve needed ’em since before they started closing ’em down,when the “authorities” decided a prescription would make everyone sane enough to walk the streets.

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  11. I don’t know what their problem is. But it has nothing to do with President Trump. That work was started way before he came on the scene.

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