Welfare mom brags about raping taxpayers

The Conservative Tribune reports that in a viral clip uploaded to the Internet, a welfare mom of 3 in Brooklyn brags about raping stupid taxpayers, who work 9 to 5, of their hard-earned money.

Language Warning: The woman’s rant is full of f_, s_ and a_obscenities and nearly incomprehensible.

I was able to make out these words:

“Fuck it, I don’t pay taxes.

Fuck Trump. I’m gonna rape that shit sitting on my ass.”

Send this to President Trump, and ask that this woman be stripped of all welfare benefits: SNAP or food stamps, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, public housing, Medicaid . . . .

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33 responses to “Welfare mom brags about raping taxpayers

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  2. II Thes “…..if any would not work, neither shall he eat.” Cut ALL her welfare benefits, period!

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    • She just confessed repeatedly to Welfare Fraud,too. She should lose all her benefits,do Prison time and by law,she has to pay back EVERYTHING she used her defrauding the system to gain. An Anger Management course wouldn’t be a bad idea either. (Maybe TWO-there was a LOT of rage there…)

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  3. A mother of three, she really is a mother…… and to think our hard earned taxed money goes to that scum bag. And to know that those three kids are going to be just like her, it is a never ending story of the low lives that pollute our country from one extreme to the other. Say, You are 18 years old now? Make them go in the military, the only way to pay back the money your mother raped us from!

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    • Alma . . . I agree 100% with you. It’s these single mothers with this wretched mentality producing multiple children that will break the back of the American taxpayer.

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  4. I can’t get over the fact that that thing reproduced. That voice makes me want to stick my arm through those damn earrings and rip ’em out. So gross, so disgusting! Unfortunately, that creature is not the only one of her kind. Ugly, loud, foul-mouthed, ignorant slime. She’ll get hers one day.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Is this just another rachel dolezal? Looks a little light skinned to be acting and sounding like such a fool. May be just one more illegal alien proud of her free ride.

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  6. II Thes 3:10, sorry I didn’t complete the scripture.

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  7. Wow. She should’ve been sterilized long ago. Maybe try ECT therapy too.

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  8. Looking at this somewhat lightly, that woman needs double concentration in her studies, anger management and language management. Many needed minors also come to mind. More seriously, what would a few inbred generations of her kind be like? We will never know, for their extinction has been planned by those who seeks most of ours as well.

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  10. Considering her wonderful personality and sweet words, it’s a wonder anyone took the chance to procreate with her. Feel sorry for her kids.

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  11. I wonder what she’s on-she’s higher-n-a kite on something. Whatever it is,she’ll miss it while she’s in Prison trying to recover from her abuse of it.
    (If she really IS like this normally,GET THOSE KIDS AWAY FROM HER-NOW!) Naturally she should lose her kids as part of her sentencing. I can only imagine the terror those kids endure with her…

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    • She be talking’ trash. We must overcome our white privilege to learn how to speak jive. Just think of the profound things we could learn from someone like her. She’s probably a philosopher from Uranus.

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  12. Shouldn’t this creature run for Congress? No doubt her fellow citizens will vote her in. As long as she runs on Hillary’s party line that is.

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  13. Why just brag about trashing Trump, we all know she has done this under Obama also? Maybe even Bush.
    I have said it before, you get the same amount of money for one or ten kids, makes no difference. I bet births from people like her would slow down.
    She doesn’t deserve to be called a mother and she sure in the heck needs to work for the state to earn it. And drug testing.

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  14. I’m not usually a supporter of goobermint taking someone’s children away.

    But this is an exception, as this crazy bitch has no business raising children.

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  16. It’s free, swipe yo’ EBT…

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  17. Karma need not visit this one as her life is already horrible due to the fact that she is who she is. What punishment could be worse?

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    • True,but her KIDS’ lives don’t need to be as horrible as hers is;They’ve done nothing to deserve that.

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      • truckjunkie, they don’t know any better, they are growing in that environment and it is ok to them, remember kids will follow in the parents footsteps.


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  19. Yeah, we can get offended and self-righteous all we want. But if it was not welfare, the PTB would just waste our taxes on something else. They’ll never give it back.

    And this poor woman? She is the creation of the New World Order folks. She turned out just exactly what they want us to be. She is worse than a slave, because she cannot even dream of freedom.


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