Senator Maria Cantwell (Demorat – WA) fails spelling

There’s a reason many in Washington state call her “Cantdowell.”

h/t Laura


12 responses to “Senator Maria Cantwell (Demorat – WA) fails spelling

  1. How many ways can you spell stupid???

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  2. Mariaaaahhh mariaaaahh, i just met a girl named Maria, and she Cantdowell, not even spell, a naaaaame , Mariaaahhh, it is Medicaid, ( to the tune of Broadway’s West Side Story).

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    • One of my favorite movies of all time… except that they die in the end, just as in Romeo & Juliet.

      Natalie Wood… sigh.

      “Gee, Officer Krupke, Krup you!”

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  3. Shouldn’t “Medicad” end in an “e”? No, I get a n “f”?

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  4. Goobermint ejumikashion.

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  5. Now I know why dhimmierats believe they are so superior to the mere proles.

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  6. D’oh!

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  7. She isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. She IS a “party girl”, however. She’s a fellow traveler with the mayor of Seattle. Washington has an incredible gaggle of losers in office.

    And yes, they DO think they’re superior to us eaters. They know who they work for and it ain’t us.

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  8. What’s important here to remember is, her constituents can’t spell either.
    They only programed to only to remember the letter ‘D’ when entering a voting booth.
    PS; I can’t help but to wonder how much tax payer money was spent on this misspelled visual aid and why didn’t the printer correct the misspelled word? *** Unless, they wanted to print exactly what was given to them to create.

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  9. It is no surprise that dems don’t know how to spell. They also don’t know history. In an attempt to ban the Confederate Battle Flag from VA cemeteries, house dems exhibited a flag with 17 stars on it. The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia never had more than 13 starts on it. So they didn’t even know what flag they wanted to ban. If they want to protest fine, but please get it right.

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  10. No, no, no. Medicad is a computer program used to help design a sustainable healthcare program in 3d. Much like Autocad is used to design blueprints that can be fed into a computer. Ha, ha, ha
    What a bunch of maroons

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  11. Jackie Puppet

    She needs to change her name to Cantspell.

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