New study finds chemotherapy causes cancer to spread

There are two types of cancer treatment:

  • Local therapy: Treatments directed at the cancerous anatomic areas, such as surgery, radiation therapy, and hyperthermia therapy.
  • Systemic therapy: The use of drugs, introduced into the blood stream, and therefore in principle is able to address cancer at any anatomic location in the body, e.g., hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a type of systemic treatment for cancer which uses cytotoxic drugs, i.e., intracellular poisons, to shrink cancerous tumors by inhibiting mitosis, the process of cell division, eventually leading to cell death. The problem is the cytotoxic drugs don’t just kill cancer cells but also damage normal cells, especially cells that divide rapidly and are thus sensitive to anti-mitotic drugs: cells in the bone marrow, digestive tract and hair follicles. This results in the most common side-effects of chemotherapy: myelosuppression (decreased production of blood cells, hence also immunosuppression), mucositis (inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract), and alopecia (hair loss).

But a new study has found something even worse and truly perverse about chemotherapy: Although it shrinks cancerous tumors, chemotherapy actually spreads (or metastasizes) cancer throughout the patient’s body.

The team of 16 scientists — led by Dr. George S. Karagiannis, a post-doc at the Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York — published their findings, “Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism,” in the peer-reviewed journal, Science Translational Medicine, vol. 9, issue 397, July 5, 2017.

Although the study was conducted on breast cancer, logically the findings should apply to other cancers as well, especially in view of the fact that breast cancer is one of the most common types of (cancerous) tumors.

malignant breast cancer cells

Karagiannis et al. focused their study on a group of cells called tumor microenvironment of metastasis (TMEM), which serve as gateways for cancerous tumor cells to enter the vasculature or circulatory system.

The scientists discovered that, in addition to killing tumor cells, chemotherapy treatment can increase the amounts of TMEM, leading to increased intravasation — the entrance and circulation of foreign material (cancerous cells) into the bloodstream.

Here’s the article’s Abstract:

Breast cancer cells disseminate through TIE2/MENACalc/MENAINV-dependent cancer cell intravasation sites, called tumor microenvironment of metastasis (TMEM), which are clinically validated as prognostic markers of metastasis in breast cancer patients. Using fixed tissue and intravital imaging of a PyMT murine model and patient-derived xenografts, we show that chemotherapy increases the density and activity of TMEM sites and Mena expression* and promotes distant metastasis. Moreover, in the residual breast cancers of patients treated with neoadjuvant paclitaxel after doxorubicin plus cyclophosphamide, TMEM score and its mechanistically connected MENAINV isoform expression pattern were both increased, suggesting that chemotherapy, despite decreasing tumor size, increases the risk of metastatic dissemination. Chemotherapy-induced TMEM activity and cancer cell dissemination were reversed by either administration of the TIE2 inhibitor rebastinib or knockdown of the MENA gene. Our results indicate that TMEM score increases and MENA isoform expression pattern changes with chemotherapy and can be used in predicting prometastatic changes in response to chemotherapy. Furthermore, inhibitors of TMEM function may improve clinical benefits of chemotherapy in the neoadjuvant setting or in metastatic disease.

*Note: “Mena expression” refers to the Mena protein, a key potentiator and modulator of cellular migration and, therefore, is a prometastatic factor.

The scientists do have one piece of good news: They found that a drug called rebastinib can interfere with TMEM activity and help overcome chemotherapy’s increased risk of cancer cell metastasis or dissemination.

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27 responses to “New study finds chemotherapy causes cancer to spread

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  2. This study pertains to cytotoxic drugs, i.e., intracellular poisons, that kill cancer cells but also damage normal cells, . But does it pertain to the cytostatic drugs, i.e. targeted therapy drugs, which are not poisons but merely inhibitors of mitosis of specific types of cells, e.g. only specific types of cancer cells? An example of the cytostatic drugs is sutent (sunitinib malate) which works by blocking the action of the abnormal proteins that signal cancer cells to multiply and that call for additional blood supply to develop to feed the cancer cells.

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    • I provided embedded links to:

      (1) The journal article, which you can read for yourself.
      (2) The web-page of the study’s leading author, which has “Contact” info. that you can click on.

      And now I’ll even do your work for you. Here’s his address. Why don’t you ask him?

      George S Karagiannis, DVM, PhD
      Post-Doctoral Fellow
      Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology
      Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
      1301 Morris Park Avenue
      Price 208
      Bronx, NY, 10461


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  4. God helps us all, I am able to say that twelve years ago I had chemo, indescribable, it is Purgatory on Earth. I

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  5. We knew this. Chemo is poison; part of the depopulation program and a way for doctors to make a lot of money!

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  6. Yet, Big Pharma is no doubt raking in the big bucks selling the chemo drugs. I wonder if doctors will change how they are doing things in light of this finding.

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  7. chemotherapy is a toxic concoction derived from mustard gas in WW1…and has been very profitable for the chemical/pharmaceutical industries for over a century.
    The first patient died 6 months after being given the chemicals by a doctor named Haddow in 1942…..yet it was pursued anyway and has come to be part of the front-line in the battle for “treating” cancer.
    Those who survive are very fortunate, because most do not. I believe more people have died from chemo than all the wars combined.

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    A posting most worthy of attention.

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  9. I’ve long held that chemo helped destroy the ability for the immune system to function. I view the immune system as key to fighting everything from virii to cancer. I mean, as many cells as the human body produces over a lifetime, some percentage has to be mutant and it’s the immune systems job to find these and eliminate them. The almighty designed healing and maintenance into us, I suspect chemo and radiation defeats healing.

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  10. Oops forgot to mention some suspect cancer may be caused by virii, especially that found in vaccines.

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  11. A few years ago I remember hearing that Cancer was created by the US Government to eliminate a certain group of people (?),but at the time I wasn’t paying much attention;I knew,back then,that the US Government would NEVER do something like THAT. I’m not so gullible now….

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    • truck . . . “I knew back then, that the US Government would NEVER do something like THAT. I’m not so gullible now …” Sounds like there are a whole lot of us in the same boat . . . the age of innocence is over for many of us!

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  12. Well, if the government wanted to eliminate people, what happened? Big mistake, I’m still hanging around!

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    • I’m not sure you’re in their target zone,nor are most of us. Besides-remember-this is the US Government we’re talking about,they RARELY get anything right the first time. (sarc)
      If I remember correctly,they wanted to eliminate select Minorities,Blacks in particular. They also monkeyed with Venereal Diseases in similar parameters back around the end of WW-II. (Don’t kill the Messenger.) I wish I could find the article this was mentioned in,but as I said,at the time I didn’t give it any credibility,so I wasn’t paying close attention. If anyone can shed more light on this,please feel free to correct me.
      Apparently their chemists/scientists weren’t as sharp as they thought. With all their resources,you’d think they could work up a disease that works faster and more conclusively than the average Cancer. Even Nature has ’em beat,with that skin-eating toxin that some spiders carry;how tough could it be to find a way for THAT to invade the “less-desirable-to-the-Elites” segments of society?


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  14. One of my late girlfriends had breast cancer, and they put her on chemo–it was so bad at one point that, when she found out that the drugs given to her were in and of themselves poison, she decided to stop the chemo. She had been suffering like a dog from those drugs, and spent most of each day alone at home, being so sick she almost couldn’t get off the couch. She was so desperate, especially since no one was at home to help her get through each day. Finally, when she found out what she did about the cancer drugs given to her, she called her doctor and told him she was refusing to take any more. He told her that they couldn’t declare her to be ‘cancer free’ for 10 years, instead of the usual 5, IF she stopped taking the drug[s]. She told him she’d take her chances.
    After that, she had about 10 great years of health and vitality, and was able to enjoy life with her family. But, after nearly 10 years, she was told the cancer was back. She had told me years earlier that she would never take the chemo ever again. However, due to her family’s pleading with her to take it again, she capitulated for their sake. They feared they’d lose her if she didn’t take it again. So, she took it. Just as she appeared to be doing better, though, she suddenly died, unexpectedly.
    It all left me wondering if faced with the choices she was faced with, if I could stand my ground and never let them give me those drugs, should I be diagnosed with cancer. Now, after all these years, my answer is YES. Nothing in this world could ever make me let them give me poison to treat any cancer I might develop. And, the more I learn about chemo the more I’m convinced I’m right about that. It’s sad, but unless they do a better job of curing it without ruining people’s lives while doing so, I’m just out, that’s all.

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    • I’m so sorry to read about your friend’s passing. I had a friend who died this past December after taking chemo AGAIN because her cancer resurfaced. She was insistent on listening to her oncologist (who reap enormous profits from chemo through bigpharma) and family to undergo chemo again. She trusted the doctor who was profiting from her illness. Those who survive chemo are very fortunate indeed (God bless them), yet they have a high recurrence rate because the chemo kills off cancer cells and immune cells…but it’s the Mother line of the cancer cells (cancer stem cells) that usually give rise to the recurrence of cancer (like drug resistance…the Mother line has learned defenses against the chemo); which is why cancer comes back after “successful” treatment with chemo.
      There is no way I would ever do chemo. I have heard many stories of people who have undergone chemo and “beat” cancer, but I have heard multiple times the stories of people who died from chemo. It is interesting to note that I was looking for statistics on the number of people who have died from chemo since it began over 70 years ago and I could find nothing.

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  15. My younger Sister had a Cancer on her chest for probably 15 years from the time her company Physician found it,did the biopsy and tried to get her to agree to surgery and a range of Cancer treatments;she refused. From then on,she knew about it but never sought medical help,never talked about it,never got treatment of it. 15 years on,she died-of a subdural hematoma. The autopsy showed the Cancer had spread very little in 15 years. Ironic,huh?


  16. Our late landlady, “Ma,” as we used to call her, died of breast cancer last year. Her daughter made the cannabis oil after acquainting herself with the work of Rik Simpson. “Ma” had beaten cancer some 20 or more years earlier, and she was convinced that cannabis oil had been the answer the first time around. Sadly, it did not work when her cancer returned.

    I knew a woman, Maureen, from my neighborhood cab driving days in Ridgewood, Queens. She went the chemo-radiation route. She was one tough bird: She fought like a lion for about eight years. In the end, she died from cancer, too.

    We don’t know all we need to know about this horrible condition. Some say it is a fungal disease. Others have said it is aggravated by fluctuations in one’s pH level. Still others insist—given what we know about the polio vaccine horror, launched upon America in the 1950’s—that it is a viral disease. Certainly, environmental factors play a major role, also.

    I have read and heard much, also, that cancer is a POLITICAL problem: That, as it is a $200 billion a year industry, The Powers That Be work hard to keep those cash registers clinking.
    I’ve had aunts and uncles who died of cancer. I’ve known colleagues who died of it—before they reached 40. My own late mother had cancer, and she was lucky: The doctors caught it in time.

    The British Intelligensia have, it seems to me, wrought two GIGANTIC EVILS upon the World: Evolution and Eugenics, in that order. Evolution provides a FALSE cosmology and metaphysics upon the intellect, and Eugenics, its real-time bureaucratic bully-boy enforcement, works its extinction protocols upon an unsuspecting population, with poisoned vaccines, fluoridated water, chemtrails, GMO food—which is FOOD POLLUTION—contraception and abortion and all the rest, and now this, chemotherapy and radiation. The idea behind each is to avoid, at all costs, to avoid any natural solution to the problem at hand. (I do not deny that radiation may be appropriate in certain cases). This “invisible hand” of death has given us a Century of Blood, and they’re not done yet: Attorney General Sessions—a perfect Southern Gentleman—has vowed to give the War on Drugs (another extinction protocol) one last Big Push, in his announcement to go after marijuana, the Whacky Weed!
    But I have news for these doctors of death, who take their orders from Monsanto (and others): People are waking up to the con! Ma left us too early. But it’s not too late for others. We know that precious knowledge is being withheld from us by the Eugenicists; And we are not amused.

    Great post.


    • Excellent comments Steve.
      I have done lots of reading because of some health issues, and I came across some of the same info you have. If you have ever taken antibiotics in your life, there is a chance you could have a yeast/fungus overload. Many people in the field do belive cancer is a fungus.
      There is a simple home test anyone can do to find out.
      I also found out and now use Oxygen drops. Which help me utilize my body’s oxygen better. Also we can take a home test for our PH. Most people will find themselves with an acidic reading. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich and PH favorable environment. Also probiotics are very important for our bodies,and after a certain age, we need to add digestive enzymes since our bodies slow down manufacturing them.
      So low oxygen, acidic body and a yeast ridden body along with consuming sugar works against our bodies and fighting cancer.

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  17. Great responses from you all–and, that’s some bad news for me, about the antibiotics–as a child I was so sickly, and if penicillin had not been invented by the time I’d needed it, in the early 1950’s, I know I wouldn’t be here now–I took it until I became allergic to it, then was switched to ‘sulfa drugs’, then from there to erythromycin type antibiotics–they pulled me through tons of tonsillitis, and pneumonia, eye infections, ear infections, bronchitis, and so forth, up until I was around 18–that’s when I moved away from the area I grew up in, in California, to Kansas–then, voila! Health was mine!

    I almost never even developed a cold during the years we’ve lived in places like Kansas, Georgia, Maryland[mountains], Holland, and Germany–so, even though I’ve lived all over the place during that period of time, I remained pretty much well,over-all–my kids almost never became sick with the flu, or colds, but one kept developing strep throat until he was in his teens.

    As a child, I was always suffering from what the drs. called the “24 hour flu”, as well, and that literally disappeared after I moved away, too–it was like it was miraculous, or something! I remained so unbelievably healthy for about 20 years, and I never understood why, or how that could be, unless age was the factor that stopped the illnesses–however, now, I’m thinking it was more environment, due to the area in which I grew up–the east Bay area–lots of agriculture, lots of farming, lots of horses, and cattle–even though the weather was heavenly, something there kept making me sick, is what I now am thinking. Especially because we now live in an area on the east coast that actually resembles the one I grew up in out in California–lots of agriculture, lots of farming, and ranching here, lots of horses and cattle, and one other thing that was present where I grew up–lots of exhaust fumes, since this area is also very car-dense, with two interstates and a Turnpike very close-by.

    Cancer, though, is not something my family members ever seemed to develop–no one died from it that I know of, and no one in our family ever had chemo therapy either, that I know of. My family’s deaths were mostly caused by strokes, and heart problems. But, we all did take that polio vaccine. We escaped having to take the shots my own children had to take, though, but nowadays children are subjected to far more vaccines than my kids were 40 years ago, so it’s no wonder ‘autism’ has become epidemic!

    Yet, ‘they’ won’t admit that ‘autism’ has to be connected to the vaccines, because that would defeat the purpose behind them–not to help us, in the long run, but to eliminate us from the face of the earth, so they can have it all to themselves. The devil might be very crafty, but I think the reason the population has still increased, in spite of how hard they’ve tried to kill us off, has to be because it’s God’s will that we live, period. They’ve devised more ways to knock us all off than we can probably count, with chemo probably being the most dastardly, yet we still live on, so I think it just has to be God’s will that’s thwarting all of their best efforts so far.

    I can only pray that, eventually, the people who’ve thrown in with the ‘doomed’, will finally wake up before they die, and realize they need to throw in with God’s people, and with God Himself, and with Jesus Christ–changing their motto to “If we can’t beat ’em, we need to join ’em!” Now, wouldn’t that be something?! 🙂 Hope ‘springs eternal’, as they say.

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  18. There is a 3rd type of cancer treatment, alternative therapies, of which there are many. But I am sure you are talking about M.D.-approved treatments. After surgery, before I was “in the know”, I am following alternative therapies. The percentages the oncologist quoted were not good enough for me to live in misery for the 5-year survival. I’m 2.5 years and thriving without poison or burning.

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    • I am approximately one and one-half years into mine. I did elect radiation and chemo. While I don’t trust the medical establishment, I did not want to “roll the dice” either. I actually lost friends over this.

      All I will say is that it is very easy for those not facing cancer to criticism a person’s choice. So far, in my case, it has worked. I hope they come to understand its true nature and develop better treatments for it.


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