NH coffee shop’s transvestite billboard stirs controversy

Teatotaller is a coffee shop that calls itself a “tea house” in downtown Somersworth, NH, which serves lunch, baked goods, tea and coffee.

This is the cover photo on Teatotaller’s Facebook page:

The coffee shop caused a local stir because of its billboard that appeared on June 22, 2017.

The billboard features a transvestite in pink eyeshadow, lipstick, and short shorts, posing suggestively with his legs akimbo as he’s about to bite into a sandwich, saying: “I like my men like I like my coffee”.

I presume he means “I like my men strong like I like my coffee”.

The transvestite is 18-year-old Michael Cummings, a Somersworth native.

Here’s a close-up view of the billboard:

Curtis M. Wong, of Huffington Post‘s “Queer Voices,” writes:

The ad’s sexy-cute feel doesn’t seem out of line for Teatotaller, which bills itself as “an oasis of queer, hipster tea, coffee, and pastry goodness” on Facebook. But a photo of the billboard, which was posted to Facebook by local news outlet Somersworth Now June 27, had nonetheless received more than 160 comments, many of them negative, by Monday afternoon.

“Instead of choosing to appeal to a broad demographic for their first large-scale advertisement, they choose a controversial approach and lock out a substantial percentage of what would have been potential customers who, for whatever reason, have a problem with what’s being presented in this ad,” one person wrote. Added another, “Having to try to explain why a man wants to look like a woman is a little much to have to explain to my child at this age.”

Others, however, praised the ad for its satirical humor. “I personally didn’t even think about sexual orientation. I think it’s cute and funny. I’d love to see my [boyfriend] like this with my breakfast,” one person wrote.

In an email to HuffPo, Teatotaller’s co-owners Emmett Soldati and Palana Belken defended the billboard and the tea house as “provocative, but only in a way that we, a local business and local personality, were already doing”:

“From our modest beginnings in 2011, Teatotaller has sought to inspire, excite, and engage a community of citizens looking for vibrancy and decadence. We are a venue for everyone looking for cosmopolitan flair in a sleepy town. Over the course of our history, this has included embracing the weird, the eccentric, and the queer. Going against the tide of establishments one might expect in a small working-class downtown, Teatotaller has always ‘stuck its neck out’ and stood up for the values and aesthetics it admires.”

Somersworth mayor Dana Hilliard said that although the billboard may “push the limits” of some locals’ “comfort level,” it’s nonetheless a prime example of a free market society because “Living within a democratic society which values First Amendment guaranteed rights, discussion and discourse means that we will be exposed to opinions and sometimes ads which are counter to the way we think.”

What would you do if your neighborhood has a billboard like Teatotaller’s?

By the way, Teatotaller calling itself a tea house is a double entendre. Among homosexuals, “tea room” means a public place, such as a restroom, for quick anonymous sex.


30 responses to “NH coffee shop’s transvestite billboard stirs controversy

  1. Looks like they’re wanting to be a soft target although the muzzies may give em pass as it undermines morality in this country….until they gain the upper hand. Then guess who’ll be the first to go.
    Me suspects the owner is lining up potential (and multiple) relationships.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    This could turn me against coffee altogether. Lets hope they don’t find a way to gay-up whiskey.

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    • How ‘secure’ of you. Homos don’t bother me and surely do not run my life. They are a part of society and have been for 100’s of years. Just like ignorant a-holes.


      • Kevin J Lankford

        Never bothered me either back when they had the presence of mind to realize it was something to be ashamed of and not something to flaunt as if it was a source of pride. You know, back when gay politicians married and raised families to hide their perversion

        Now the political elite, our courts, and bureaucratic agencies, are so full of one kind of pervert or another that they are pushing acceptance of their godless behaviors on the most innocent and impressionable in their efforts to promote their antinomian, nihilistic, existence as a source of pride.

        I have always heard that only some where around 2-3% of the population was gay, but it seems politics and power has an attraction to them all. The reasons are clear.

        If they would just live out their lives in the dark disgust it was meant for, that would be one less problem for this world.

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        • Yep. Odd thing that. 2 – 3% is the Jewish population…..hmmmm? Same deal. We get bombarded by it so much you’d think they were everywhere. They’re not.

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      • Is THAT why you referred to them as “Homos” rather than their preferred/stolen word “Gays”? And actually they have NOT been a part of society for long at all-until recently they’ve been known of,but rarely spoken of in polite company since their whole premise is a Biblical SIN. BTW-they don’t bother ME either,as long as they keep their behavior private,don’t recruit children and keep their hands off me and mine. Violate those socially acceptable rules and they’re likely to suffer for it.

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        • Spot on! “A part of society” i.e., ostracized from. There was a time when people didn’t call the police or their elected parasite. They dealt with the problem up close and personal. Chasing them from the clan is very effective. They’re not supposed to be proud and win valuable prizes.


      • I’ve worked with enough to know they DO bother me, they have mental problems. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) was originally correct to classify it as a mental disorder. Two that I know of (I don’t work with) one got arrested several times for exposing himself….twice in church and once to the train engineers). Another wigged out on his ‘partner’ and got a guy to threaten him with a gun…over NOTHING. Sorry, but they have mental problems.

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      • Missy when will you be at this coffee shop? As we can see you love the company of ignorant a-holes.


  3. Does anyone remember when this kind of filth was only in the closet and back alleys? Now it marches down Main Street USA every day of the week, and I find it completely Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. This is totally offensive and disgusting. I hope the place closes down.

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    • Christian Zionist? You DO KNOW that Zionism is made up of fake-“Jew” atheists, yes? And the height of their agenda is the New World Order? Jews make up 1.8% of the worlds population. And 95% of those are not real Jews.. not of Abrahams seed.. but, are Khazars who ‘converted’ to Judaism 100’s of years ago. There are way more Christians in the world than real authentic Jews. In fact, all born-again believers are “spiritual” Jews.. and ‘spiritually’ of Abrahams seed. Thus, in Genesis.. when God was speaking to Abraham about giving him a great nation, He was not referring to a land-mass.. He was referring to a large mass of people, ie. Born-Again Christians. Who are the Chosen People of God. (Spiritual Jews?).. and while God did choose the Jews for specific purposes, they have blown the first purpose completely out of the water. Which was, to be a shining light to the rest of the world in Holiness. Thats in the potty. God will choose 144,000 (real) Jews to come to know Christ as Savior during the Tribulation and preach His Word to the masses thus, bringing millions to Jesus Christ. But, thats it. Jews are no more “special” than Gentiles. Jews and Gentiles, alike.. MUST be born-again. The Old Covenant is history.. and the New Covenant is the be-all. Most Jews insist upon living under the curse of the Law.. and thats why they perish into eternal-damnation. So, please stop being deceived about “Zionism”.. as it is vastly evil. For whatever its worth. PS- John Hagee and the likes of him… are heretics. Telling these so-called (fake) “Jews” what they want to hear in so they will continue filling his pockets. And making fools of their congregations via all their Israel/Jew worship. Everyone wound tight as a cheap watch for Israel.. loving Israel more than they love Jesus Christ. Hagee writes his book of BS.. and they sell like hot-cakes to his drone-esque mindless followers. Satans work, thru-n-thru.


      • You probably noticed that you’ve been allowed your say without any of us writing a long drawn out slash on you. I’m sure everyone here knows their own beliefs,and the implications of those beliefs. A lesson from whatever book you read isn’t much appreciated here. Please take your sermon to preach at whatever Church you worship at,and don’t bother these good people.

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        • I’ll second that. It’s not that tough. Queer is a disorder. It isn’t anything to be “proud” of. If you’re a necrophiliac you don’t parade around bragging about it, do you? Well, maybe these days you do. I wouldn’t. I’d get some help overcoming my sin.

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  4. I think the intended answer for “I like my men like I like my coffee” is… Black. And I’m sorry but that just doesn’t work for me.

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  5. If Muslims don’t like Starbucks, they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

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  6. traildustfotm

    That is so sad. I love New Hampshire, and this breaks my heart.

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  7. My wife and I live in a “gay central” oceanside neighborhood in Long
    Beach, Ca. in the Marxist-suicide state of California. Our condo
    looks out on a park frequented by homosexuals and on another side
    on a very popular coffee shop frequented by the above. “Gay men” is
    an oxymoron. Should be called “misery men” suffering chronic
    loneliness, illnesses, early death, etc., each costing on average around
    $800,000 more for their medical care in a lifetime. The CDC should
    focus on the health risks, psychological and physical, of homosexuality
    and encourage avoidance.

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  8. Has there been a great increase in speeding tickets as drivers try to race by the sign as quickly as possible?

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  9. So being provocative is now ok? Like when Chik-fil-A owner supported traditional marriage?

    Let the free market sort it out. I’m sure they won’t do near as well as the chicken chain.

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  10. I hope that they have a majority of 22 gender ‘types’ in that area…because I doubt too many normal people (not 22 gender types) will go there. I sure as hell wouldn’t! Just imagine the diseases one could pick up alone is a good reason to not go! Then the ad….uck.

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  12. I wouldn’t even take a squirt in their restroom.

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  13. he looks like a sexed-up child…very sad and disgusting for drivers to have to see that abomination….that’s basically porn.
    deviancy thrown in the face of normalcy.


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