CyberBerkut publishes email of Democrat plot to blame Russia for hacking 2016 election

CyberBerkut, founded around 2014, is a Ukrainian nationalist and pro-Russian group of anonymous hacktivists who, as described by Wikipedia, became known for a series of denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the pro-West (NATO and the U.S.) Ukrainian government, and on western and Ukrainian corporate websites.

Its name, CyberBerkut or Berkut online, is a reference to Berkut — a special police within Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. After the 2014 Ukrainian revolution — in which the Obama State Department was covertly involved — the new pro-West Ukrainian government dissolved Berkut, blaming the special police for most of the nearly 100 civilian deaths. Berkut’s unit in Crimea, which broke away from Ukraine, defected to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and kept its old name.

Indeed, CyberBerkut’s emblem is almost identical to that of Berkut:

CyberBerkut’s activities include:

  • Attacks on NATO websites.
  • Attacks on U.S. private military companies.
  • Publication of correspondence with the United States Embassy in Ukraine and United States foundations (e.g., Clinton Foundation).

In response to CyberBerkut’s hacktivism, the group’s Facebook page is repeatedly blocked, and its website repeatedly disrupted. Indeed, when I tried to assess CyberBerkut’s website this morning, I got the message:

“The site is under attack. Service is temporarily unavailable.”

Yesterday, WikiLeaks sent out a tweet informing us that CyberBerkut just published a batch of emails between Ukraine and Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation, with a link to the CyberBerkut webpage.

When you go on the CyberBerkut page, the most intriguing thing comes at the end — an email on January 8, 2017, i.e., after Hillary Clinton had lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, showing the Democrats plotting to manufacture the phony story that Russia had hacked the election.

CyberBerkut claims they were given the email by a “whistleblower” and that the names of the email sender and receiver are blacked out to protect the identity of the whistleblower.

Below is the text of the email, followed by a screenshot of the email:

1/8/2017 10:03 PM

From _____
Subject Re. Elections 2016
To _____

Dear ______

We all agree there is a need to provide technical details on Russian hacking.
____ urges you and _____ to bring up again the issue with _____. It’s quite important, especially as we approach the hearings. If there are no technical details we have to find some by all means. I am sure his guys can do it. We are short of time.


Sent from my iPhone

CyberBerkut notes that:

“Our whistleblowers gave us information that Russia was going to face great provocation. The Americans intend to manufacture false evidence of the Russian security services’ involvement in cyber attacks during the U.S. presidential elections 2016.

We cover the names of the provocation facilitators in order not to expose our sources. It is worth saying, a famous American politician and major financier took part in the plot.”

Is the “famous American politician” Hillary Clinton, and the “major financier” George Soros?

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19 responses to “CyberBerkut publishes email of Democrat plot to blame Russia for hacking 2016 election

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  2. Once again, those Democrats:

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  3. traildustfotm

    My first attempt to share this to Facebook was met with the following window. I eventually got it through the “spam filter” but it is clear they are trying to censor conservative free speech.

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  4. Many thanks for your continuing hard work, including this posting. Our country and honorable ways are under constant attack from many directions. An element of our elite does not believe that one can be loyal to our country without being a traitor to their class. Psychopathy has struck some so severely that our country has been taken from a stroll to a march, then to a run to the ruin of everyone, including themselves. Just a question; why has BHO been spending so much time so far away from our country?

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    If only we could not only know the truth but accept it as well. Then do what is needed.

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  6. If Russia wanted to influence US elections they’d just place everything they had on US politicians in the public view, like at wikileaks, and be done with it.

    Imagine what they have on the klintons, 0bama, all of them.

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  7. I am convinced that Soros and Hillary Clinton are the operators in question here.

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  8. As we all know, Russiaphobe mania is but a means to control what the media can know and deprive us of knowledge of matters crucial to our existence as a nation. The powers that control our media are aware that our understanding of what is going on would probably lead to their non-existence.

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  9. I’m shocked, just shocked!! Obviously sarc…

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  10. Love the pic of hitliary on her 1st class stage with the concrete block holding up the flag. The photographer even got her good side. I get the feeling that these nice folks were at a family reunion at the park when the hillarymobile rolled up.
    Everybody knows the Ruksies didn’t do anything. It was George Bush. sarc

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  11. Ok this is getting weird. After I ‘liked’ a few of the above posts, I attempted two comments that were messed up— 🤔


  12. But THAT one went thru! LOL!!

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    With all of the racketeering conducted by Hillary Clinton and the DOJ focuses on President Trump and Russia – what is going on here. Is this a hoax being played on the American people? It makes no sense.


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  15. Oh yeah. This is Obongo/Clinton espionage. It’s as bad a fiction as his life story. Tell me, when did it become “treasonous” to talk to Russians? If it weren’t for the legions of prestitutes all breathlessly touting this nonsense as if it meant something people would be screaming for them to shut up.

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