Puppies! We have cute puppies!

This pup has a message for our trolls. CarrotdancingbananaCarrot

H/t FOTM‘s Dave


10 responses to “Puppies! We have cute puppies!

  1. Outstanding. 🐕

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  2. Fun, cute, tender, beautiful as opposed to the ugliness and harm people harbor in their hearts

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  3. Precious…

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  4. #2 Mama!! ❤️

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  5. traildustfotm

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  6. That last one is my “Laugh of the Day”. Thanks for these!!

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  7. That was fabulous! Especially the message to the trolls.

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  8. lol@the go f yourself one

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  9. I love the puppies!!!! Makes me miss all of mine. LOVE the message that smart doggie did for all the trollies, wahahahaha!!!

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