Liberal Insanity: 22 genders!

The Left invented identity politics.

It was their guru Karl Marx who invented class identity politics (called “class consciousness”). Since then, the Left have been “discovering” and politicizing new identities at an increasingly dizzying speed — from race (black, brown) to  ethnicity (hyphenated Americans) to religion (Muslims, atheists and the sacrosanct, beyond-criticism Jews) to sexual orientation (LBGT) to gender (feminism) to the latest, trans gender. All of which serves the singular purpose of dividing Americans into separate groups of perpetually-aggrieved victims.

If you think the biologically-fictitious transgender identity is bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

See “American College of Pediatricians speaks truth on transgenderism

For its 2016 VIDA Count Intersectional Survey, the U.S. literary organization VIDA: Women in Literary Arts has 22 genders!

VIDA’s bizarre list of genders include “agender” (no gender), “bigender” (both male and female), “intersex” (neither male nor female?), “multigender”, “polygender”, and “transmisogyny constrained” (whatever that is).

Compared to New York City, however, VIDA is stone-age conservative. See “New York City government recognizes 31 genders“.

Truly, liberalism is a mental disorder of a magnitude hitherto underestimated in its pathology and severity.



29 responses to “Liberal Insanity: 22 genders!

  1. Since a FEW people are confused in what they ARE,lets give ’em a whole bunch of NEW possibilities to try out. That’ll REALLY scramble their brains!

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  2. Yes, Karl Marx started it all, and Lenin and Trotsky perfected their techniques with their captive Russia. The Frankfurt School institutionalized cultural Marxism and projected it across generations.
    And what we have seen since the 1960’s has been the politicization and ideologicalization of sex. Note the term “cisgender”: I am assuming this term refers to people like you and me who consider themselves to be gender-specific and heterosexual. With their categorization here, they are attempting to control us with language—“he who controls the language controls the terms of the debate,” as it were. IT DOESN’T WORK WITH ME. And it doesn’t work with the rest of 98% of the post-pubescent non-entertainment portion of the population!
    People are beginning to wake up to this cultural Marxist derangement. They are not intellectuals, per se, and it may take them some more time to wake up to what is going on. But note the Marxist opposition is “full of sound and fury”: They are ramping it up, and they have their bully-boys in the media to back them up.
    It doesn’t work with me on any front—not the political, not the ethnic, certainly not the religious: The commies and deconstructionalists have over-played their hand here. So now the question is, How do we red-pill those who haven’t woken up yet? We tear down their shibboleths: We mock and ridicule the mainstream media—the NY Times, the WSJ, even Fox News. We mock and ridicule pop entertainment.
    Encouraging news: I did have a couple in my Uber last week who know all about the Satanism and Illuminism pushed by Beyonce and Jay-Z. These people were in their 30’s, and they’ve woken up to it. So there is hope. We just lack the glamour and glitz the other side has and hypes up. (And I’m afraid we still lack the organization the other side has and uses so efficiently.)

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    • Steven . . . thank you for the excellent (as usual) dissertation on this subject. Until such time as I loose my mind, I am a female, her, she, heterosexual. I will get mad at anyone who confuses me with BS such as has been suggested by these loonies.

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    • Steven, I enjoy reading and learning from this blog daily, and your comments are so insightful !

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  3. That should screw up the census, ancestry, animal kingdom, etc. I wonder how the will fix that mess.

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  4. That book title says it all- Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. (Savage)

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  5. X or Y chromosomes. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    • Excellent RL! Looks like we need to strike the “gender” box on all paper work and ask for “X or Y chromosome” birth designation. Subsequent “mind” designations could be explained in a special box. That way…we’d all KNOW where each person was “coming from” instead of having to GUESS and then be PUNISHED for incorrect “guesses” in the public classrooms of this country or in the public bathrooms of this country and so on and so on…

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  6. Seems to me the left is either missing a few chromosomes or has alot more of them. Either way, the left is characterized by being unbalanced both mentally and morally.

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  8. traildustfotm

    Heinz 57

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  9. Stephen T. McCarthy


    (I feel quite certain that the libtards are working their way up to 666.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    (link:] Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  10. I find it interesting that when Liberals (The proud parents of the “Other Than Boy or Girl” Movement) run up against a bit of TRUTH that proves their point of view wrong,that sets their agenda tumbling through the weeds,they suddenly,selectively go DEAF.

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  11. The liberal that said 22 needs to get help for their stuttering. Bunch of hetrophobes

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  12. Liberals need to be institutionalized.

    Seriously, these goobers are batsh*t nutz.

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  13. Ah “Pan Humanism”, it’s time has come! This should include goats as well as sea creatures. I think shark mating would go far to demonstrate these warrior’s dedication to utter destruction and depravity.

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  14. Sorry, I am not buying into their Mumbo jumbo. You are either a male, female or sadly a hermaphodite. All the rest are duplicates, urges, desires, behaviors or just plain psycho derangement.
    They can spin it, color it or just plain lie, but there are not 22 choices and to pay into this, makes one as sad as the others.

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  15. Shit, I believe WE THE STRAIGHT ONES are the abnormals!!!!

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  16. Physiology determines gender. Penis, testicles, & prostate = Male. Vagina, uterus, & ovaries = Female. That’s it, two genders. The other 20 are manifestations of different mental disorders.

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  18. Halp!

    I’m a lezbion trapped in a man’s body!

    What number is that?

    I need it to apply for some govermen handouts.


  19. What, no bestiality choice or incest choice or pedophile choice? They’re racist and sexist and animal-sex-biased!

    I’d say the agenda is to divide and conquer, but these lefty loonies are already conquered.


  20. I’m a liberal blogger. I think it’s ridiculous to say there are 22 genders, since gender is determined by chromosomes(of which there are only 3 combinations I know of, two of which are indistinguishable)
    However, it is important to respect conditions like gender dysphoria and transvestitism, which can cause people to identify as a different gender.
    Please refrain from referring to liberalism as a mental disorder. It won’t convince anyone.


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