Canadian landlord fined $12G for not taking shoes off in Muslim tenant’s home

john alabi

Landlord John Alabi/Toronto Sun photo

From Fox News: A Canadian landlord who was fined $12,000 for wearing shoes in a Muslim tenant’s home said he felt “humiliated” by the harsh penalty levied by a national human rights tribunal.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, John Alabi, 52, of Brampton, recounted how he went above and beyond trying to accommodate the Egyptian-born couple who lived in the apartment for two months – just to be slapped with a steep fine for the shoe incident.

“I go beyond all that. I just see everybody as human beings like me. That’s why I took them in,” Alabi told the Toronto Sun in May. “We got along. And then all of a sudden I’m a racist?”

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ordered Alabi in April to pay the tenants $6,000 each after he failed to take his shoes off in the bedroom where the couple prayed while he was showing the home to potential renters. The couple, who moved into first floor of the home in December 2014, terminated their lease on Feb. 28, 2015.

The tribunal also said Alabi “harassed” the couple and “created a poisoned housing environment.” Though he would give them 24-hour notice of the showing, he would often fail to provide a 5-minute warning, according to the Toronto Sun.

“I was humiliated, I was made to feel I have no rights, I was made to feel that I’m not wanted in society,” Alabi said. “I feel powerless. They rented my place for only two months. Two months! It’s just not fair.”

Alabi told the news site the couple never had an issue when he wore his shoes in the home to do repairs. Then they filed a grievance eight months after the last incident, the Toronto Sun reported.

“I have been victimized,” Alabi said. “They are using their religion to victimize me.”

The couple even found a Facebook post on Alabi’s page to help their case. (According to The Sun: “They even searched his Facebook page and found a joke they considered offensive to bolster their case.)

The landlord claimed he doesn’t have the money to pay the fine on top of legal fees.

“I don’t have the money. I work very hard. If they go into my bank account right now, I don’t have $12,000 there,” Alabi said, adding that he has rented the space for 15 years to help pay his mortgage.

Last week (this was originally published in May) news site Rebel News Service launched a crowdfunding page to help Alabi pay for the fine.


17 responses to “Canadian landlord fined $12G for not taking shoes off in Muslim tenant’s home

  1. Canada is even more cucked than Europe. It’s only the Atlantic Ocean that’s preventing Canada from being overrun with Muslim “refugees”.

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  2. The couple were so traumatized they waited eight (8) whole months after renting his place for only two (2) months and ditching it for someplace better to make their compliant…

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    national human rights tribunal??….Suspect it is made up of all immigrants, and doing just what it was created for. That is to disrupt existing culture and morality.

    What would make any sovereign nation allow such encroachment.

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  4. Yes, I’m afraid our landlord will have to get ‘creative” to get his property back. He has to take a page from the Clinton playbook and learn to deny all knowledge.

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  5. Helene Pineau

    These so-called Human Rights tribunals are nothing more than fascist enforcers of PC hucksters. Even commentator Mark Steyn has had to defend himself against a Muslim who accused him of anti-Muslim bigotry following the publication of a magazine article. Fortunately Steyn prevailed but not everyone has the resources and know-how to fight these kangaroo courts,

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  6. I’m just waiting for their parliament building to burn down and Trudeau to assume the position for life. Canadians are such pussies.

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  7. Actually, shouldn’t the Muslims be fined, as everyone KNOWS, that black,people can’t be racist.

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  8. How would they PROVE that he wore shoes in their room? Did they record video of him? The Facebook post isn’t (or SHOULDN’T be) relevant to the case,so IT proves nothing. I’m sure there’s much more to this than we’re seeing. Maybe he could sue THEM for their Racist behavior.
    I don’t know about Canadian Law,but here in the US I’d appeal the decision to a higher Court,and secure a GOOD Attorney. Failing any of the protections of American Law,I’d watch them like a hawk and turn them in for ANYTHING they do wrong.

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  9. concerned aussie crusader

    Tough luck, mate, you took them in! You people just do not learn.

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  10. Folks ask me to take off my shoes, and I refuse. I work with electricity in many homes and apartments, and need steel toe, rubber soled shoes to work safely.

    Besides, will they pay him if he steps on broken glass or a hypodermic needle in their home..?

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  11. Muslims need to be sent back to they “cuntries” and stay there. It’s really that simple!


  12. Sounds like the tribunal and the couple have a get scam going on. How does the tribunal have that much power? How many times has this couple done this and who is encouraging this? They do know how to play every system in the world.

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