Bosses say graduates can’t cope with office life


From Daily Mail: A third of companies are concerned about young people’s attitude to work, a report by business leaders says today.

With many graduates and school leavers lacking the mindset and skills required to thrive in the workplace, the CBI said teachers needed to better reflect the importance of ‘attitude and aptitude for work’.

There are also worries about the literacy and numeracy skills of young employees, with firms admitting they have had to run classes for recruits.

The CBI/Pearson survey of 344 firms found that 32 per cent were dissatisfied with graduates’ ‘attitudes and behaviours of self-management and resilience’, with 40 per cent saying they lacked customer awareness.

Some 33 per cent of business leaders were unhappy with the literacy of young applicants, while 29 per cent said their numeracy wasn’t up to scratch. Faced with a skills shortage, two in five businesses (41 per cent) have been forced to do remedial training for school or college leavers.

The CBI said stretching academic standards ‘should not be the sole focus’ for schools as ‘broader personal development aspects risk being pushed to the sidelines’.

Firms believe primary schools should focus on developing literacy and numeracy (67 per cent), self-management (41 per cent) and communication skills (34 per cent).

The report said: ‘Personal attitudes, aptitude, readiness to learn, effective communication skills and a sufficient capacity to cope with numerical data are the key enablers. It is critically important that all young people are helped to develop as fully as possible in these areas.’

Josh Hardie, the CBI’s deputy director general, said: ‘Quality of teaching, learning and careers inspiration defines the life chances of young people.’

Dr. Mary Bousted, head of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said: ‘With savage cuts to further education funding since 2009… it is unsurprising that businesses are struggling to find enough skilled staff.’ (Of course…/sarc)

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13 responses to “Bosses say graduates can’t cope with office life

  1. If these young people don’t have the minimal skills to “cope with” paid work, how will they survive if the economy crashes? Shame on their parents and public schools!

    With the Boomers retired or retiring, where will businesses find the needed replacements? All the more reason for them to turn to automation, i.e., robots, that can be programmed with the necessary work “attitudes” and skills.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . Your last paragraph says it all . . . why are they not teaching this concept in our schools? Could it possibly be that schools and their districts are more attuned to “greater pay and benefits for teachers . . . and to heck with what gets taught to the students!

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    • That thought (about automation) flitted across my mind as I read the title of your article.

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  2. It is NOT the job of the dchool to teach a work ethic. The problem is with the parents that are no longer parenting. I learned my values and work ethic from my parents not school. It appears as if people (the author of this article included) are brainwashed into thinking the job of the school is to take over the role of parents as well.

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    • You are correct, brackenkaren. When most of us who are typically 40 yrs. and older had responsible, involved and loving parents who taught us appropriate values, we also had a lot great dedicated teachers who reinforced our parents’ guidance. After all, most of our teachers were good parents too. It was a shared responsibility in those days as our parents trusted the teachers. The globalists (Democrats, many Republicans, Socialists, Communists, Satanists) and their planned invasion of tens of thousands of radical muslims designed to shatter the family unit, education, religion and typical social constructs is working very well indeed.

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      • Nicely put. Kids were expected to act responsibly. That meant learning what was expected of them by society. They were supposed to honor their parents, not embarrass them.

        Several factors have led to where we are. Having a dedicated force out to destroy culture doesn’t help. Treating workers as expendable rubbish doesn’t help either. With the family-owned companies, and even some of the corporations, loyalty was reciprocal. Provide good service, stick with it dependably, and you could retire.

        Business takes not responsibility for that any longer. Every one is a “free agent” with nothing to fall back on. It makes it harder to teach the importance of loyalty.

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  3. Ask any of today’s two year college student a typical 8th Grade Question – or two from the ’40’s – ’50’s – and watch them shrink into Ignorance.

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  4. I’ve working at something since I was a ten year old (before and after that I had chores to do.) I can’t remember when I didn’t have two job…unless i had three. I’m retired and still have two part time jobs. I’m not rich but i’m comfortable. And I’d probably get by if I didn’t do part time work. But it keeps me active and engaged. Not sedentary and fat. My parents taught me the work ethic at first. And I had teachers that viewed my failures as their own. Not so much anymore.

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  5. Nobody has clean hands as far as preparing and nurturing the entry level workforce. Educators, parents, religious leaders and employers all have a part to play, and some are failing along the way. As a hiring manager, it took me at least three months to teach new hires that being a productive and successful member of the workforce required a high degree of self-discipline. I found this to be the trait that most lacked.

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  6. Forget about “degreed workers,” I can’t get past the NON-DEGREED workers—who are demanding $15/hour MINIMUM now for UNSKILLED, BASIC labor & INTO the degreed workers…..for instance…just tonight…my husband went to a “designer” grocery store (b/c it’s so near & we needed only a few things) for artesian bread & discounted wine “draw” (pasta tonight for dinner!) and some fresh veggies. He bought the more expensive tomatoes on the vine…and the bag-boy tore them all off the vine AND put them on the bottom of the grocery bag (the one we NOW have to provide for ourselves in CA due to a recent referendum vote). Then, he loaded wine bottles, amongst other items, on top of the de-vined tomatoes, and crushed them with an indiscriminately jumble of wine bottles so that one bottle cracked its lip..etc etc………NOT a good night at the market for a trip that should have taken 15 min. of shopping and less in check out…… but…..

    Sigh…this is how our lives are of late here in CA. About 3 weeks ago…we had to call in a plumber to fix a problem that another plumber caused by JUST installing a new faucett in a bathroom……a faucett WE bought beforehand…so…nothing to do with product…but with a STUPID, simple, installation… goes on and on. MY constant joke (since about the 1990’s) is that I could stand on a corner in So CA waving dollars in the air and STILL not get someone to fix—fill in the blank…my plumbing, roof leak, dry rot, computer car mechanics, computer, irrigation system, fencing, rolling iron gate, commode, outdoor hose connection leak, chicken hutch foundation, backyard cross-fencing, barn window flower box, backyard gate, house trim paint, wrought-iron fencing or its water-proof painting-after sanding and priming……dead shrubbery and trees that my “hired yard man” SHOULD see and take care of each week but doesn’t….(on and on by personal experience…paid for time and again without resolution….). The problem is…..these people want top dollar without ACCOUNTABILITY. This is something that, for instance, school teachers have been called to answer to for decades now in order to “earn” their salaries or EVEN their employment (tests after tests to pass before being “certified”).

    As a teacher of history….then,,,,by my poor experiences of late in the market place per the quality of service delivered to me….and by my experiences in having to “qualify” for my position and my salary in the marketplace, then, I am fully willing to give those who demand the $15 per hour min. wage their “due” IF they qualify. It’s time that, under the demands for this wage, we institute minimum qualifications like the old Medieval “GUILD” system. You pass the “masterpiece” test….and I’ll pay you $15/hour to install my faucett. Otherwise…YOU ARE AN APPRENTICE and can NOT demand the same fee as a master who will almost always do the job correctly……and satisfy the payer/customer.

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  7. This reminds me of a “Beavis and Butthead” episode (ironic, huh?) where the wimpy teacher Mr. Vandreisen says that a group of parents had gotten together to tell the school that they weren’t teaching their kids any manners (at school), so they hire a guy “Mr. Manners” to deal with the “problem”. It was actually a funny episode. From what I heard from my former D.S. he said that where I went to basic that Mike Judge had gone there and had modeled Beavis and Butthead after some of the kids that lived in Texas where he’s from, apparently.
    So, the parents who don’t discipline their kids (they aren’t even allowed to, just go spank your kid in public-in some places you’ll get windburn from the whipping out of cellphones to record you for the CPS or cops who will be called of course) are too busy working two or more jobs each, too tired to actually even know what their kids do all day, they’re programmed by so called ‘feminism’ to dump any “procreative products” into ‘stranger danger’ day care, which unless you are forced to do this due to circumstances like an absent/divorced spouse it goes against any decent maternal instinct.

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  8. Perhaps the issue isn’t the attitude’s of the new generation? Perhaps the issue is what has been handed to them?

    And what they have been asked to learn about, understand and self-manage. Internet / smart phones are pretty damn powerful tools.


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