Guess where George Clooney is moving his family to protect them?


Back in February 2016 George Clooney and his wife Amal met with Angela Merkel “to discuss the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and the political reaction to it in Europe and elsewhere.”

After the meeting, George Clooney declared to the world that he and Amal fully support Merkel’s open-door policy towards “refugees,” telling reporters: “I absolutely agree with her”.

In July that same year, a massive migrant camp formed near Clooney’s Italian mansion.

It’s odd that a couple who wholly supported the migrant invasion are now fleeing Europe for the safety of the good ol’ USA…

From Daily Mail: He’s made a home for his family in their stunning £20 million property in Sonning-On-Thames, Berkshire. Yet George Clooney is said to be considering relocating from the English countryside to Los Angeles as he fears for the safety of wife Amal and their newborn twins.

Following the birth of Ella and Alexander last month, the doting new dad, 56, has reportedly been increasingly worried about the level of security in their homes, Life&Style reports.

A source told the site that George had received threats in the past, whilst he was concerned that his wife’s work as an international human rights lawyer could make her a target. ‘He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,’ the insider explained. ‘As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement.’

They claimed the star’s mansion in Studio City, California was the most secure, as they added: ‘He’s waited so long for this family, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.’

MailOnline have contacted George’s representatives for comment.

George wed Amal, 39, in 2014, and bought their sprawling £7.5 million home in the English countryside later that year. They have reportedly spent an additional £12.5 million on the sprawling estate, including building a nanny’s quarters.

As well as their English manor and Studio City pad, the pair also own two villas in Laglio, Italy and a holiday home in the Mexican beach location of Cabo.

Read the rest of the story here.

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23 responses to “Guess where George Clooney is moving his family to protect them?

  1. Who in the English countryside exactly are endangering his family? GASP! Muslims? The same Muslim “refugees” whom Clooney had championed?

    What a friggin’ hypocrite.

    I believe Clooney — friend of Hillary Clinton and George Soros — intends to run for president. Thus, the lifelong bachelor finally married, not to another actress but to a respectable lawyer. I promise you, George Clooney, that when you run, we’ll be here to remind everyone of your hypocrisy.

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    • Amen to that! Took the words right out of my mouth. They work to bring more to terrorize those who don’t have the resources to “choose” which of their mansions to flee to?

      This guy should be the star in the next goat movie.

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  2. He just couldn’t stop himself from trashing Trump every chance he got. But has no problem rushing back for the security under the Trump umbrella.
    Hypocrite with a big capital H.

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  3. Oooohhhh… He’s not staying with Merkel in their slowly (?) turning into hell socialist-commie paradise, and instead is coming home to Trump’s inferno of immigration control and better border security? More Hellweird hypocrisy!

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  4. Yes, he is moving here, not exactly to protect his family but to test the waters and make a run to occupy the White House, while getting pampered by the Helen Degenerates that everyday infiltrate the homes with their lesbians and queers, and liberals guests they can recruit. He’s another lefty, wth money, of course and with the $$$$$upport of the Hollywood “mixture” his exposure will guarantee him a place in politics. He carefully chose to marry an unknown Iranian with name and money instead of an American woman that does not seem to meet his ethics for the perfect wife.

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    • Concur with that Alma.

      I also wondered if his moving to the US might have something to do with taxes, specifically for the recent sale of his tequila company for a billion dollars. Yet I couldn’t go there as I have no idea where his company is registered.

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  5. He is a hypocrite of the highest degree, and why marry an Iranian? How very nice it must be to be able to hire Secret Service to guard your family. What a putz.

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  6. I guess Chicago was out of the question . Can’t understand why ? hehe

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  7. Black Liberian girl living in a 85% white majority area in the U.S. decides it would be great to go to university inGermany. Fast forward 6 months, she’s back: too many blacks, she choose to return home and live with whites. Bummer…..

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  8. traildustfotm

    What if we don’t want George and Amal back?

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  9. Clooney hires former Secret Service, certainly well-armed, to protect him and his family, yet he supports anti gun causes to disarm us and keep us unarmed victims.

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  10. “The irony of the Clooneys fleeing to the safety of Trump’s America, after George called him a “xenophobic fascist” a little over a year ago for wanting to temporarily restrict migration from predominantly Muslim countries.

    It’s sad these open border loons never have to live with the consequences of what they advocate.”

    Related –

    Amal Clooney Slams Trump: ‘Building Walls’ Doesn’t Represent ‘U.S. Values’

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  11. his “wife” looks like a dude…I seriously doubt amal carried and gave birth to twins….twin births seem to be very popular in hollyweird

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  13. Amal sure looks like A MALE. There are some very curious things about shim, and I don’t think s/he could carry twins on those toothpick legs.

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  14. Just a thought-If someone has 5 OTHER homes in OTHER Countries that they prefer to live in,maybe they don’t DESERVE American Citizenship. Part of actually BEING an American is in not WANTING to reside outside the USA. Wouldn’t it be fun to make him go through the Immigration process to RE-patriot himself in order to come back to the US?

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  15. George Clooney is a Complete Idiot

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  16. He should have stuck with trying to get help for the people of the Sudan.

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