President Trump unnerves John Podesta with a tweet

By now, sensible people should know that, despite the Left’s portrayal of him as  an out-of-control whack job, President Trump actually is an eminently sane and deliberate man who says what he means, and means what he says, and is true to his word. See:

Not only does he know what he’s doing, he thinks several moves ahead of his opponents, and has been described by some of his admirers as adept in playing not just 3D-, but 4D-chess.

He is also a man who requires minimal sleep, of only about 4 hours a night.

So it should be of some interest that while he was at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, in the wee hours of July 7, President Trump took a few minutes to needle John Podesta in a tweet:

“Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!”

This is the John Podesta who was chair of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, Obama’s White House advisor, and Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff. The John Podesta of all those “pizza” pedophile code-words emails, that cannibalism painting, and the occultic/satanic “spirit cooking,” to whom Congress curiously gave the privilege of testifying before a closed-door hearing on June 27, 2017.

Podesta got so unnerved by President Trump’s July 7 tweet that, even though he’s on a cross-country road trip with his wife, he posted 6 successive tweets in response, as well as an op/ed in Washington Post, demanding to know why President Trump is tweeting about him:

The timing of President Trump’s tweet is interesting, a day after German prosecutors, on July 6, announced the arrest of thousands of pedophiles, including unnamed high-level politicians, in Operation Elysium — a huge sting of a global pedophile network of more than 87,000 members on the dark web. According to YourNewsWire, the sting threw the G20 Summit into disarray when German police detained key members of at least two European delegations. (Read more about Operation Elysium here.)

To unnerve John Podesta even more, President Trump should re-tweet his tweet of October 8, 2012, declaring that pedophiles should be put to death after a “fast trial”. LOL

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15 responses to “President Trump unnerves John Podesta with a tweet

  1. Mr. Trump is playing Chess while the left is playing checkers.

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  2. If they can just get one underling to fold it will topple all of them. It’d be great if it was pod to crack first however.

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  3. You mean……..Pres. Trump is playing 3-D Chess while the Left is playing Checkers. 🙂

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  4. I believe the Podesta Brothers are absolutely evil, and I hope President Trump has A.G. Sessions prosecute him successfully. Such a prosecution could prove to be the gateway to prosecuting the Clintons. Not only Justice, but the successful take-down of the current depraved power structure demand it.
    Donald Trump has the ability to unnerve the Left. This is PRECISELY what we need in a President! We’re in a real war here, and We the People MUST WIN. Failure IS NOT an option!

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    • You’re absolutely right. It terrifies the Left that Trump DOESN’T fear them. I STILL think the Left should be re-classified as a Domestic Radical Terrorist Organization,disallowed any Political standing and treated in the same manner as any other anti-American Terrorist group. There’s AMPLE evidence to support this. How would we bring this about?

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  5. ManCavePatriot

    Message to the ‘Skippy Molesta’: President Trump has instructed his AG and the DOJ to promise delivery of indictments in 30 minutes, or less, or you get a FREE ‘Miranda Right’ recitation……….Hold your pepperoni.

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  6. You have to know Podesta must be feeling the heat, in order to issue so many rebuttal tweets. I must say, I love it . . . people who are rattled, are also people who make mistakes! We can only hope that this soldier of Satan gets what’s coming to him . . . in a big way!

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  7. I LOVE how my president rattles the left & keeps them “bagged” into such a little, cyclical place…..and then he goes out into the big world and does business (while the left are occupied in their own little provincial concerns).

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  8. Andrew McCabe is supporting Polesta. The sooner an interim FBI Director is installed to replace McCabe and his top lieutenants the better. Thank God for President Trump, he is fighting to save Christianity and The Republic.

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  9. Dr. E., reposting Trump’s tweet of 2012 sounds like a great idea.

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  10. Ahahahaa….I missed this when it first came out, but you know that Trump just delights in playing the media and these jerks…plays them like a fiddle. I think it’s a riot! God love our President, his tweets are terrific, and the stupid media keeps falling for it, and now nasty Podesta.


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