Guess what President Trump wasn’t wearing at the G20 Summit

Here’s a clue:

Here’s another clue:

Here’s the answer:

Like a true American nationalist and patriot, President Trump wore an American-flag lapel pin instead of the G20 pin that all the other heads-of-state obligingly wore at the just-concluded 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

When he championed “America First” during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump really means it.

God bless President Donald “America First” Trump!

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26 responses to “Guess what President Trump wasn’t wearing at the G20 Summit

  1. TRUMP is America’s Champion of the century!!!
    The WATCHMAN standing in the gap!

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  2. This is who Imsee. DONALD J. TRUMP, did not study diplomacy yet, he is sorrounded by diplomats of the day, he sometimes appears rough but is a man of character that commands respect. In many ways tall among his peers, like the country we belong. His adversaries don’t want to recognize him and envy his endeavors. This is the man of the century and will be remembered for his legacy to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,…..and with time he will. God keep President Donald J. Trump.

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    • I’m so glad Trump is not a professional politician (one of several reasons I voted for him,) as those goobers have pushed this country right up to the edge of the abyss.

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      • Dave . . . I certainly do agree with your thinking. All the world has been allowed to push the USA right up to the edge of the abyss. Obummer certainly did not care about what happened to the US, or it’s citizens . . . now we have someone who may be rough around the edges, but we know that he is guarding our backs. l God Bless Donald J Trump!

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    • Alma . . . Thank you for such eloquent words regarding our President. I view him as a gift from Our God. I don’t care that he may not smoooze with the best of them, at least he is not willing to let everyone take advantage of the United States. There is no wonder that all these other nation’s have their bowels in an upset . . . they don’t want ANYTHING standing in the way of them sucking the US Taxpayer’s wallet dry. I truly think that’s at the crux of this whole tizzy. They all thought (at the Paris agreement) that they had cut themselves a fat hog and that Uncle Sam was going to pay through nose by being a partner to this agreement. It is little wonder that they are in a state of dismay . . . . all those dollars flying out the window . . .

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  3. Not withstanding the denial of Mr, Putin and any other country meddling in the elections, President Trump strategy of moving on indicates that the although not forgotten, the matter has been moved to the back burner so that intelligence can develop the means to guard our system. Let’s not forget that their guest, Edward Snowden, traitor, no longer is useful to Russia but is a pawn at the hands of Putin where there is a Trump to declare “checkmate”.

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  4. You want to know my thoughts on why schools and society are failing?

    Q: What’s missing in today’s public schools (and those of the past several decades) that we all participated in, as a group, EVERY MORNING?
    A: I pledge allegiance to the flag
    of the United States of America
    And to The Republic for which it stands,
    One nation, under God, indivisible
    With Liberty and Justice for all.

    And a little song we also used to sing daily before classes:
    My country, ’tis of thee,
    Sweet land of liberty,
    Of thee I sing;
    Land where my fathers died,
    Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
    From every mountainside
    Let freedom ring!

    Our fathers’ God to Thee,
    Author of liberty,
    To Thee we sing.
    Long may our land be bright,
    With freedom’s holy light,
    Protect us by Thy might,
    Great God our King.

    I’m actually crying now thinking of how the leftists, atheists and anarchists (and certain greedy capitalists) have so royally screwed this country since I was a kid. And it’s exactly what our Fore Fathers warned against, and Cicero long before them (A nation cannot survive treason from within), or from even earlier, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3)
    This is what we’ve been saying about “Taking back America”. This is our time to act if we want to save this country. And it’s not “white vs black”, or “hetero vs homo”, or “legal vs illegal/alien” as the press would distort it. It’s simply our God-based country and its citizens vs those who would deny God’s place in this country and the world… We ARE a country of borders and laws. Laws, and rights, based on God’s Commandments and Gifts. Without those basics, we CAN’T continue to thrive or even survive for much longer.

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    • EXCELLENT comment!! Thank you for this!

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      • You’re welcome. It just bugs me, thinking back on how Obama was NOT wearing a flag pin when he first came into office (and for several years prior), claiming it was a fake way to show patriotism after 9/11. Here’s what he actually said after someone asked him why — it was his 3rd response: “My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart. You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve. You show your patriotism by being true to our values and ideals. That’s what we have to lead with is our values and our ideals.” [Obama… Seriously???]
        If what he actually did and said during his 8y in office weren’t so pathetic in light of those lofty promises, it would be funny to read that in hindsight.

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    • You are all heart, congratulations.

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    • I think you are absolutely correct. Back when it was installed in us that we had a country to be proud of. It unified us as a people. Yes, we were a land of laws based on God’s Commandments. As our people turned their back on God everything started going to the dogs. I wholeheartedly agree . . . “Without those basics, we CAN’T continue to thrive or even survive for much longer.” I pray daily that Our God will have compassion on those of His children who are trying to live lives of righteousness and obedience to his commandments.

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    • Dear cogito……in my school (in CA) we only started saying the Pledge every day, led via intercom by a student council member after announcements ….this past year w/our new principal. I’ve worked in this particular school since 2006 …& this is the first time we’ve said the pledge every day(prior school we said it every day before announcements). Also….in past yrs when we said the pledge on Wed. only (b/c we had a student closed -circuit broadcast of school news…started w/pledge), abt 3/4 of my students would shout out at the ‘to the United States of American..” phrase….”to the COUNTRY OF MEXICO…” in loud screaming. I routinely turned OFF the broadcast when/if this happened (more likely than not) & assigned “silent reading.” I will NOT tolerate disrespect in my classroom to the founding fathers of this country, the legislature/U.S. lawmakers that adopted “the pledge,” or to our military members who defend our country so that we can SAY THE PLEDGE. I will also NEVER EVER EVER tolerate an adult or under-aged student in my care screaming allegience to a country that DOES NOT PROVIDE A FREE and HUMANE EDUCATION to them…..while I am providing that FREE and HUMANE education to him/her in the USA. In Mexico….if I am not mistaken….after grade 4, parents must PAY for their child’s education…and…IF the child is “special ed.” there is NO EDUCATION offered (which is why at my school, in a “pot” of 70 teachers for 1500 kids, 25 teachers are “special ed teachers,” & …..over 25% of the kids are “special ed” and 90% of those are Hispanic/non-English-speaking).
      I totally understand that a parent will do next to anything to “save” their child, but, believe me….the bulk of our special ed., special day (severe) are non-English-speaking parents and children who are NEW (ie illegal) to our school system. So….when they scream out “allegiance to Mexico” during the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag….my stomach turns…..

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  5. Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America,
    These last six {6} months show what we the American people need .We need a Patriot that stands firm for the USA first.We are the greatest country in History and NOW, we the USA have a PATRIOT that will not let the others get away with their SCAM,
    Thank God for President Trump. MAGA
    Trump 2020

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  6. “Never Alone”

    I was once lead by unguided man;
    I ran, and ran, and ran.

    What happened to my life?
    What happened to a plan?

    There were times
    I couldn’t understand…..

    Then he reached out his hand;
    because I couldn’t even stand.

    He said,”Why”,“Why did you leave me”?
    I, blind, unable to see…
    You, Lord, brought me back to thee.

    Forever and always it will be;
    when it is Jesus that I see.

    I am “Never Alone”;
    I now have peace through the Lord.


    As life goes forth, some learn to understand; others never realize what is right there all along! Some never realize that the “Lord” has always been right there. I now know in my heart that the “Lord” has always been there for me, but there were times “I didn’t understand”. I wasn’t looking in the right direction! I now look to the “Lord” each and everyday for guidance and understanding. I now know I am,

    “Never Alone”.

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  7. So nice to have a REAL American in the White House again.

    After the departure of Ronald Reagan, I wasn’t all that sure I would ever see one again.

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  8. Much better than you-know-who…

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