Saturday Funnies: animals & a Mooch chair!

H/t FOTM‘s CP for the Mooch chair.  dancingbananadancingbananadancingbanana


15 responses to “Saturday Funnies: animals & a Mooch chair!

  1. Said the carpenter: “how could I forget the dual purpose “crack”? 🙄 Not ladylike but I couldn’t help cracking a joke.

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  2. The little animals are so cute, love’m they love you back.

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  3. Jackie Puppet

    That chair is priceless!

    I wish I’d seen that a few years back – I’d do my part to make that pic go viral.

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  4. The kitties – they are funny!

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  5. A gold mine!

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  6. Clever yorkie:

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  7. The chair must have been made in; Hong Dong from a Nut Tree.

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  8. That’s what I love about my Cats-Free entertainment 24/7.

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  9. ugh!…HAHA! the big butt hurt and the balls…the balls…definitely mooch’s chair

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  10. traildustfotm

    I did not see the Mooch Chair coming. 🙂

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  11. 🙂 Thanks for the “Ha Ha” of the “Mooch chair.” Made me smile and share it around. I love dog and cat posts! I have a 23 year-old cat (amongst my others) who continues to amaze me with his daily life/demands of me ( like, every time he “arrives” to eat at his chosen eating place under my piano in the formal living room, I have to open a NEW can of food…even if he’s just eaten there, momentarily, an hour before…..he must ALWAYS have a fresh can…and also, we must set up litter boxes to suit him…in the living room, for example…but, my standard response to all this is…..when you are a 23 year old cat, you are the boss & get to choose….b/c….you are a 23-yr-old cat & are NOT going to last forever ANYWAY……He is amazing at this point….and as “mousey” as he looks ( like an old GoodWill fox stole…..clumped hair, balding in certain places….) he still cuddles with us in the morning and allows me to brush him in the afternoon…..

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