Danish State TV burns effigy of President Trump

In 2015, a YouGov poll conducted for the Danish publication Metroxpress found that 1 in 2  or 50% of Danish citizens favored a cap on the number of Muslims permitted to live in Denmark. The poll, which specifically addressed immigration from non-Western countries, also found one in four Danes do not want the country’s population to be more than 5% Muslim. (International Business Times)

Denmark’s total population is less than 6 million, which means 1 in 2 Danes do not want the number of Muslims in Denmark to exceed 300,000.

Danish nationalists want even less.

In July 2016, as reported by the AP (via US News & World Report), officials of Denmark’s second largest political party — the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party (DPP) — said the 270,000 Muslims in Denmark at the time posed a severe risk of harboring sympathizers to the Islamic State militant group, and that the party’s goal is to see Muslim immigrants in Denmark “as close to zero as possible.” As DPP immigration spokesman Martin Henriksen put it:

“Islam is a belligerent religion. One should not be blind that many who commit terror find inspiration in Islam. That is why there is a connection between the number of Muslims in a country and the general security risk.”

The DPP was condemned by Denmark’s largest party, the Social Democrats, and compared to — HORRORS! — then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Social Democrat lawmaker Lars Aslan Rasmussen, whose father is Muslim, said the Danish People’s Party’s position is “far out” and amounted to “religious discrimination, religious apartheid.”

Although compared to Sweden (see “Sweden on brink of civil war: 61 no-go Muslim zones; police chief pleads for help“), Denmark has experienced relatively less violence from Islamic migrants, nevertheless in February 2015, a Danish gunman of Palestinian descent killed a filmmaker and a guard at a synagogue and wounded five police officers before being fatally shot himself.

Denmark is also where Muslim migrants torture and kill cats for fun.

But none of that matters. Instead, to the Danish government, it is President Trump who is evil for installing a TEMPORARY travel ban of people from countries that are home to terrorists, i.e., Muslim-majority Middle-East countries.

And so, on June 23, 2017, taxpayer-financed Danish State TV (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and Danish Radio celebrated Midsummer by burning a life-size effigy of President Trump in a bonfire.

Danish State TV told its viewers that the Trump effigy was burned as a “symbol of all the evil men in the world”. (10News)

When and if Denmark ever appeals to NATO or the United States for help with their Muslim “migrants,” America should turn a deaf ear and remind them of their malicious Trump-effigy burning.


21 responses to “Danish State TV burns effigy of President Trump

  1. This is what I think is going on.
    Donald Trump—no conservative libertarian he—represents a real existential threat to the Ruling Elite, the Oligarchy. He represents a possible fundamental change to the current British Trans-Atlantic business model, which is going to have to crash, anyway. But people around the world, it seems, have gone insane, vicariously: The elite has George Soros, who can farm the job out, hiring rent-a-mob protestors who really hate Trump for their own reasons. This effigy burning is more than the 1950’s college effigy burning: It is real street theater, expressing what the Oligarchy really wants to do to Trump. The fakestream media will continue to let the cameras roll, long after everyone has walked away.

    As for Denmark, Yes, something really is rotten there. We on the right DO. NOT. UNDERSTAND. that it DOES NOT take a majority to effect a change: All one side needs is five to ten percent to act as a WEDGE to start engineering the change, to the point where consent can be forced or manufactured. When the Muslim population is, say, two percent of an area’s population, it will remain relatively quiet and conformist. (This was the case before the era of mass and instant communications, before the Age of Ideology). But all that Barbara Spector (read: “Spectre!”) and her crew has to do is raise that level to five or a little more percent of the population, to the point where the Muslims can start organizing and waging jihad. This is precisely the plan.

    In the meantime, I have come to wonder about just how serious President Trump is. He seems to be the consummate deal maker, and this is the real problem: The opposition WILL NOT be bought; They are the parasite tumor that has every intention of consuming the host body politic. Trump has refused to fire his son-in-law and tell his daughter to stay quiet. It has been reported that Soros operatives have infiltrated the White House. Barack Obama is the rabid dog following him around the globe, slobbering his drool to anyone who will listen. (And given what we already know about Angela Merkel, as one example, even the Ruling Elite is going insane. I seriously believe Merkel has experienced a permanent break with reality.)
    Here is the real problem with Trump, his Achilles Heel. As Ann Barnhardt has reported, Donald Trump has always signed pre-nuptual agreements with each one of his wives. From the Traditional Catholic viewpoint, a pre-nup would, necessarily, gut the marriage of its sacramental character. Hence, Barnhardt argues, Trump has never been validly married. So, according to Christian ontology, he is not relying upon the Grace of God, but his own Triumph of the Will.
    His daughter has, by converting to Judaism to marry and by raising her children as Jews, committed apostasy.
    People would argue that what Donald Trump does in his personal life is his own business. But Ann Barnhardt’s point still maintains: Trump and daughter, by their actions, have committed the grave sin of scandal. It is this playing fast-and-loose with the truth that will prove to be the Trump Administration’s undoing (provided he will not be assassinated first). As Christians, we all should know that the Devil “comes in on little cat feet.” This is one condition that Trump & Co. have been living under, and I know that Old Nick downstairs is using this weakness to exploit to his advantage the very first chance he gets. It’s his “5%,” so to speak.

    I am very pessimistic about what will happen within the next ten years. I don’t think it will end well for Mr. Trump. (And I am praying otherwise). But let us recall that we’re most likely living in that Age that the Book of Revelation says must happen.
    A lot more than effigies are about to burn. Trump will be maneuvered into a predicament he will not be able to deal himself—or the world—out of.

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    • Does not your oft-referenced Ann Barnhardt know that Donald’s wife, Melania, is Catholic, and that his close aides Steve Bannon and Kelly Ann Conway (and others) are Catholics? Do they not matter?

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      • Thank you and, they matter to me. I think these New World Odor efforts are not confined to the Good ‘Ol USA. After all, the Rothschilds (and their agents) are all over Europe.

        For me, Trump is suspiciously becoming a cliche. They need a straw man to “defeat” on their rise to total control.


      • Yes. In a recent podcast, Ann said that Melania, a former Catholic, converted to Judaism and agreed to raise her children Jewish. Ann correctly identified Melania as an apostate, and is having Masses said for Melania’s reversion and the family’s conversion to Catholicism.


        • P.S. I have not heard Ann Barnhardt say that either Bannon or Conway are Catholic. I knew Conway is Catholic; I did not know about Bannon.


          • From Jason Jones, “The Steve Bannon I know,” Catholic Vote, Nov. 17, 2016:

            “Steve Bannon—who is now the victim of an appalling character smear by leftists and NeverTrump globalists in the GOP–gave one of the most profound and enlightening talks in recent Vatican history in 2014…. If you read Bannon’s Vatican speech, what you meet is a man almost obsessed by concern for the fragility of freedom and peace in our fallen world. Someone consumed by care for the vulnerable among us, and unafraid to confront their powerful oppressors…. I met him through someone we both loved, Andrew Breitbart. Together, two Catholics and a Jew, we would sketch out new ways to promote the prophetic ideals of justice too often forgotten in our post-theist world.”

            By “two Catholics,” Jason Jones meant himself and Steve Bannon. Andrew Breitbart was Jewish — that rare conservative Jew and an American patriot. May he rest in peace.


        • Steve, are you sure that it was Melania that converted? I know Ivanka has and agreed to raise their three children Jewish, but I think Melania is still a Catholic.


        • You and/or Ann Barnhardt are confusing First Lady Melania Trump with Donald’s daughter, Ivanka, who converted to Orthodox Judaism upon marrying Orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner, and raising their children as Jews.

          “As the Communist Party in Slovenia upheld atheism, Melania’s father did not publicly sponsor her Christian sacraments of baptism or first communion. As such, Melania was secretly baptized by Franc Čampa, the parish priest of St. Lawrence’s Church in Raka, on June 14, 1970…. In February 2017, at a Florida rally, Melania Trump led the crowd in the recitation of Lord’s Prayer. Later, during her and her husband’s visit to Vatican City in May 2017, Trump revealed that she is a Catholic, the first Catholic to live in the White House since President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie over half a century earlier.” (Wikipedia)

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  2. If a United States News media were to burn an effigy of the president of Denmark, you can bet this Danish crybaby liberal news media would be screaming for the UN to do something about it!

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  3. Since the European and Scandanavian countries cannot keep up the birth replacement of their own people, they are committing suicide by allowing even one percent of Muslims in their countries because they breed like rabbits and have multiple wives to accomplish the take over.
    I am like the Dr. Hang up on them when they call us for help of ridding their countries of this slime.
    Their numbers are increasing at an alarming rate and no one seems to notice.

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    • Whites are facing the same birth rate problem here. We’re not marrying, we’re having babies later in life, or not having them at all (for those who live life according to things like budgets, planning, moderation, self-control, discipline, responsibility, accountability, etc.) I blame modern feminism mostly. Or just selfish, Godless, “I don’t need anybody” secular humanism…
      If not for abortion, we’d be taken over as the majority even faster than the hispanics are already predicted to do (in 20-25y), if not also by blacks…

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      • If you read Daniel Estulin’s book about Transhumanism”, GMO potatoes as well as other GMO plants destroy human life. Rat studies show they wreak havoc on the entire human system. GMO corn is nicknamed ‘contraceptive corn’ to prevent population growth in corn-heavy countries like Brazil and other S. American ones.
        This is just the overall globalist plan, get rid of capable 1st world societies that invent and create new things and make life easier, supplant them with insane satan following islam. Then, once that’s in place, they will destroy the muslims who won’t be able to resist. The low IQ types that don’t innovate or can’t find solutions to problems are easiest to control. Hence the dumbing down of America and the influx of illegal immigrants across the globe.


    • Glenn47 . . . I agree, no monies, nor American blood should be shed on their behalf, if this insanity they are hell-bent on perpetrating on themselves turns out to be a self fulfilling prophecy of annihilation. It’s amazing that so many of the leaders of a country can manage the country . . . when they have their heads buried in the sand!

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    • Glenn47, you are right about lower countries. The sand fleas breed and very hard to eliminate, they teach the little ones to follow the call of Allah to kill christians, their future is Yihad. Russia has no mercy, and does not wait for the slime to move in.


  4. Little is known of “socialist” Denmark except in 1952 transsexual ex-GI George Jorgensen returns to the US as Christine Jorgensen. It revolutionized the world and Denmark settled back. Denmark continued to be a quiet country until the arrival of the muslims, like bad weeds, slowly gripping this quiet little country until the Anglo-Saxon is obliterated.

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  5. Denmark is where problems start (think slavery and Bilderbergs). Who cares what they think? They don’t “think”. That country is totally controlled by globalist shills. Islam is a ‘religion’ of satan. I feel bad for the Danes, they have no idea what is coming. When they start getting more murders by crazy muslims, then they’ll realize their mistake too late.

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  6. “When and if Denmark ever appeals to NATO or the United States for help with their Muslim “migrants,” America should turn a deaf ear and remind them of their malicious Trump-effigy burning.”

    I would say amen to that, but the other problem is according to Christopher Jon Byerknes is that if Nato is dismantled as Trump did say at one time, Europe will have to appeal to Putin to save them from the Muslim hordes they invited in.( Le Pen and others have taken campaign money from Putin.) And according to Byerknes that is all in the plan, for when Russia does the saving it will not be with good intentions. I am not a Russian basher and I feel that Russia has been demonized in our press. however, Putin is no saint and according to certain prophesies by Orthodox saints, the recent flowering of Christianity in Russia will not last, but will be squashed again. Byerkness says that Russian is to supplant the US as the chief backer of Israel the planned new world power. Putin takes orders from the hateful racists of Lebavitcher and has called for all Jews who feel unwelcome in the US to come back to Russia. Now can you imagine inviting in the vermin back into Russia who are responsible for the death of 70 million plus ethnic Russian Christians only a short time ago?


  7. add denmark to the travle ban. nobody leaving there should able to come here. If you want to go there you’d have to stay


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