Sweden on brink of civil war: 61 no-go Muslim zones; police chief pleads for help

Dan Eliasson, a Swedish lawyer and long-time civil servant, has been Sweden’s National Police Commissioner since January 1, 2015.

Michael Töpffer reports for the Swedish daily newspaper Expressen that more than a year ago, on February 10, 2016, during a panel discussion on terrorist threats at the Swedish Jurist Assembly in Stockholm, National Police Chief Dan Eliasson admitted that crime has become so severe that police could no longer guarantee safety in parts of Sweden, including in the capital Stockholm:

“I have been surprised after I became national police chief how bad it is in certain areas during the evenings. If we do not contain this development, I am completely convinced that not only traditional crime but also radicalization and terror will increase in our society…. No, I cannot guarantee the security is there. We have resources, we act, but I cannot guarantee security in these areas. It is difficult.”

Eliasson identified 14 radicalized areas where conditions are so bad that  police have to deploy two patrol cars “when we enter” those areas “because otherwise the car is vandalized and it’s impossible to do the job and it is obviously incredibly worrying.”

A year later, the situation has worsened.

In June 2017 at a press conference, National Police Commissioner Eliasson pleaded for help:

“Help us, help us! We need the local councils with us. We must do more together to turn this crisis around. The number of at-risk areas has increased. In some areas, it has gotten worse.”

That same month, on June 21, 2017, Anders Holm Nielsen reports for Nyheder that the Swedish police, in a new report Exposed Areas 2017, said that 61 areas in Sweden are deemed “vulnerable” because they have major problems with crime, unemployment and distrust of authorities:

  • In those areas, there are about 5,000 criminals spread over 200 criminal networks.
  • In the worst areas, 15-25 year olds account for the majority of crimes, and children as young as 10 are trained to bring weapons and drugs to older criminals.
  • Government workers in several places can not work without police protection. “Even with police protection, work can be a challenge as the police officers are also attacked.
  • In some areas, due to violence, vandalism, threats and extortion, insurance companies refuse to insure local businesses, which are forced to close.

Repeating police chief Eliasson’s plea, Swedish police ask for help from other actors in local areas, saying that the deteriorating public security situation can not be improved without the help from parents, religious communities and voluntary organizations.

Reporting for Breitbart London on June 29, 2017, Chris Tomlinson writes that there are now 61 no-go zones in Sweden, many of which are heavily migrant-populated. Tynnered, a suburb in Gothenburg, is a new addition to the list after cases of car burnings and shootings. Eliasson warned if the trend persists and crime continues to increase, then the social contract could break down in Sweden.

To make matters even worse, although the Swedish interior ministry has promised to hire more police officers, many Swedish police departments are facing an exodus of officers, especially in no-go areas:

  • According to one report published last year, 80% of Swedish police are considering leaving the force due to issues ranging from violence against them in no-go areas to lack of holiday time and poor funding.
  • The lack of staff has forced the last remaining police station in Kista, a suburb of Stockholm, to close.
  • In Rinkeby, one of the most infamous no-go areas in Stockholm, authorities have tried to build a new, fortress-like police station, but the government has been unable to secure a building contractor to complete the station as many fear being attacked.

Tomlinson writes:

“Despite the fact the Swedish government refuses to keep statistics on the national origin of suspects, many in Sweden have suspected that migrants make up a large proportion of criminals. The suspicion was confirmed earlier this year when police officer Peter Springare wrote on Facebook that the vast majority of criminal cases that crossed his desk were committed by migrants.”

According to a June 24, 2017 report by 10news.one:

  • The Swedish government has lost large areas to Islamist militias“no-go zones” (utenforskap) where Swedish law has been replaced with a mixture of the law of the jungle and Islamic sharia law. The only reason why Sweden, this formerly peaceful and safe country, has not yet devolved into large-scale armed conflicts is because Sweden’s “progressive” government is not putting up any real resistance against the Islamists.
  • Police chief Lars Alversjø said “There is lawlessness in parts of Stockholm” and that “The legal system, which is a pillar in every democratic society, is collapsing in Sweden.”
  • The Swedish Security Service (Säkerhetspolisen – abbreviated as Säpo), recently warned that the country is crawling with “thousands of Islamists” who share the Islamic State’s ideology.
  • Per Magnus Ranstorp, a researcher of terrorism and radicalization at the Swedish National Defense College, said that “In the worst areas extremists have taken over. The whole sense of justice and peace are threatened by the fact that the police is breaking down and it’s only getting worse. Sweden is in a disastrous situation.”

Researcher Johan Patrik Engellau believes the situation in Sweden may be far worse than even what government officials are willing to admit. In an article earlier this year, he wrote:

“I’m afraid it is the end for the well-organised, decent, and egalitarian Sweden we have known up to now. Personally, I would not be surprised if a form of civil war occurs. In some places, the civil war has probably already begun.

10news.one balefully concludes:

“The fact remains that Sweden’s political elite is nowhere near taking such decisive action, as it has not even started to openly speak out about these problems.

Therefore Sweden will very soon need help from abroad. Police chief Dan Eliasson’s prayer for help only included potential partners inside Sweden, but very soon the international community will have to intervene if a humanitarian catastrophe is to be avoided.

Swedish construction workers trade union in pussy hats

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33 responses to “Sweden on brink of civil war: 61 no-go Muslim zones; police chief pleads for help

  1. Keep those ragheads, sand fleas and camel munchers coming in!!!! Oh, but don’t you love what you’d wished for???

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  2. Leonard Haley

    You can pretty much count on everything published at Brietbart being an exaggeration or an outright, right biased lie.


    • Really? Prove it, you liberal hater.
      I employed many other sources besides Breitbart, including Swedish news sources. I spent hours this morning putting together this post, by taking great effort to cross-reference sources and not rely on just one source.

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      • Remember what John Wayne said, “You can’t fix stupid.”
        The Swedes let these barbaric savages into their country willingly, now they’re paying the price. It’s why all of them need to be sent back to their own Arab countries. They are NOT REFUGEES, they are Islamists who want to take over your country and control it like they have many other once-Christian nations.

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    • You can pretty much count on liberals to make a hateful comment without actually debating the facts (i.e., the reports by Swedish outlets). There’s even video here yet you decide to pull an Alinsky. Bet you were champ of your debate class…

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    • Leonard, you must be a government troll, or a perfect example of a Liberal retard, otherwise known as a Libtard. Why are Liberals said to be retarded? It is a truly mystery as to what goes on in their heads, but it is said that this retarded nature is because they actually refuse to use logic, or possibly the brain they have is deficient. This is evidenced by studies that show Liberals are more ignorant of actual facts as compared with conservatives. Another example is that even when confronted with indisputable facts they dismiss them (as you have done here) because they don’t reinforce the delusional picture of reality they carry in their heads. Would you like another example? Fact: Sweden has the second highest incidence of rape outside South Africa. Rape was almost unheard of before all the cultural enrichment from ME and African Muslims. Conclusion: Muslim Culture is violent and misogynistic. Conclusion #2: If you want peace and safety in your country you do not let Islamic savages in. Get it? I won’t count on it.

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    • “You can pretty much count on everything published at Huff Po, NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR being an exaggeration or an outright, left biased lie.”

      Hi Lenny, I fixed some glaring inaccuracies in your post. You’re welcome.

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  3. At least there is no articular group that can be blamed for machinating the wars and the mass migration into Europe and the West, right?

    At least there is no particular group responsible for this mass migration that has a history of being expelled from say around 89 countries 109 times for the same and similar behaviour and claim that wars are good for t.h.e.m. and only t.h.e.m., right?
    “Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn.)
    Gee, i just can’t fathom how this issue got started or who is responsible. Can you?

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    • There’s the political zionists who desire a world divided into two, one part is political zionists who would rule the world and the other is the goy who would be slaves – the rest of the world. In a letter to Mazzini, Al Pike, head of masonry at the time (1800s), said the final world war would be one in wich political zionism and islam were used to destroy each other and to make the world so that all religions were hated, save for the religion of satan. Then they will reveal satan as their god because the real god had “allowed” the world war to take place and was therefor the enemy of mankind, and force all to worship him as in mark of the beast time.


    • She is the “face” of Jewish dominance. This is the cause of all their problems.


  4. Check the weather report to see if Hell froze over or look outside to see if some pigs are flying, Bill Gates now thinks EU should restrict such folk:

    “Bill Gates in HUGE Borders U-turn: ‘Brussels Must Make it HARDER for Migrants to Reach EU’,” by Joey Millar, Express, 6 Jul 2017

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  5. How can anyone even possibly help people who love, embrace, and molly-coddle their tormentors? The Swedes welcomed these violent migrants into their country, their homes, and even their beds; now they are just going to have to lie in those beds.

    Perhaps they could get the group ABBA to put together a reunion concert. They can all hold hands and sing “Waterloo” . 😳

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  6. It is to be hoped that the people of Sweden get a handle on the problem and their government deports every Muslim in Sweden. The people of Sweden need a little Viking ethos.

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    • Being a physically smaller Country with a smaller population,they should be able to bring a much quicker result if they DO decide to fight this Muslim onslaught. Sounds like the people at the Top will need some personal,one on one experience of the damage being done to Sweden by these thugs to finally realize what needs to be done.
      HEY-They could ask the UN to intervene and help ’em solve this debacle!! (sarc)

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  7. Just like in our own country, when we say “Sweden” this or “Sweden” that we must remember that the whole country isn’t behind this. There are far too many, for certain, but not all.

    They bought into the globalist/socialist/Zionist B.S. earlier than most. I’ve met several who have fled the place in disgust. The sad part is that this is self-inflicted. Their “leaders” want to suicide the country to atone for their “sins” of being white.

    While I doubt this is a home grown sentiment, it is alarming that the conditioning is so strong that many are willing to suffer the consequences. I keep hoping that maybe they’ll come to realize that they can still manage their social responsibilities without sacrificing their entire culture.

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  8. Sweden is a nation that has decided it’s virtuous to signal their willingness to commit suicide. They deserve what they get. What a bunch of pussies. They deserve to be slaves to a bunch of goat rapists.

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  9. Clearly, the Zionist conspiracy for the destruction of the White Race, known as the,..’KALERGI PLAN’,.. is moving right along

    It’s hard to imagine that these ,..’wussy’,..Sweeds are the descendants of the, proud vikings.

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  10. concerned aussie crusader

    You Swedes have to man up. When governments put invaders before their own people only people power will correct the issue. I can’t see anything short of civil war correcting this problem. I now firmly believe any person who reads or lives their lives according to the koran is a potential jihadi/terrorist.

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  12. The chief seems to be a little late to the dance. He has a lot to repair.

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  13. They harvest what they sow!


  14. How Bad Is Sweden’s Muslim Immigration? Short Doc By Ami Horowitz


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  17. A man I went to Kindergarten with, through 8th grade is of Norwegian descent and lives in Sweden – he’s in his mid 70s, like I am. I get an email a couple of times a year, and he always sends me a little barb about things not so bad in Sweden. That we have major problems in our government, too. Hmmm. I think I’ll send him this.

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  18. Because their leaders joined the EU, they have allowed the New World Odor to decide their future for them. Now they are being told that they must defend their owner’s decisions.

    Of course their owners are doing this for the precise reason that they want to destroy their identity. No sane person would agree to this. They are told that they are “regressive” and “populist”.

    It is SO obvious that it is difficult to see how they can defend this or participate. It is a country of shabbat goyim.

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