President Trump forms special strike force against Chicago’s homicide epidemic

Throughout the Obama years, nearly every week FOTM‘s DCG has been chronicling the city of Chicago’s doleful shooting homicide statistics, the most recent being today’s post, “This is Chiraq: More than 100 shot over Fourth of July Weekend“.

Those statistics clearly demonstrate that the gun-control city’s epidemic of murder and shooting is beyond the control of both the city government, headed by useless mayor Rahm Emanuel, as well as the Illinois state government.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump had indicated that if elected, he would do something to help America’s black inner cities. Singling out Chicago, Trump promised he would send in “the Feds” to help reduce the city’s murder rate.

Now, the federal government finally is doing something to help Chicago, no thanks to Barack Obama, who began his political career and rise in Chicago — the birthplace of his wife, Michelle.

Fox News reports that on June 30, 2017, decrying the crime epidemic on Chicago streets, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the federal government is sending about 20 additional U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents the city.

Trump tweeted that “Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 shootings in Chicago this year!”

For his part, AG Sessions told “Fox & Friends” that Chicago police are “demoralized” and city politics are not working, and that the Department of Justice is assisting: “We’ll have an impact in reducing shootings in Chicago. Murders are way, way too high.”

Sessions subsequently released a written statement saying “The Trump Administration will not let the bloodshed go on; we cannot accept these levels of violence,” and that the Trump administration has created the Chicago Gun Strike Force and is sending “20 more permanent ATF agents to Chicago, reallocating federal prosecutors and prioritizing prosecutions to reduce gun violence” and working with law enforcement partners.

The new set of ATF agents will work with counterparts from the Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police on the new Chicago Gun Strike Force to solve shootings and arrest gun traffickers, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Included in the strike force are prosecutors from the U.S. attorney’s office and Cook County state’s attorney’s office, who will decided whether suspects in gun crime should be charged in state or federal court. Anthony Riccio, head of the Chicago Police Department’s organized crime unit, said: “The goal is the prosecute as many of these guys as possible federally where they will serve longer prison terms.


23 responses to “President Trump forms special strike force against Chicago’s homicide epidemic

  1. The Feds should physically depose Rahm Emanuel and throw his brother, the Dr. who supports Obamacare, into the mix.

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  2. Chicago, Chieftain Mustafa Obama’s [ residenceship] has been running amok and the murder rate in the upswing while he was living it up in DC. Last Gay Pride parade ITS were completely naked, parading, displaying their pride in being society’s refuse, meantime Chieftain has been sporting a “redish tan”, looking rested, showing his spiffy pretty boy look, and ex$$$$pensive outfits, and…….. on a whirlwind tour around the world, before PRESIDENT TRUMP’S arrival. I wonder what malevolent plot he’s got up his sleeves while ghetto blood spills all over Chicago.

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  3. Somebody has to do something…the demorats are useless there.

    Let’s hope the feds can clean up that mess. And much longer prison terms are required, for sure.

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  4. The “solution” the fedz will come up with for this problem is to provide more welfare, in the guise of direct payments to gangstas so they can live their lifestyle of choice without need to commit crime or have legitimate occupation for their money. It’s all due to systemic racism that young urban gentlemen are kept from the resources they desire. Just watch, prison sentences will be reduced and homies on death row will be released.

    The above is what I expect from the 0bama doj, wonder how a Trump doj will do.

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  5. Of course the 800 lbs gorilla in the room that nobody wants to talk about is that they’ve been “culturally enriched” to the point of collapse. Maybe they need a sort of “boat lift” heading the opposite direction. How about free “vacations” to Somalia?


    • Jackie Puppet

      Advertise it as going to Somalia, but when they’re beyond the horizon on Lake Michigan, dump ’em all overboard and make ’em swim for it. Survivors, if any, get to stay.


  6. Everybody, all together! “That’s Racist!!!!”


  7. Indeed it is a sad thing what is happening to Chicago, but they had a chance for things to change and they reelected the same failure to office.
    Do they not care or is this another case of voter fraud?
    How could the people turn their heads and not care when every trip outside your house and sometimes while even inside, is a grave danger?
    The city is bankrupt as is the state from pandering to the unions in dangerous levels. And all those that have benefitted live in areas not hit hard with the shooting crimes. When will the people wake up and realize the democrats do not care about them?

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    • Jackie Puppet

      No fraud necessary, the people are just that stupid.People don’t care because they don’t snitch. Until the ghetto culture is eliminated the problem will persist. Which makes the Chicago Sun-Times story last month about blacks leaving the city even more amazing.


  8. Kevin J Lankford

    If it was any where else, just ordinary home town U.S.A., I’d say honor our Constitution, allow the free exercise of their second amendment, and right of self-defense. But chicago, its zombie land for real, starting with zombie rahm.

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  10. Glad to hear it. I would also like President Trump to actually do this in those cities with high homicide rates, not just Chicago.

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    • Steven, he is just starting, once these parasites get out of his way I am sure he will capture the attention of those nonbelievers, let’s give him a chance, we have a good heart american with all the best intentions to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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      • Yes, Alma. But here is the problem: Although Trump will do what he can to get these killers off the streets via Federal offenses, it represents—or will represent—another power-grab by the Federal Government. It will represent another intrusion into States’ Rights. That’s the real Constitutional problem.
        Meanwhile, over 50% of black people do not make it out of the womb….


        • You can take the animal from the wild but you cannot get the wild from the animal.


        • Jackie Puppet

          I agree – not only that, but it also represents a transition to make it easier to declare martial law.

          I only live a few miles from one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago (Austin), so I see how bad things here can get easy enough.

          But I’d never advocate for the National Guard to be activated, or other armed federal forces to descend upon Chicago in any form of martial law. I’ve discussed this on other boards, and there’s plenty of otherwise rational people that would support bringing in the troops. That’s a slippery slope that once America descends down, it won’t be able to “rescind”, and restore civilian leadership.


  11. And the Party of Man’s Country says……:


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