John Mellencamp: “I don’t trust government…really I’m a socialist”

john mellencamp

This socialist is worth $25 million…

He obviously doesn’t understand how socialism works. Never said he was the brightest musician on the planet.

From Rolling Stone:  John Mellencamp talked Farm Air, his new album Sad Clowns & Hillbillies, mortality and how his political views differ from his fans in a wide-ranging interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

Throughout Mellencamp’s career, the plight of the small town American seeped into the rocker’s music, especially on 1983’s Uh-Huh and 1985’s Scarecrow.

“The reason we made that record was because we were noticing that the landscape of Indiana is changing.” Mellencamp said of Scarecrow in an extended interview with Sunday Morning’s Jane Pauley.

“All the small towns were going out of business. Why? Why are all these small towns going out of business? Because everybody went to live in the city? No. It was because that corporate farming had moved in and run the small family farmer out of business. Which is why we started Farm Aid.”

Mellencamp, a longtime liberal and the son of Democrats, admitted that his political beliefs are likely in conflict with a great number of his fanbase; there have been instances onstage where he’s been booed by his own crowed for voicing his opinion on political matters.

“If you wanna get into government I can get into it with you real quick,” Mellencamp said. “You probably don’t wanna have this conversation with me, but here’s the deal: I don’t trust the government. I don’t trust the Democrats. I don’t trust the Republicans. I’m a little more Democratic than I am Republican, but really I’m a socialist. And that’s where it’s at.

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27 responses to “John Mellencamp: “I don’t trust government…really I’m a socialist”

  1. He’s also a nut job.

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  2. David Cameron

    Just goes to show that being a musician is no protection from being an imbecile. It’s like saying I’m afraid of snakes but I love my pet python.

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    • If I may, from one musician to another, “you’re a dumbass”! I suppose he’s a lot like Michael Moore, the multi-millionaire “man of the people”. This guy’s ego is interfering with the circulation to his brain.

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  3. I never liked Mealymouth’s music: John Cougar Mellencamp is a Bruce Springsteen/Billy Joel ripoff. Yet the two rock stations left here in New York keep pushing this man’s beta male music. Man! do they keep on pushing it.

    But I have to give credit where credit is due. Mellencamp is correct, insofar as he goes: Mega-corporations came in and co-opted Farming America. (He forgot to mention Archer Daniels Midland and Monsanto, but that’s a minor point). I have to commend him on his frankness and candor, especially for admitting that his political views are likely different from his fanbase. But he is no intellectual. He has not been red-pilled yet, because he cannot process the socialism out of him yet.
    And this is why he remains famous with a fanbase: He’s honest (although his music is a mediocre ripoff). But he remains blue-pilled. This is why he can’t get off the leftist plantation. Mellencamp actually represents that large chunk of America that just cannot wake up.
    And no joke: Musically, I cannot stand his product. But he is more of a man that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

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  4. He seems to be into contradictions. He is socialist, but he made his money by selling his product using capitalism. He is from Beford, near Bloomington and because of IU he does have lots of liberals in his base.
    His music isn’t at the top of my list. I would take Bob Seger anytime.

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  5. Another phony socialist. Does Mellencamp actually know what socialism means and the record of socialist/communist governments, responsible for the greatest number of democides (murders by government) in human history? If he’s such a socialist, Mellencamp really shouldn’t hoard his riches, estimated to be $25 million in net worth. Give them away!

    P.S. It also doesn’t say much for plastic surgery-ravaged Meg Ryan, that she would pick Mellencamp as her “boy friend” since 2011.

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    • Maybe he’ll run away with Barbra Streisand. Well, “Bubble Boy” probably lives in a little world of his own making surrounded by sychophantic hangers on who hang on his every word. In other words, like a Hollyweird celeb.

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  6. He makes songs. He doesn’t make sense.
    That’s why he is on CBS.
    Waste of time.

    I want to know why the srates are resisting the investigation of voter fraud.

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    • Which States are resisting the investigation? I bet they’re all primarily Democratic. THAT’S why they resist. They don’t wanna be caught “tuning” the Elections.

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  7. traildustfotm

    One more cookie cutter leftist from the celebrity cesspool.

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  8. JOHN MELONHEAD is a washout musician that lost his popularity long time ago. Not a demo, not a republican leaves him no other choice but become a liberal, and as a goodwill liberal he should be compassionate and generous with his fellow man that have contributed to the money he’s earned. Farm Aid needs you and your dollars.

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  9. What a total contradiction, an oxymoron! If you “don’t trust government”, then why would you be a socialist where government controls almost every aspect of your life? He should say, “I’m a libertarian.”

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  10. re: Who the Hell is John Melloncamp..?? Who the Hell cares what this dead-brained jerk has to say,??

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  11. Stephen T. McCarthy

    As Waylon Jennings sang, [link:) ​​”WRONG!”

    He can’t be a genuine Socialist and also be worth $25 million dollars. These are mutually exclusive things. If he were an authentic, committed Socialist, he would have already given away all the money over and above the amount that he and his family truly needs.

    When Mellencamp says the word “Socialist”, what he really means is “hypocrite”.

    It appears that Rock music kills brain cells. It should be labeled as “dangerous to one’s health”.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  12. How dum kan a guy b?

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  13. Mellenhead is a moron.

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  14. CLUELESS!!!! Why are all the farmers…the “breadbasket” that fed not only ALL Americans for 2 centuries…but much of the rest of the world….going out of business to be taken over by corporate farming (aside—and MUCH OF the buyers from Japan and China??????!!!!!! They OWN our farmlands!!! You BETTER be learning how to grow your own food lately…come the day when these foreign agribusinesses form a FOOD CARTEL…..). Dear clueless, socialist rocker: take it from a girl raised on grandfather’s PA dairy farm: farming is a generational occupation, passed down from parent to child…..but our STOOOOPID capital gains taxes and inheritance taxes make it so the child who inherits the century (or more) old farm from a parent or grandparent is LAND RICH, but too poor in the pennies they earn from it…to pay the FEDS and State govs the inheritance taxes. As a result….they Have to sell to settle the estate/pay the inheritance taxes. Who buys it? Not another American SUCKER…but foreign interests/investors. Check it out…for years and years…the apple orchards in Adams Co PA (around Gettysburg) have been owned by Japanese…the peach orchards in Western MD (MORE PLENTIOUS than the production in GA…the supposed “peach state,”) have been owned by Japanese/Chinese agribusinesses for 3 decades already…..(AND….worked by Mexicans shipped up by bus by these managers). My dad was an agricultural economist who spent his life in the midst of this foreign take-over of American farmlands…and with whom I spent every summer in his office, in the field with the farmers he was appraising for loans…etc etc….I’m pretty OLD now…and NIL has changed in this regard since then…since I was about aged 12 and thereafter…it has been a steady bastardization of our food-producing family farms as advanced by our Federal Gov’t. policies.

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  15. Farm-Aid worked out real well huh John Cougar? Go smoke some more hay imbecile.

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  16. I always feel bad for my state when another Hoosier comes out as a socialist.
    I wonder if he had to eat shit from a silver platter like the rest of the nwo music/tv personalities have to at their nwo parties?

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  17. I ALWAYS HATED HIS NOISE. Now I know why. He’s a loser and he doesn’t even know it. John Pooper Mellonhead needs a brain, and a toupee judging from the picture of him.
    Tell him to give all his money away and buy little pink houses for everyone, the hypocrite! That’s the thing about ‘rich socialists’, they never seem to want to redistribute THEIR wealth!
    “They will be known by their works.”

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