Debauched Oxford University students raped a goat

Within England’s elitist Oxford University is a secret society called the Piers Gaveston Society.

As described by the UK newspaper, The Guardian, the Piers Gaveston is a “highly exclusive” men-only club, made up of a self-selecting group of 12 undergraduates. Named after the alleged male lover of Edward II, king of England from 1307 to 1327, the Society was founded in 1977 and carries the Latin motto “Fane non memini ne audisse unum alterum ita dilixisse” or, in English:

“Truly, none remember hearing of a man enjoying another so much”

Like its namesake, Piers Gaveston encourages and indulges in what The Mail describes as “excess, high camp [and] ostentatious decadence” and prides itself on being a clandestine organization. Its members are given obscure titles such as “Poker”, “Despenser” (Hugh le, Earl of Winchester, a favorite of King Edward II), and “Catamite” (a boy who has a sexual relationship with a man), who all observe the Sicilian code of Omertà, maintaining silence about the club.

Every year, Piers Gaveston holds a summer ball, described by the Telegraph as parties where “Cross-dressing is as likely to feature as speed-laced jelly. The rules are simple – there are none.” Each member invites 20 guests – preferably more women than men. The invitees are given 72 hours’ notice and told to turn up for a hired coach that would drive them to an undisclosed destination in the countryside.

July 1, 2017, that “posh” (upper-class) half-naked students were seen queuing up to board the bus to this year’s £90-per-head ball Piers Gaveston summer ball held in a remote field — the females wearing only nipple tassels and body paint, the men in high heels.

Reportedly, “revellers” at the ball fornicated a goat. A poster on student gossip page Oxfeu wrote:

“Shoutout to those at Piers Gav who decided to f*** a goat — great to know Oxford remains a bastion of intellect.”

On Oxford missed connections page Oxlove, a poster wrote:

“To the guy I slept with in the orgy tent at the PG, let’s get a drink?”

Another student wrote:

“Oriel blonde in the pink skirt: why did you reject me at gav? You are the reason I went and yet you refused to join me in the sex tent.”

Another posted:

“To the guy wearing baubles at the Gav, it’s not christmas but you’re a gift I’d like to have. About your bod no one could ever lament. So next year meet me in the orgy tent?”

Piers Gaveston past members include movie actor Hugh Grant and former UK Prime Minister David Cameron who took part in an initiation ceremony in which Cameron screwed a dead pig’s mouth, according to an unofficial biography of Cameron written by Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft who claims to have photographic evidence. (The Guardian)

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36 responses to “Debauched Oxford University students raped a goat

  1. wow!…and their parents are paying for this? what a shame on every level.

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  2. As if we needed more evidence that ‘the higher they are, the further they fall’ in action. Of course it’s not a CONSPIRACY, only the future of the nation out for a sexual picnic of sorts. Any wonder why our ruling classes are as they are? Never forget, as Oscar Wilde warned us, ‘Work is the curse of the drinking class’, which these certainly are, and damned proud of it.

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  3. Scum, sluts and sexual freaks of England. Bet your parents are proud of you. It is a shame someone doesn’t have video of all this sinful crap and release it on the social networks as the news media would suppress it.

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  4. The depravity of that “”highly exclusive’ men-only club” explains the condition of the UK. Unfortunately, the club is not highly exclusive enough. It should have a membership of none. Consider ourselves non-members of privilege. And our own leaders have to deal with them respectfully? Get out the barf bags.

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  5. It seems incredible that any self respecting young person would participate in such devilish filth. I would hope that the tale of this kind of debauchery will follow each member who participated in this into society when they seek employment. The article mentions “Hugh Grant,” who was arrested in the US some years ago because he was soliciting sex outside a park’s male restroom . . . so he has not exactly rise to the top of societies stellar people.

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  6. In addition to these people endangering the Salvation to their immortal souls, this adds the appearance of scandal to Oxford University. Even if Oxford does not approve of or sanction is event, if it fails to publicly disassociate from this, it fails to avoid the mere appearance of impropriety.
    Oxford University, so I have read, is actually older than the Aztec Empire: It was actually founded first. And I am sure that Oxford will be around long after these students have died of old age. But what the members of the Ruling Elite don’t get is that their behavior, in addition to confirming their souls to the Devil, actually actively endangers Civilization itself: They go on with their clandestine behavior once they ascend to power.

    This debauchery sounds eerily similar to AleisterCrowley’s Code of “Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law.” Actually, it is IDENTICAL to it.

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  7. These people will not suffer any social or political consequences from this behavior. On the contrary, these will be the future rulers and famous celebrities, just like those who rule and the famous in this country. The Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, and pretty much every Hollywood celebrity all practice these vile activities. It’s a requirement nowadays to be a Luciferian, if you want to make it in the upper and elite circles. Think about Jimmy Savile in England; he was practically family at Buckingham Palace.

    Their consequences won’t come until their heart beats that one last time.

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  8. There’s nothing wrong with goat-loving. I mean it’s imported from Afghanistan, and we all know that there’s nothing superior about a Christian society over a Muslim one.


    • “There’s nothing wrong with goat-loving.”

      Surely you are being sarcastic?

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      • Of course not. Goats are better than humans. You don’t see any goats going around and cutting down forests, letting dolphins get caught in fishing nets, and causing pain to our Earth Mother Goddess and Giver of the Sacred Herb, Gaia, do you? Trees are people too! Nuke the whales!

        Well, maybe a little sarcasm. But only 100% sarcasm, and not a trifle more!


        • Sounds to me like you are just being a provocateur Jurist. Either way raping goats is neither normal or funny. There is a not so subtle mocking of Christianity I hear in your post, as if paganism, even Islam is superior. Not really. Just as the most recent post from Dr.Eowyn pointed out that Muslims torturing cats is an accepted norm as opposed to here where it is only done by psychopathic deviants, So too just because we have a few elite pervs that like to flaunt the tenets of our Christian world view and mores, it does not equate to a culture of goat raping Muslims who do this as a matter of course without shame or remorse. And PS, pagans do not have a monopoly on the love and respect for the natural world.

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        • PS goats don’t have the capacity to cut down forests or kill dolphins so your point goes nowhere.


          • Lana, that was the entire point. I said I was being “100%” sarcastic.

            “Nuke the whales!”, I also said.

            How someone can’t see that as parody, I simply don’t understand. I guess I’ll have to tone it down for some of you.

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    • Goat “loving”? I”m fairly sure that what these Muslims are doing to the goat is not “loving” it. I do not think that humans are inferior to goats either. As a Christian I know that God gave us humans dominion. We have an obligation to be kind, however. After all, we’re all God’s creatures, even you.

      You sound like one of those who are ashamed of being alive. That’s like those who are ashamed of being white. How can anyone be ashamed of being one of God’s creatures?

      I rather suspect that if you asked the goat if he/she enjoyed being…………”loved” by our princes of the desert the answer would be a resounding no. In fact, I rather imagine the goat likes this about as much as the dolphins like gill nets.

      Lana’s right. What’s your point?

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  9. King Edward II got his comeuppance when he was awakened one night to find that some of his nobles who were fed up with his antics decided to give him a molten hot lead awl enema. Perhaps that should be given to the
    perverts at Oxford so that they will have a better understanding of History.

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  10. Oxford is mere kiddie porn compared to Yale’s Skull & Bones secret, men-only club. We all know the high uppity-ups and POTUSes who “partook” of the satanic (bestiality and necrophilia) activities there.

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    • Goldbug . . . I must admit while reading this article regarding this English secret society . . . the American grown Scull & Bones Society at Yale came to mind. It sickens me to think that many of those who hold high office in this land have been initiated in their dark and evil practices. The Lord has His work cut out for Him when He returns . . . all this filth must be swept from the earth. I can only say . . . good riddance!!! This filth is an abomination upon our land.

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    • I know that the Skull & Bones is a secret society with weird, homoerotic initiation rites, but bestiality & necrophilia? Your source(s), please.

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    • Goldbug,
      there is nothing “mere” about child pornography…I sincerely hope your intent was for “mere ‘child’s play’…” instead of “mere kiddie porn…”


  11. Mooooooooooooooooooslims in training.

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  13. To think Hugh Grant “prepared” at university for his future encounter with Divine Brown in Hollywood.

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  14. They need to change their name from Oxford to Goatford.

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  15. traildustfotm

    And just think, because of their upper crust Oxford pedigree, Americans will feel obligated to bow and scrape to these people! Well this is July 4th, and this American will not bow and scrape to these circus clowns.

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  16. “…Americans will feel obligated to bow and scrape to these people!”
    No doubt SOME will. I’m just not that good with the “bow and scrape” thing. With me,any person will get the respect they EARN;what group you associate with will gain you nothing unless you earn my respect-it isn’t transferable.

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  17. Hope their parents are proud of the despots they raised. Maybe they are like their parents, the apple never falls far from the tree.

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  18. England has a long tradition of perverted sex in private schools. They don’t have to wait for college to engage in this. Most of those who end up PM’s have had several homosexual romps. It’s more common among the British elite than simply getting laid.

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  19. No. Just no.


  20. Jurist: Only some see your point. Most are so traumatized by the state of the nations (world). and with good reason, they just cant see your satire/sarcasm


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