Adolf Hitler was demonically possessed

Yesterday, in the post “Just How Profoundly Have We Been Lied To About WWII?,” FOTM‘s TrailDust asks whether all we’ve been told about WWII, specifically Hitler and the Nazis, is actually true.

For that, I applaud TrailDust’s courage, as I believe NOTHING should a priori be ruled beyond the realm of questioning.

This post is my nugget of contribution to TrailDust’s query.

A persistent popular misconception of Hitler and the Nazis is that they were Christians. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Instead, Hitler and the Nazis were animated by Nordic paganism and the occult.

The John Hay Library at Brown University contains a special collection — 81 of Hitler’s vast 16,000-volume library. The whereabouts of most of Hitler’s books is a mystery, although most scholars believe they’re scattered around Russia. We do know that 1,200 of them are in the Library of Congress in Washington, 81 in the John Hay Library. (Brown University)

Hitler marked the margins of his books with vertical lines beside paragraphs or sentences he thought important. According to Timothy Ryback, in his book, Hitler’s Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life, one notable subject represented in the John Hay Library’s Hitler collection is the occult, including a book that Hitler had marked — Ernst Schertel’s Magic: History, Theory and Practice (1923). Ryback points to one marked sentence in Magic as quite chilling, given Hitler’s history:

“He who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a new world.”

Some consider Hitler to be demonically possessed.

As an example, Jean-Michel Angebert asks in The Occult and the Third Reich: The Mystical Origins of Nazism and the Search For the Holy Grail (pp. 191 and 22):

“[N]umerous interpreters of the Nazi phenomenon have erred in insisting that the occultism and astrology of this period was merely a passing fancy, a whim of some mad-men . . . . By what sorcery could a man, starting with nothing, in the space of a mere ten years totally vanquish seemingly insurmountable obstacles blocking his ascent to power, and how could such a man capture the confidence of millions of people: the unemployed, the workers, the middle class, the intellectuals?”

Lewis A. Sumberg, in his “Translator’s Preface” to Angebert’s volume, pointedly asks (pp. xii and xiii):

“Was Hitler the devil? Objections of some ‘serious’ academicians notwithstanding . . . there is hard evidence showing not only that Hitler was possessed, but also that he possessed others . . . . The rise of occultism and the practice of the black arts by the myriad secret societies—particularly the kind represented by Satanism—was noted everywhere in the Germany of the 1920s.”

Signs of Hitler’s demonic possession

Italian Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano wrote in his diary: “I am certain that even if the Germans were given more than they ask for, they would attack just the same, because they are possessed by the demon of destruction.” (Galeazzo Ciano, The Ciano Diaries, p. 582.)

More recently, in an interview with Vatican Radio, the late Father Gabriel Amorth, Vatican’s chief exorcist, said:

“I am convinced that the Nazis were all possessed. All you have to do is think about what Hitler . . . did. Almost certainly they were possessed by the Devil. You can tell by their behaviour and their actions, from the horrors they committed and the atrocities that were committed on their orders.”

In fact, Vatican documents revealed that wartime pontiff Pope Pius XII had attempted a long-distance exorcism of Hitler. But the effort failed because, as Fr. Amorth explained, the possessed person must be consenting and willing and in the presence of the exorcist for the demon-banishing to succeed.

Those who had known Hitler thought he was demonically possessed.

Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels admitted he did not really know Hitler, although he worked with and saw the Führer almost every day. Goebbels told his aide-de-camp, Prince Schaumburg-Lippe, that there were times when Hitler gave him “the chills.”

The most striking testimony is that by Hermann Rauschning, a Nazi leader who later fled to the U.S.

In his 1939 book, Hitler Told Me, Rauschning described Hitler as controlled by “malefic influences of which he was no longer the master.” A chronic insomniac, Hitler’s sleeplessness became worse after 1934, his minimal sleep frequently interrupted by crying spells and night terrors. As recounted  by Rauschning, during one of his night terrors:

“Hitler was standing there in his bedroom, stumbling about, looking around him with a distraught look. He was muttering: ‘It’s him! It’s him! He’s here!’ His lips had turned blue. He was dripping with sweat. Suddenly, he uttered some numbers which made no sense, then some words, then bits of sentences. It was frightening. He used terms which were strung together in the strangest way and which were absolutely weird. Then, he again became silent, although his lips continued to move. He was given a massage and something to drink. Then, all of a sudden, he screamed: ‘There! Over there! In the corner! Who is it?’ He was jumping up and down, and he was howling. They reassured him that everything was all right, and he gradually calmed down.”


36 responses to “Adolf Hitler was demonically possessed

  1. So true, “Nordic paganism and the occult.” Himmler was even worse. Another contributing factor, Wagner’s music. WW I was itself of the devil. Albert Pike, a Luciferian among other things, looked for it, sought it, and, further, WW II and WW III. Pike was of the 19th century, and was and is of great importance worldwide to the Illuminati.

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    • Absolutely Correct, Marble! Absolutely correct. It is not possible to have an adequate understanding of whom Pike was, or at least what his “plan” was. Pike wrote that he was given his “vision” of Three World Wars by Satan himself. It is not possible to know the Century of Blood that the 20th Century was without knowing that Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” was central to the Masonic/Illuminati Master Plan.
      A statue of Pike used to stand just outside the Dept. of Commerce Bldg. in Washington, D.C. (I saw it when I was a boy). I don’t know if it’s still there, but this is one statue I’d gladly vote to have removed!

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    • Let me get this right, Hitler supposedly gassed 6 million people but the US, England and France under the orders of Zionist Jew leaders carpet bombed all of Germany and killed over 60 million innocent men, women and children, that is true demon possession ! Stop believing any BS history lies you have been told and read the truth about the synagogue of satan as told by Jesus and the Bible.
      Revelation 2:9
      Revelation 3:9
      John 8:44
      John 7 and 8
      Is the world any safer or better since WW2? No! Worse!
      Hitler and anyone else who fights the NWO is vilified and murdered! Fact!


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  3. Although he was a vegetarian, a non-smoker and a non-drinker, it is incomprehensible to me that Hitler could have remained a Christian, doing what he did. Not smoking and not drinking have their benefits, to be sure, but the person of Hitler teaches history an important lesson: It is not Christians who are the most dangerous people in the world. Rather, it is those Christians who successfully renounce their Faith who are the most dangerous people in the world. Hitler renounced his Catholic Faith at the age of fifteen or sixteen. In response to what he believed in, Hitler told a reporter—on the record—“I am a complete and total pagan.” Indeed: Hitler had not only been devoted to the occult; He and many of his top goons were members of the Thule Society, a secret society dedicated to the occult.

    Hitler and his Nazi Party top henchmen were not the only people to have been demonically possessed. I strongly suspect that many leaders in power since the end of WW II have been so possessed. I strongly suspect that Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Margaret Sanger, Truman, Kinsey and others were also possessed. I strongly suspect that Nancy Pelosi is possessed: I have said so here several times before. I believe the Clintons and the Podestas are possessed.
    I have met and worked with people whom I believe are possessed, in education and in the cab. Many of those who knew her thought that my godmother was possessed. (My father cut ties to her in 1970, in part, because of his suspicions). It is more common than you’d think. Certainly alcohol and drugs can open portals to demons. So can magic, tarot cards, fortune-telling, the occult, pornography and other things. As a matter of fact, Dr. Henry Makow himself has stated that sexually promiscuity (at least, beyond a certain point) can lead to demonic possession. (I believe this to be true, and celibacy is of absolute bedrock importance to one’s Salvation).

    I believe that Adolf Hitler, a great starter of projects who finished few, if any, was also affected by a spiritual torpor of mediocrity known as ACEDIA. (I have also stated my own conclusion that I suffer from acedia myself). A tormented man who, ultimately, walked alone, he had nothing but his own plans for company. The man was emotionally hysterical and histrionic (given to theatricality). He was a sexual deviant (I have read he was a coprophiliac). Yet let us also keep in mind that Stalin and FDR were also members and adepts of the Occult (Roosevelt and wife Eleanor conducted occult rituals in the White House). I have also read that Churchill was a member of the Thule Society, and that he was a sexual deviant as well.

    Napoleon Hill said in a lecture that very few men live to discover the reason and the purpose for which they were born. Certainly possession is a definite barrier to that. And let us never forget that black magic and Cabbala not only are portals to the demonic, but they are KEY to understanding the World we’re living in today: Most world leaders are into one or the other. When the Anti-Christ of Revelation appears, he will have learned the lesson of Hitler: He will not appear as a nasty snarling monster, No! He will be very charismatic and smooth and agreeable, deceiving even the Elect!

    Great Post.

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  4. traildustfotm

    There is a strong case to be made on this point. Thank you for pointing this out, Dr. Eowyn.

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  5. ManCavePatriot

    It has been claimed that Hitler’s ancestry was intermingled with Rothschild’s through Frau Schicklgruber, a maid in Austria. A similar claim was made about Stalin’s mother in Russian Georgia.

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  6. No one has been as demonized as Hitler. This is because he is central to the Tribe’s continuing myth. While it is certainly possible that he could have been possessed, he wouldn’t be alone in that category.

    In fact, when looked at objectively (something most can’t do due to the conditioning), most of his decisions were logical all things considered. The extreme demonization came later.

    My father was a WWII vet who was unlucky enough to have been drafted previously and made to stay until the end. He was in the tank corps from Africa to Germany. He did not bear any ill will for Adolf Hitler, nor did any of his war time friends that I met.

    In addition, they did not bear any resentment toward Germans. They simply viewed them as enemies that in different circumstance might have been friends. Douglas Reed was a British journalist during WWII and observed the formation of this propaganda firsthand. It is very clear where it came from and why.

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    • Lophatt, I think you put it eloquently above. While I do not endorse the newly resurrected image of Hitler as saint martyr and Christian, I too think he has been demonized beyond the pale to meet the agenda of the Cabalists. Quite frankly I do not know if we will ever know the full truth about who Hitler really was. There are just too many diametrically opposing sets of facts. But I am leaning towards the idea that he was a sort of plant, Manchurian candidate designated to lead Germany to ruin. H Makow has had several articles that support that contention, and at the very least he was being handled by Borman who was a traitor and agent of the Soviets. Here is an article with some good support that says Hitler was taken to the Tavistock ( brainwashing/ mind control) institute in England.
      What was done to him there ? Why England? Can we distinguish between mind control and possession? And can certain mind control lead to possession if that is the controllers intended goal? My guess to the last question would be yes, I think that mind control could mimic possession or instill a demonic entity.
      According to Wayne Madsen Obama was hand picked and possibly mind controlled to do what he has done to the country. I don’t think we can discount that there may have been something similar in Hitlers’ background.

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      • Lana, I don’t subscribe to the theory of Hitler as “saint” either. I think that, even in that era, it is clear that the “front men” are not in charge. They may get the glory (or the ridicule), but they don’t really call the shots. That seems to be universal.

        Theologically its actually fairly simple. When we start talking about what one of these figures believed, we’re in a little shakier territory. I honestly cannot think of a “leader” that got that way “naturally”. They were installed because it fit the plans of those who actually control things.

        Whatever myth is formed to explain this is both a form of hagiography and conditioning. Just as Churchill is a “hero”, as was FDR, etc., and Hitler was “demonic”, I think that’s closer to Worldwide Wrestling than reality.

        In reality, The Controllers select a figure. They install him or her and everyone else is expected to act like that makes sense. If the same individual simply walked in, assumed power without support, would anyone play along? I doubt it. Why is that?


  7. Yes,meth will make you see demons.


  8. Quite a good way of putting it.


  9. Why don’t people pay attention? Those in power TELL the public what they’re up to but people either are willfully ignorant or not paying proper attention. Those in power in the Nazi party were practitioners of the occult. The Kabbalah and Zohar are sorcery manuals.. freemasonry is an implementation society and its tentacles are worldwide—not just for white folk, except the different groups use different names in different countries.
    (an example is the Muslim Brotherhood).

    If Hitler was demon possessed, can we not suspect the same of Trotsky (born Lev Bronstein), Sverdlov (born Solomon), Stalin, Mengele, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Castro, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, etc., etc. ??
    I think, in some measure and to a person, these were demon possessed people whose lust for power controlled them and thus they were more easily controlled. I think I would include Lyndon Johnson, all the Roosevelts, and the Clintons in that list as well. There is some bit of evidence about Reagan too, given his Holy Wood, Look Out Mountain, and labor union ties.
    Also, unfortunately, I think sodomites are more easily controlled because of their proclivity for unnatural appetites.
    This may interest some readers. It’s a multi-part article. If you don’t wish to read the entire first part, go to the very bottom and read ‘the writing on the wall’. That may interest you enough to read further.

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  10. There are strong, well supported reasons to believe hitler was possessed – he was evil – but what is frequently overlooked, who killed far more people, is stalin. he was truly a monster that committed the murder of 4x the number of souls than the german did. Today’s “rewritten” history that we have been fed…buries and purposefully hides the brutal, atheistic practices of the bolsheviks. They were as, if not more evil, than the 3rd reich: killing conquered people as easily as their own. Dialectical Materialism was their belief.

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  11. I have always thought that all of the Prime Ministers of Israel appeared to be demonically possessed,..

    As do most rabbis who’s pictures I have seen

    I have , however had a number of Jewish friends who, did not seem to be so much affected, by the insanity, which is hard core, Talmudic, Judaism,.which is about on a par with Islam.


    • “Talmudic, Judaism,.which is about on a par with Islam.”

      The Talmud is worse. The Koran at least regards Jesus Christ as a prophet, and holds Mary with respect. The Talmud calls Jesus a bastard, fool, conjurer, and charlatan; His mother Mary a whore.

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  12. DAH! (Please look up Hitler’s genalogical/gentic heritage…lots and lots of cross-breeding and mental institutionalized mental illnesses…..).

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    • JF Lombardi;
      You are absolutely correct, in that the Jewish Bolsheviks who pulled off the Russian Revolution murdered somewhere between 40 million & 60 million Russians & Ukrainians, AND the number of people enslaved in their gulags, far exceeded the number of people in Hitler’s work camps.
      So while these Jews like to pretend that they are history’s greatest victims, they are in fact, history’s greatist mass murderers.


  13. Nazis and the occult have always had a close connection. Curious, NASA and the occult have always had a comparable connection, it seems.

    There’s much more I can say about this, but I say instead, “He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.”

    It’s not hard to research, not in the slightest. Don’t believe everything is you hear, but try the spirits whether they are of God.

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    • Even modern Germans are very much into mysticism, homeopathy, and other occultic or quasi-occultic subjects. I don’t refute that there’re benefits to be had from alternative medicine, but the Germans are demonstrably way more into it, even our Christian brothers and sisters in Germany, to the point that you can tell there’s something different about them.

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    • NASA was begun by Nazi German scientists brought to the U.S. after WW2.

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      • Yup. And they joined forces with the Manhattan Project people who also had serious occult roots, including close connections to Alastair Crowley, if I remember correctly.

        History treats these scientists as brilliant eggheads, but there’s reason to believe that much of their brilliance came from demonic sources.

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  14. Lana [Above]
    I am with you, on the subject of Hitler, in that I can’t quite figure him out, & I also, lean towards the notion that he was set up to lead Germany to ruin.
    And if that is the case then I have no doubt that it was the Zio/Jews who were his handlers.
    And the work of destruction that was begun, in Hitler’s time is still going on today, with this guilt driven madness over, supposed, Nazi atrocities, that is causing the suicide of western culture, as exemplified by the peoples of Europa allowing these countless hoards of Muslim & Black African men to over run Europa & rape & pillage at will.
    We can only hope that the White race wakes up, & sets about to turn this mess around, before it is late,..


  15. Since 1917 more than 100 million civilians have been slaughtered by
    communists. Most of the victims were white Christian gentiles. The
    National Socialists in 1930s Germany attempted to overthrow decadence,
    oppression, and poverty imposed on most Germans by their
    genocidal parasitic rulers. This is the true Holocaust of the 20th
    century. Demonizing Hitler only helps our current genocidal parasitic
    rulers who currently are exterminating white Christians thorough out
    the world. We must stand united.

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  16. Back to the subject of NASA and demons, I just discovered this clip. Does not Buzz Aldrin look possessed? As one commenter noted, “Aldrin looks like a crazy homeless person who chose to festoon his borrowed suit with no fewer than six random lapel pins scattered about”.

    I’m convinced that this is right up there with the hissing snake people that this site has documented. And then some. Also check out the rest of the crowd. Only Pence looks comfortable. Who is the pained-looking lizard person directly behind the president?

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    • Aldrin is just very old: 87. Men (& women) shrink — and can loose inches from their height, esp. after 80 — and get grizzled when they get old. But his expressions (the raised eyebrows) are rather bizarre. I don’t think Aldrin’s been the same after his sickness while visiting Antarctica and had to be airlifted out.

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  17. I gave the Flat Earth/We Never Went to Space thing a fair shake (40+ hours of research) and came up 99% in favor of a ball Earth. But if I’m honest, Aldrin’s reaction to “How did we do it without space?” knocks my confidence down to 97%. It’s like he’s emoting “SPACE? R U KIDDING ME? LOL RETARD”

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    • Wow, Jurist!


    • To me, all of this is easier to understand than it is to explain. Anything we are subjected to is done for a reason. Most, (if not all), of it is a pack of lies. These images are designed to appeal emotionally to people. They are not designed to survive scrutiny. That is why the controllers react so vehemently when we eaters claim not to “believe” their garbage.

      I don’t see “flat earth” and “did we go to the moon” as the same thing at all. The flat earth craziness is a measurable hypothesis that can be easily debunked. The “did we go to the Moon” business is more difficult, although not particularly hard. Personally, I don’t believe it.

      SHES was notable for its attention to detail and its unwittingly revealing the “hows” of their productions. It was by no means the first. They have been at this, in one form or another, for a very long time.

      Just as we are always lied into war, social engineering relies on lies to form the basis for their proposed legislation. The whole space program was designed to bolster the Cold War and provide reasoning for outrageous expenditures on weaponry.

      Look at how “history” (think Jew-owned media), has stereotyped Hitler. It made a “hero” out of the drunk, Churchill. In the end, lots of people died, lots of money was spent, boundaries were redrawn and the elite gained control.

      So, was Hitler possessed? I don’t know. I don’t think he was any more possessed than what we have for “leaders” now.


  18. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add mocre content diversity for our community and I enjoyed reading your work. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email, which can be accessed via my profile link (otherwise spam protection would block this message).

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    • Autumn,

      I sent you an email to the email address you gave but the mail was bumped back as undeliverable. So, my only recourse is to answer your query here:

      Thank you for your interest in reposting.

      You are welcome to republish our posts, as long as you clearly state the source, with a link to the original post on Fellowship of the Minds.

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