This is how to change the subject…

Donald Trump won the election by being a fighter

President Trump Body Slams CNN In Shock Video

Last night, after an afternoon of being body slammed by big waves at our favorite beach…

…I turned on the TV. For some reason it was on enemy news (CNN). The screen came up with six squares holding six journalist’s faces. They were speaking rapidly, in high pitched (for men) whiney tones, clearly distressed. It looked like the opening screen for The Brady Bunch, but all the beloved faces were replaced by nasty, self-important girly men.

I had no idea what this was about, and went out to the deck to enjoy the late afternoon light and color with Mrs. Dust. It wasn’t until an hour later that we stumbled onto the reason for all the feathers in the air on CNN.

Admittedly, this post is completely gratuitous. But I don’t mind. After being assaulted for months now by one “star” after another ideating on the subject of assassinating our president, we can be allowed to get a chuckle out of President Trump morphing into a luchador and body slamming CNN.

Rock on Mr. President,
Rock on.


28 responses to “This is how to change the subject…

  1. Yep, all those girly men must have had a knot in their Victoria’s Secret panties.

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  2. Isn’t it rich that the left wing propaganda/media are crying that this video is promoting violence! AFter all of the violence that they promoted against Trump and his supporters the hypocrisy is sickening.

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  3. Democrats are now whining that Trump’s body-slam video is an assault on and encourages assaults on journalists. They must mean this?

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  4. My man, my hero, MY PRESIDENTE! Honorable President Trump, DONT STOP THE TWEETING. the best weapon created that can reach very, very far without speaking a word. You are the “envy” of many. Loud and clear, We love you PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

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  5. traildustfotm

    Viva El Hefe, Presidente Trump! Lets get ready to rumble!

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  6. Because, simply he practices Speaking Truth Unto Power
    He says things as they appear to him , and , inherently, I believe him to be a Man of the Utmost Integrity
    Why do I believe this , because, as a complete NOBODY, I practice Speaking Truth Unto Power Myself

    And , like I believe President Trump, is a Christian, and has his Own Celestial Guardian Angel, as I know that I have

    That is why, in my humble opinion, he Has struck a chord, as it were, with the and Millions and Millions of Honest , Believers

    Also, he is an Awakened One, well on the Way to his Higher Self, and Awakened

    Applied I F Limited
    Geoffrey Stansfield
    Disclosure of Vote Rigging Upon An Industrial Scale at UK 2015 General Election


  7. William Brandon Shanley

    Right on, Traildustfotm!

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  8. traildustfotm, que viva el BIG CAJUNA, EL JEFE!! drum roll for the TRUMP, I’ve never been soooooo happy!

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  9. Heck yeah!!

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  10. So much butt hurt. Too bad, so sad…

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  11. They were speaking rapidly, in high pitched (for men) whiney tones, clearly distressed. It looked like the opening screen for The Brady Bunch, but all the beloved faces were replaced by nasty, self-important girly men.

    I had no idea what this was about, and went out to the deck to enjoy the late afternoon light and color with Mrs. Dust.

    TD, you just won the Internet. High five!

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  12. I can ony echo TD’s words . . . . . Rock on, Mr President! Rock on! Great article!

    After all the loads of crap the lefties have dumped on Trump’s head . . . it does my heart some good to see that they are getting some of it back.

    God Bless Donald J Trump!

    I know many, including some Republicans cry over Trump using his Twitter account. I feel that just because he was elected President does not mean he checked his rights as a citizen of this land when he entered the White House doors! If he feels good Tweeting, then go ahead and Tweet!

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    • I don’t know what the MSM is whining about-They developed a game plan of hating and fake news,trying to make and control the news rather than just doing their JOB and REPORTING the news. Trump called them out repeatedly on that,but did they change? NOOooooo-so Trump simply made them irrelevant by totally bypassing their BS and taking his word straight to the PEOPLE. Hey-Fair is fair. ALL they have to do is report the TRUTH,leave THEIR opinions out of the commentary and treat BOTH sides with a little respect. If they can’t do THAT,who needs ’em?


  13. Tweet, tweet 🐥

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  14. It’s long past time that we conservatives fight back. Most everything wrong with this country can be traced directly back to liberalism in one form or another. Now is the time to shout this fact as loudly and as often as possible.


  15. LOL – Trump is whipping the Marxist State Media like they were red headed, cross eyed step children with cowlicks, and they are too f’ing stoopid to even see it.


  16. 100% HILARIOUS what Trump is doing to the MSM. Right at the point that the “assassination play” news had run its course, POTUS gets the “final say” with his wrestling tweet/clip, LOL!

    The smack-down video clip is not new, I saw it way back when, sometime during the campaign. I didn’t then, and am still not sure it is even real. Is it really Trump, or a wrestler dressed to look like Trump, & then the video creator puts Trump’s face on the body when he gets up, turns & walks away? Either way, if anything is new about it, someone added the CNN logo to it which may not have been in the original, making it all the more “naa naa na naa naa” to them. 😀

    The bozo MSM are saying they are terrified now, that Trump is encouraging crazies to ATTACK THEM, you know, the (fake) journalists, news anchors, etc. Ohhh puhleeeeze, get over narcissistic selves already!


    • Perfect! I just read this great comment by cogitoergosumantra, in another post, which explains the history of the above Trump wresting video:
      …Trump’s WWF/E animation — of him taking down the fake-wrestling CEO, Vincent Kennedy McMahon in their infamous “Battle of the Billionaires” from a decade ago. It was a classic PPV — WrestleMania 23, which took place April 1, 2007, at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. It pumped $25 Million into the local Detroit economy. I’ll bet Michigan Representatives Conyers, Levin, Dingell, et al approved the influx of money. All Democrats.

      Many reporters made it sound like Trump was actually inciting violence against CNN and its workers, as if he’d just created the video for that purpose. Very few acknowledged it was an old recording from a staged event intended to be outrageous. OH! The Horror! Give me a break. Pot stirring.


  17. Many people can see it. I wonder why THEY can’t? (It must be due to their “mental disorders”!):


  18. Trump, the “celebrity” in 2007, had some fun. But THESE “celebs” mean business, they really would like to see Trump assaulted/incapacitated:



  19. Funny, how it is when just few short years ago, when the left all thought and considered Trump one of them when he had a highly rated television program they were all clamoring to get on the program.
    Then, suddenly when he decided to run and a Republican at that, and against at woman, Clinton as it was, he became enemy number one,
    The hypocrisy they spew has become hilarious.


  20. I’ve always said do something to draw your enemy out. Piss em off and they’ll leave themselves varnuable and in full view. Embarase them and they’ll be so busy trying to make themseves look good they won’t see what’s coming their way.


  21. “THUG JOURNALISM: CNN Threatens To Reveal Identity Of Reddit Man Who Made Trump-CNN Bodyslam Meme If He Disobeys Them”
    cnn bullied the person who posted the gif and there is a link to cnn’s article found in shapiro’s article where they describe in gross detail how they “found” the gif person and had him apologize “or else”…
    apparently, the person they bullied is 15 years old…


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