Pajama Boy approved: Man skirts are happening again

thom browne skirts

Manly fashions presented by American designer Thom Browne…

The feminization of men continues.

From NY Post: There’s no skirting the issue: Menswear is beginning to look a lot more like womenswear.

Skirts and hot pants, also known as short shorts, are all the rage according to trendsetting disrupters like Thom Browne and Dior Homme. For their spring 2018 menswear collections, the two fashion labels presented male models baring their gams in crisp kilt-style skirts with high socks and thigh-hugging, barely-there shorts, respectively.

Hot off the tails of the Devon prep-school protest, the skirt appears to be not only a fashion statement, but a social one, too.

I like the idea that when you are a baby you wear pretty much the same clothing as your brothers and sisters. And I think that culture dictates which way and what kind of clothing you wear — but it is nice that you can pretty much do whatever you want,” Thom Browne said in a statement to Vogue.

Old-school gender rules just aren’t cutting it for the young and style-savvy anymore.


22 responses to “Pajama Boy approved: Man skirts are happening again

  1. Somehow this isn’t coming off as manly as true Scots in their kilts.
    I like for my men to have more male hormones than me and dress like it.

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    • Amen to that. Even though the Scots may wear a skirt of sorts, they do not look as light in the loafers as these poor guys. If I were a male model, I would be heart sick to have to fill a work assignment where I was required to wear skirts that look like these. These guys looks like rather homely girls at best.

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  2. ??????????????Manly???????????????? fashions ? Manley only if they were Kilts and not skirts!

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  3. Oh no surprise at all, just an easy way to put their skirts up, that is for the transsexuals to show who they really are.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Might catch on easier if they modeled them down half way to their knees; you know, like they do their breeches now.

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  5. Liberalism is now nothing less than complete degeneracy. “If it feels good do it. ” The mantra of the left is also the death knell for a civilization. History proves this time and again. Conservative values build nations, liberal values destroy them. Pretty simple…

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  6. Those are guys? I thought they were girls. Looks like they are in need of boot camp conditioning.

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  8. And the Feminists are laughing their asses off at what they’re doing to the image of “today’s men”…

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  9. Hmmm

    I find this bit about ,.’kilts’,.. to be of some interest, that I have always, rather liked, kilts, & I think of them as being, extremely manly.
    I think that it might perhaps be possible, that buried somewhere in my Scots/Irish, junk, DNA there are buried memories, of my, ancestors, or even memories of myself, in a past life, wearing kilts,..

    As a matter, of fact, back when I was much younger, on one occasion, while smoking my ‘herb’ of choice, I had a clear ,..’visionary’ ,.of.experience myself doing one of those Celtic dances,.. while dressed in a kilt,..,
    And a clear thought occurred to me, that it was, information, concerned with those Celtic dances, buried in my junk DNA, that caused, the running of the hurdles in track,, to come so naturally to me,..

    Just the, random thoughts, of a tired old man, be taken any way the reader might choose,..,..,..

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  10. Please excuse the typo in my comment above where the words ,..’of” & ‘experience’, were transposed,
    .I didn’t notice the error, because, for some reason,i found myself crying as I wrote that comment above,..,..

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  11. Sorry, but even if a woman wore those costumes, they’d still look UGHHHHLEEEEEEEE. Those colors are so DRAB. The poor models look like they’re walking to the electric chair. They look like they were caught in a burning building naked and had to grab whatever clothes were available. That isn’t ‘fashion’, it’s HIDEOUS. And UGLY. For “men” OR women. Why do these transsexuals and drag queens always wear the most outrageously UGLY clothes???

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  12. I miss John Wayne.

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  13. Oh, just choke, hurl, and puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke!

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  14. Must be talent shows for a spot on MSNBC.

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  15. Surely thinking deeply about gender norms is more complex than simply putting men in skirts? It seems like a marketting gimmick more than a social comment


  16. Trend Alert: Dress Shirts, Maxi dresses, Pleated Skirts and High Heels For Men

    h/t DCG

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