“Gender Identity” Concept Came From A Pedophile and Human Experimenter

The American Revenant

The modern progressive will promote the idea that we have to tolerate everyone. This is increasingly harmful to people with mental illness. One group in specific, in many cases, are the transgendered. Anyone that promotes a different solution to their issues is labeled a bigot, a transphobe without listening to their arguments or objective medical information.

To understand more about the root of this problem, we should go back to the origin of the idea of gender identity.

The concept of gender identity is: what you think you are socially is more important than what you are from a standpoint which balances social and personal views. One problem that stems from this idea is the belief that there are no meaningful differences between the terms “sex” and “gender”. The idea started with a sexologist in 1955 named John Money. He proposed that if a boy were raised as a girl they would…

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33 responses to ““Gender Identity” Concept Came From A Pedophile and Human Experimenter

  1. Excellent article and I sent it to someone dealing with this now.
    When I was young, girls were lead to believe they should stay in the house and do girl things, while the boys got to be outside doing fun boy things.
    I hated it, I was a Tomboy and wanted to be the one outside doing the fun things, playing in the creek, riding horses and bikes, etc. I didn’t care one twit about anything in the house. I told my parents all the time I wanted to be a boy. They just kept doing what they did and gave me time to do outside things. Not as much as I wanted, but it helped. I wore jeans and they practically had to tie me down to get a dress on me. I didn’t have time for frills, I was a tomboy afterall.
    Finally, my hormones kicked in and I found the real use for boys. Suddenly I did want to be a girl and dress up and date.
    Imagine if my parents and all the other parents the other tomboys had, and there were many back then, had a kneejerk reaction and did to me, what these sick parents are doing today.
    These kids have to have time to come into their own.

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  3. I had never heard of “Dr.” Money until I read your post here, Dr. Eowyn. I read the article, and then I the Wikipedia entry on him. I don’t know what, if anything happened to him during childhood, but this clearly was one evil man.
    The late Dr. Nathanael Branden (“The Psychology of Self-Esteem”) insisted that good psychiatry could only come from good medicine (as a field of study), and that good medicine could only come from good biology. Without a foundation of good biology, good medicine (the science) and good psychiatry are, simply, not possible. Regardless of one’s opinion of Dr. Branden (d. 2014), he is absolutely correct. Obviously, “Dr.” Money took a wrong turn somewhere, and, it seems to me that that wrong turn was a result of his own WILL.
    Nietzsche posed the question, “Suppose truth could be born of error?” Well, this is obviously insane and non-sensical! But this is where we have been delivered to: The Land of MADNESS. A land of post-modern hocus-pocus and mental gymnastics of imbecility where the truth “cannot be known.” Well, the truth CAN be known, and as Our Lord said, “If you want to be free, the truth shall set you free.”
    Instead we are fed lie after lie after lie. (And we have a CIA ready, willing and able to WEAPONIZE the lies upon a public that is, for the most part, in a trance!)
    Little intellectual “hollow men” like Freud, Bernays, Jung, Alfred Kinsey, Hugh Hefner and “Dr.” Money DIDN’T WANT to be free, it seems to me. (Hefner is still alive PHYSICALLY). MAY THE DEVIL TAKE THEM.

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  4. Glenn47-For a Tomboy,you turned out pretty awesome.

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  5. I think freedom of choice is essential. The question lies in whether or not a child is ready for that level of responsibility and whether they will still be happy with that outcome 10 or 20 years from now.

    Gender identity wasn’t created. It has always existed. There was a time when men were the ones wearing wigs and heels and tunics. Gender identity changes every few years. I don’t believe it’s fair to penalize people from making that choice about where they fall in the spectrum.

    I do agree that allowing kids to take those matters into their own hands can be absurd, but it really depends on the kid. Some kids are more mature and sure than others. I have one cousin who was obviously gender queen from as young as 3. He’s 23 now, and still the same.


    • John Money would concur with that concept of freedom of choice, especially when it allowed him to do his experiments.

      Minors don’t have the same legal capacity for freedom of choice compared to adults. Minors don’t have the same mental capacity for freedom of choice compared to adults.

      Odds are, given the high suicidal rate among transgenders, a child who attempts to alter their biology will not be happy with their outcome in 10 or 20 years.

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      • Legal capacity and psychological capacity are not the same. This is why there is no universal legal age for the rite of passage for anything. In some countries girls are brides at 8, and some countries people can’t drink until 21.

        If you’re trusting the parents’ capacity then clearly their decision has been made and there’s really nothing for you to say about it. They are legally able to make that decision and have done so.

        To limit people’s freedoms is then to decide who gets to make all their decisions for them. That’s tyranny. It’s not as black and white as it’s made out to be. It’s a very thin grey line to walk.

        Also the number one reason transgender and gay people are suicidal is not because of themselves, it’s because of how society treats them in response to who they are. The lack of acceptance from family, friends, the church, and schoolmates. The inability to find their own niche because they are told their “gender identity” is a pedophile’s experiment.


        • There are legal ages established in countries for determining minors and their mental abilities to make binding decisions. Laws are made regarding legal age of capacity to protect minors and those who would abuse them.

          If the parents want to screw with their biological makeup, so be it.

          We are all born with free will. That doesn’t mean we all have the freedom to act on any decision one may make. There are laws in place to maintain a civil society and protect children. There should be no grey line to walk when it comes to protecting children. If you start letting them exercise their freedoms at any age, then they become responsible for their own decisions and the legal consequence of any such freedom they wish to exercise.

          Society is not responsible for how transgenders pperceive themselves. We are not responsible for the choices they make. First they are born this way yet now it’s a choice to exercise their freedom? Pick a side and stick with it. Maybe if the LGBTQ didn’t change their narrative and had an absolute biological proof they could maintain, one might take it more seriously. The political narrative changes like the wind to suit their freedoms.

          John Money did what he did. Funny how his experiment led to how the narrative is now that gender identity is a social construct. Guess Money was on to something…

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          • Excellent analysis. As usual, there’s a lot going on here. There is the question of “legal” age of consent/majority. There is the concept of “children’s rights” and when its appropriate for children to make decisions with lifelong consequences.

            There is also the adult bias. There is also the question of social pressure. And, finally, “gender”. As you say, “gender as a social construct”. I’ll go out on a limb here and say, for me, hogwash. “Gender” is gender. It is not subjective.

            Now, I suppose how one “feels” about gender could be more effectively argued. I’m not sure what purpose that would serve, but at least it doesn’t attempt to deny reality. This idea that whatever life gives us must be pleasant or at least in keeping with our wants is unrealistic and degenerate.

            Frankly, again speaking for myself, I have known several self-proclaimed lesbians in my life. I have know one “transvestite”. She (she is a she), was VERY well adjusted. She did not ask others to accept her nor did she moan about the ways of the world. Having known a fair number of people in my life my gut tells me that this isn’t that big a problem.

            I don’t know what the percentages of “real” cases of this are but it must be VERY small. It is obvious that the agenda is to single out every conceivable deviancy and attempt to normalize it. Perhaps the intention is to even glorify them.

            To (what I assume to be VERY few) that suffer with gender confusion, I pray that they receive the strength they need to accept it. I do not wish anyone to suffer. On the other hand, I cannot lie and say that I think such a condition is “normal” or “desirable”. In no way would I encourage either an adult or a child to revel in it.

            It would be much better to struggle with the gender one was born with than to attempt to mutilate one’s body and mind in a vain attempt at willful rejection of one’s very nature.

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            • I was being sarcastic in saying gender was a social construct. It was a construct in this experiment yet the saying is now used as a narrative.

              Agree with your points, too.

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              • I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. You’re always one of the most level-headed people here. In fact, that is the root of this imaginary problem. They are pushing the belief that “gender” is a matter of choice. They may as well be saying “today I’m a goat”. I suppose I should be careful. Saying THAT to the wrong crowd could cause physical injury.

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          • I think it’s ridiculous to expect an entire community to subscribe to the same ideals about themselves. That’s like expecting all Black people to love rap and eat fried chicken.

            Just like racism is a social construct, so is homophobia. I’ve seen how racism causes African Americans to perceive themselves, compared to those of us from Black majority countries with greater equality. I’m sure the same goes for the transgender community.

            People are responsible for themselves and their actions, but the hatred of all things “Other” and outsiders trying to make laws and tell them how to be themselves and how to live doesn’t help at all. It’s easy to talk from the outside looking in. It’s another scenario when you’re the one restricted.


        • This doesn’t help the transgender cause who should believe in freedoms: Trans activist tells straight guys to start dating trans women. “You can probably deal with it.”


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        • disagree. the suicide rate is high because by making the CHOICE to pursue a homosexual lifestyle they’ve already demonstrated their mental instability. Thought’s are thoughts. And actions are actions. I identify as a murderer but I CHOOSE not to kill because of the consequences. The consequences of homosexual BEHAVIOR and ACTIONS are clear. Healthwise and socially.


      • The older DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual) that the American Psychological Association used classified homosexuality and this type of stuff as a mental disorder. It really is a brain disorder. I’m not saying that every homosexual is totally insane, but they do have problems dealing with things. Every one I know or knew either had suicide attempts and or admission to mental facilities. They were all very ‘fragile’ mentally, you had to pussyfoot (no pun intended) around them if you talked to them. They are mentally unbalanced, though I’m sure there are exceptions, but I have not as of yet run into any that did not have mental problems.

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    • “Gender identity changes every few years.”

      Studies show that the majority of children who had thought they were of another gender, no longer think so when they are older. All the more reason why parents should not inflict drastic, irreversible “gender-reassignment” hormone “therapy” & mutilating surgery on young children. https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/03/18/american-college-of-pediatricians-speaks-truth-about-transgenderism/

      “the number one reason transgender and gay people are suicidal is not because of themselves, it’s because of how society treats them in response to who they are.”

      How do you know that?
      In fact, studies have been done, showing that suicide rates actually go up after so-called “gender-reassignment” surgery.

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    • I think I see what you’re getting at;why then are kids not allowed to own and carry guns? As you say,some are more mature than others,and maybe they SHOULD be entitled to make more mature choices in their young lives. I know a couple of 12 year olds I’d trust more than many adults I know with a 9mm semi-auto.
      In the area where I live,some kids as young as 12 are allowed to drive themselves and their siblings to school from the ranches where they live without adult supervision,because they’re too far off the school bus routes for riding the bus to be an option. It’s NOT without some scrutiny and verification of their skills and judgement though.
      On the average though,at the very BEST,a child needs to be very,VERY closely investigated before that decision is given to a Minor,and whoever GIVES that choice to a Minor should be fully prepared to take FULL responsibility for the outcome of the child’s choice.

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      • I get your point, but I don’t think guns can be compared to gender identity. Guns are life and death. Gender identity is not. Guns are inevitably bought to use against other people in protection of self. Gender identity is purely personal and about the self.

        I do agree though that when parents give kids that freedom, they should take full responsibility for the actions of their kids until they’re no longer minors. That should be the case whether it’s guns, cars, or personal identification.

        Thanks for joining in!

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        • I would contend the risk with guns is actually less of a fatal risk, guns don’t present toxic/weaponized ideologies intended for the illness & destruction of those exposed to them. A child that gets indoctrinated with the transgenderism ideology becomes infected with an acquired mental illness that breeds hatred, self-loathing, unhappiness, and a general perpetuating angst, as well as instability, which will continue through life unless it is checked, usually by legitimate treatment; there is no love in it. Unlike a gun, and more like a bacterium, a toxic/weaponized ideology can be spread around, infecting new hosts, say in the child’s schoolmates and peers, and the impact becomes larger as it expands, but then you’re in public relations, you should know this effect.

          The toxicity of the transgenderism ideology is in part a sense of self-hatred instilled in the individual, combined with envy, and perhaps a bit of jealousy, as well as a malevolent spiritual component which seems to drive the other toxic factors, as well as to help discourage rational thought in the infected individual, bolstering the emotion-triggering “loaded” terms the ideology is often presented with, so as to bypass the mind’s usual “firewalls”. The other part is the actions encouraged by other infected or “supporters”, often leading to self-harm, also in the form of (financially costly) mutilation, financial damage or even extortion (exploiting the emotions of others), drug use and abuse, and being unable to maintain good social relationships, etc.

          One might consider it to be similar (not hte same as, of course.) to anorexia, where instead of body mutilation & drug use as seen with transexualism, starvation is used to try to conform to their disordered thinking.(and there may be a malevolent spiritual component there as well.) other factors such as self-hatred, and trying to conform to a not sane, impossible standard are involved, and with the same ultimate result; poor health, and ultimately death, either by intentional suicide, or from complications from the procedures involved. Obviously encouragement of transexualism would also be similar to enabling an anorexic’s condition as opposed to curing it, as well.

          As a final note, at least guns have a safety… a toxic & weaponized ideology that causes mental illness however, has no safety.

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          • Okay. Well you find the statistics for deaths caused by gender identity and deaths caused by guns around the world and let me know.

            If transgender wins, tell police officers to stop shooting people and the military to stop dropping bombs. Send the transgenders. Problem solved. Obviously. 😄


            • Brilliant way to solve world problems/conflicts. Trump should of chose you over Mad Dog…

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            • Try reading my post again, it seems you fail to see the information for the agenda-based bias you’ve got, (I’m not a fan of firearms myself, but blaming them instead of the wielders of them is downright juvenile thinking, and a non sequiter.) but then you probably are aware of that, and are subsequently being snarky in spite of it, per the rule to mock rational objection to the party line, isn’t that an alinsky tactic?

              The death toll stat you’d be looking for (not that stats even matter, as someone who works in PR you should know that a stat can be manipulated to support any angle, nine out of ten people agree, and most propagandists recommend this brand of tactic.) every “suicide” death stat you read of for “transgenderism” is another death caused by that communicable and learned/acquired illness, but then those are only reported figures, and the reality is often times different than reported figures.

              I’d suggest getting out of the PR business, it is a dishonest career choice if the PR we see on a regular basis is any indication, it is based solely on snookering the common folk, and covering the rear quarters of those that hire you… not a very life-affirming or beneficial employment.


  6. There are many, perhaps a majority, of things we don’t understand. Gender certainly is in this category. The differences between men and women are more than physical.

    Having said that, those two “choices” are what we have. There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with having to come to grips with reality, painful or otherwise.

    Loving God can help. If you love God you will honor His wishes. Instead of whining about why you can’t be something you’re not, you would grasp the wonderfulness of who you are.

    Promoting dissatisfaction and the perverse as “normal” is demonic. If someone is queer and therefore disordered, it is their problem. It does not constitute an obligation to try to make that person ignore his or her affliction. At this stage they’ve actually tried to make disordered behavior desirable.

    We’ve spoken of this before. All of it is an attempt to destroy what we’ve built over centuries. It is a tribute to the conditioning that there are so many braindead idiots willing to jump on every new perversion.

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  7. Left/libtards (when not pushing Marxism) usually try to normalize their freakiness…

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  8. This goes back to ancient Babylon and earlier. The idea of the ‘union of opposites’ – male and female is very important in occult circles and someone who has both genders or neither is deemed ‘godlike’. Very sick and goes against nature.

    If my female cat started thinking/behaving like she was the male cat, there would obviously be a problem. The cat would never do that, she’s not confused. But, in humans, for no scientific reason, these people claim it’s “normal” or even superior.

    It is indeed a biological and or mental disorder. What exactly happened to cause gender problems? The rest of the world is not permitted to really research what went wrong in scientific terms in any real way.

    My opinion, for what it’s worth, the mind and body both play a part in the problem. Someone might be born with hormone imbalances or other physical gender issues, combine with their personality and mental state. Can someone be “turned gay”? I used to think no, they are born that way, but I don’t think that anymore. Now I think someone can absolutely be perverted and ‘turned on’ by unnatural or even dangerous sexuality at a certain point in their mental development. It’s both the mind and the body playing roles in a delicate balance. I pray for these poor suffering people.

    Furthermore, the transgender male to female are usually turned on by themselves dressed up. They desire themselves in women’s clothing, and are not necessarily homosexual. Anyone remember that scene in Silence of the Lambs when the transvestite killer was saying “I’d f*** me” looking at himself in the mirror.

    PS: This has nothing to do with a tomboy. Tomboys are just active girls, they don’t want to have penises, at least none that I know.

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  9. Gender is a biological reality,..& race, is a biological reality, & any attempt to claim that either gender, or race are ,..’social constructs’, is to go against, demonstrable, scientific, biological facts of nature,..

    And persons who are confused about either of these issues should not be pandered to nor humored in any way,..

    End of story,..

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  10. Until someone finds a way to “adjust” the DNA he or she is born with,he or she will ALWAYS be that Gender.

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  11. My thought are that, all things considered, in the long run, & in general, the best policy in dealing with gender confused people is to encourage them to try to conform to their biology.
    In the long run, that approach will save them a lot of money, & maybe save them from destroying their ,..true,.. self, by trying to become something that they are not.
    Think about it,..
    I have heard of instances where a bio-male, thought of himself as a female, & then dressed up like a woman, & dated guys, until the night a guy reached into,..[her],.. pants & found something that he did no expect to find, & then he beat the,..[woman ?], to death,

    And i have to say, that if I were on the jury, in such a case, I would have a hard time in trying to find the guy guilty of murder.

    And then recently, I came across a bio-male [on line], who thought of himself as a female, & he just could not understand, why, straight guys would not date him,..er,..I mean,.. date her,…just because he,..er I mean she,..had male body parts

    Modern medicine can destroy what one IS, but modern medicine cannot make one what one is NOT… ..

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  12. “You can’t FOOL Mother Nature.”

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